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Well heck, if I'm going to welcome you to your own page, I may as well do it properly. Welcome to your second page!
02/Sep/12 2:33 AM
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Hello ykm/M!
How's the head? A friend had the implant earlier this year & like you has a powerful piece in his other ear! He had problems for a while with one interfering with the other, but last time I saw him a couple of weeks ago he thought some of the strange noises were beginning to make More...
03/Sep/12 11:12 AM
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Just a blank page came through!!
Yes, I agree with Greg's comment about your poem the other day
03/Sep/12 4:26 PM
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Better get back to the kitchen!!
03/Sep/12 4:27 PM
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Goodmorning YKM, to answer your question on the easy page, there are some people that actually just come in here and do the puzzles. When I first came in her, 6 years ago, there were so many chatting people, it was no problem filling up 20 pages of chat, but this is the Internet and sensitive More...
12/Sep/12 9:39 PM
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You certainly have some lovely photos in your gallery, Youkidme.
16/Sep/12 7:11 PM
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G'day youkidme. In checking back on your page I see that I did welcome you back in July, but at that time I don't think you had posted any photos. I have just had a look at them & enjoyed them very much. Since I have been away from sudokuland for more than 3 weeks, I have tried to skim over the More...
17/Sep/12 10:20 AM
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Good morning. I've posted some of my daff photos taken this morning. There is one there that is close to yours, but I think a little darker pink. I don't know the names of mine because I've collected them over the years and that knowledge just aint there any more.
18/Sep/12 10:57 AM
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Ykm that sulphur is pretty true to colour. It may be a little lighter in the photo, but not much. You are more than welcome to have some of those frilly orange ones. I'll tag them so I know where to dig. I'm in the process of removing my earlicheer daffodils, because they are freely seeding and out competing the better varieties.
18/Sep/12 11:34 AM
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Sorry ykm, just found your comment on a photo of mine, from 06/Jul/12!
Yes, the cedar has been used by various people on the river and in the new house!! The date is wrong though - should have been 2010, instead of '09! My error some how!!!!
18/Sep/12 12:43 PM
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Hey, YKM
Most of my days come off a calendar, that I get free each year, from a novelty place, I order classroom stuff. I also, have a website that I visit. It is mainly US days, but over the last two years, I have tried to add the holidays from different countries.
I started out just doing More...
18/Sep/12 1:01 PM
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I've looked through some of my daffodil catalogues and that yellow/orange with the white petals might be a split corona, late flowering called Hey Presto or it might be an expanded flat cup, also late flowering called Ballyhoo. I bought these by mail from Hancock's daffodils in 2008. Web: .I'm more than happy to send you some if you prefer.
18/Sep/12 1:33 PM
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Looks like I've missed a few comments from you - sorry about that!
07/Jul/12 barges - yes a different photo, but the same day - the empty concrete truck is being taken back to the boat ramp!
30/Aug/12 - Volendam photo - I did see your comment, but I put my comment under yours!! This is what I More...
18/Sep/12 1:36 PM
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Here's one I left out!
'Beautiful cabinet Kate, congratulations to Hubby. Just a little curious about the check covering ? Is it over a mirror, and would thus detract from the subject matter of the shot?'

It's the TV & I just put the tablecloth over it to keep the dust off it!!! When we're living there, I'll probably make a cover that's a bit neater & less obvious!!
18/Sep/12 2:23 PM
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I relooked at the flower in the garden and I'm sure it has a split corona so it's Hey Presto.
18/Sep/12 7:22 PM
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Just a quicky, YKM. Becareful of people you do not recognize, please. Yes, this site is not 100% safe from those people who come in and send, disgusting messages. This has happened to me a few times, and others, if you do not recognize someone, check them out, otherwise, my advice is to leave them More...
24/Sep/12 9:24 PM
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Hi YouKidMe,

Glad you like the new header. Don't worry about the extra R - I get some something about the spelling of my name 2-3 times a day .

26/Sep/12 9:06 AM
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Hi Ykm. The ducklings are growing quickly. I don't go ner them too often as they skittle overland and are vulnerable. I'm more confident than before of them growing into those beautiful ducks
15/Oct/12 7:09 PM
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Hi WKM - you still around - thought I'd say goodnight!!!
17/Oct/12 10:07 PM
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Hi ykm,
just replying to a question from the other day about a flower:
Hi M,
I used a DSLR with a short lens, 18-55mm, which means I was about 10cm from the flower (not good for the back & knees, but it's amazing how far I can go for a photo!!!). No flash, just sunlight. The flower is More...
20/Oct/12 8:23 AM
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Tasmania does have foxes, but in very low numbers. The government is currently baiting in urban areas where there have been sightings in an effort to eradicate them. It's controversial, but I think necessary. It is thought that if there were foxes in the past, their numbers would have been controlled by the Tasmanian devils, now decimated by the devil facial tumour disease.
21/Oct/12 7:44 PM
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Hi Ykm. I planted those azalea seeds in 1987. Lots germinated and I ended up keeping about 5 of the strongest. I think they flowered in 3 or 4 years. I took seeds from my Dad's garden and he had a mixture of plants, so I have no idea what the parent colours were.
25/Oct/12 8:32 PM
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Yep that's a tree peony, a dark red one. I'll put a pic of that on tomorrow . We have very heavy clay, so it's rich in minerals, but very hard to work with.
25/Oct/12 8:41 PM
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I'd love to see some of your photos of your garden, Ykm
25/Oct/12 8:47 PM
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Hi ykm!
Camellias grow very well from cuttings -I have 3 from a friend's japonicas (white, red & pink) that I struck over 20 years ago. They were in pots for a few years before we moved here & put them in the garden. Hubby's striking some more to take up-the-river!
25/Oct/12 9:32 PM
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I've posted the tree peony on my page. I bought through a catalogue years ago, and it was the cheapest one there. It is a beautiful flower, but really quite small and under the foliage, so easily missed.
26/Oct/12 3:38 PM
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Thanks for that info on the campanula Ykm. I was given that as a cutting about 20 years ago and it has really struggled. Last year as part of our garden revamping into lower maintenance I moved it into a small area for perennials only. Now it has taken off like a rocket and I'm going to have to More...
27/Oct/12 6:34 AM
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Salome was very excited when we first sat her down. There were babies everywhere.
01/Nov/12 10:14 PM
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The tree in the picture is a maple but I'm not sure what variety.
01/Nov/12 10:15 PM
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Beautiful flowers, ykm!!
02/Nov/12 2:24 PM
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Youkidme I love the photos of your spring garden. I've only just discovered them this morning, because I've been a bit busy this last week. How did your choral weekend go? It sounded like a fun get together.
to your garden!
05/Nov/12 7:21 AM
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The ducklings really are ducks I think. Their colours aren't as defined as the adults. I'm really interested to see what happens. Their behaviour is so open and innocent compared to secretive Pacific Black ducks, which also have ducklings. All you see of them is ring on the water where they dive as soon as they see you.
05/Nov/12 7:26 AM
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Hi Ykm. Mollis azaleas grow very well from seed. It's a lotto what colours you get and the plants very much vary in strength. I just kept growing on the strong plants and kept the good colours. I threw out the others. The man at the local nursery said to take jottings mid December and grow them under plastic over the pots.
07/Nov/12 1:18 PM
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I think cuttings would be more effective than jottings.

Both parents are guarding. The male was on the dam swimming with them yesterday.
07/Nov/12 3:44 PM
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Those ducklings certainly high tailing it away from me. 4 of them headed towards the dam, but must have by passed it because I couldn't spot them again.
09/Nov/12 10:24 PM
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Hi Ykm. The fantail has only 3 eggs so far . There is a dark band on one that makes it look like its 2 eggs. That's a hanging basket, in a cool, darkish shed that its decided repeatedly to nest in. Birds of prey like kookaburras and grey butcherbirds don't really see they are there. I have to More...
12/Nov/12 10:31 PM
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Hi Ykm. I'll send a proper answer later, but there is a pic of a grey fantail in my gallery at the stat of the gf saga.
13/Nov/12 1:58 PM
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Hello ykm!!
Just left a note with Karen & found a message I meant for you - you'd just posted on Karen's page & I mixed things up - here's the one you should have got a while ago:
Hello youkidme!
How's the hearing - hope things are becoming clearer!! My friend who had his C.implant a bit More...
13/Nov/12 4:44 PM
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Hi Ykm, I'm back again. The eggs look large, but the nest is really quite small. I can get better pics now that hubby has set up a ladder for me, because I can see into the nest and I don't bump the basket. I don't know if they share the sitting, but there are 2 of them around all the time. They More...
13/Nov/12 7:56 PM
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The Grey Fantail nests are put together in a couple of days, maybe 3. We are in and out of the shed every day. It seems like one day the nest isn't there and the next it is. I have never seen them working on building it in the 8 years they've nested there.
13/Nov/12 8:10 PM
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