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The 2 boys I love most in this world!

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This is an age guessing
feel free to offer any idea's on the prize, and go ahead and place your guess on my age/d.o.b/ time born...
Will have more details later...(the cutoff date)
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Guessing starts now Dec. 8th, 9th for AU~
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Money as a prize seems a bit crass ... why not something indigenous to Utah ... like a jar of red dirt ... or a bottle of snow? LOL
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Seriously, something unique that is grown or produced in Utah would make a nice prize.
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Great idea Judy~ I mostly thought of it, because I figured that if I were offered AU/Euro $ as a prize, I would enjoy it, being that it was from another country, so I thought it might interest others around the world, in the same way. If the winner were in the STATES, with us, I figured they might More...
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Hi Anew just popped in to see how you`re settling in. hope you like strawberries thought they would go well with the champagne.
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Val love the strawberries, some of my favorite fruits' among kiwi, oranges, bananas', fresh(not bottled cherries), grapes, tangerines',pamagranites(spelled wrong most likely), and many others...
Come again! Please~ you and your strawberries are any time!
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I've got to tell you Anew, I am not good at picking ages of people. As one of my emails I received the other day said..I don't know whether to take away 10 years from my guess because of your looks or add 10 years because of your intelligence.....
I will say 25 years old. Birthdate January 12th. Born midday.
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anew: You do not look a day over 20, April, mid-month- I'd say...14th....Early morning baby.
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Oh! Forgot! Thanks for stoping by my place.
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OK, Anew, while you look about 16, I'm with Deb on this and think that because of your ''take'' on things, you are probably older than you look. So I'll say 28 ... born May 15, 1978 ... 2:00 PM. If I win, all I'd need is your good wishes ... or maybe some of that chocolate you're hoarding there! :)
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Hello anew. Hm looking at your photo, say 28yrs of age. Birthday. gosh....ummmm.. July 27th , 3.25am
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Anew, There's something about you that reminds me of me! You certainly look like a kid of 16-20 in your picture, My impression of your comments as you expressed yourself more and more, were of a woman in her late 40's, early 50's. Talk about shell shock when faced with your! I'm going More...
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Hi all! Thank you for your guesses, I have come up with a PRIZE...Thanks to Judy!
The prize will be` a package of fresh Mormon Muffins'(Really their name, in a popular mountain restaraunt here) They are very yummy, just had one tonight..and I thought, this is it..ALONG with, possibly, a bottle More...
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Hi Anew......My partner Mark wants to guess as well....When he saw your photo he said 'wow, she's good looking' and his pick is that you are 32 and born on 29th Feb 4-27am
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ahhhh Deb, I can't wait until I can TELL!!!
Thank you Mark for the compliment...Deb, you've got a great man though i'm sure you know that already...
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I am going with a baby faced 39 born on March 23rd 4.25 am.
but then again you could be 28 or 45!!!
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rosemary, thankyou for your guess..LOVE it!
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Sat 9 Dec. Hello anew, thanks for visiting me at my place. I'm glad you liked my photos of Albany as it is a beautiful part of the world.
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32 yrs. old, April 5,12:08am. You look very young, but your comments and wisdom make you seem older. There's my guess. Can't wait to find out!
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Never try to guess a woman's age!
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anew - what an interesting contest - better than 'guess my weight', I think. As somebody else said - I am HORRIBLE at guessing ages, especially women. But what have I to lose, except some Morman Muffins and maybe an invitation to snow country?
30 - November 17 - 3:45 a.m.
btw - enjoyed your page, and I left some Texas barbeque in the refrigerator along with a jar of homemade sauce for it.
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Hey Anew, what a fantastic contest.
I gathered the family around to help me. We all agree you are very beautiful and look very young. Whats your secret?
Ok since we couldn't all agree here goes.
Angie: Age 23, 31st Dec. just before midnight.
Bruce: Age 28, 15th Aug. More...
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Hi Anew - Well here goes......

I would say you are about 19 years old, born June 16 about 3:00 in the afternoon......
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Ok so here is my guess; You can't be more than 22 (your skin still has that youth, healthy, god I'm so envious look about it) however, I think that you maybe older so 27yrs old, that is my guess and you were born in January 15th at 2.30pm.
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Okay, but don't hold this against me. You look younger then you are, so I'm guessing 29. I think you're a Taurus, so my guess is April 17th. Time of day, hum, somewhere between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM. Close enough?
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Wow...Anew!!!! I've just been reading the guesses for your age. What a wide range there to 45?????? Geez...hahahaha

I think we all agree though that you look very young and healthy and have the wisdom of somebody who is very mature
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You are a beautiful young lady, like my daughter, Anna. I am going to guess at her date and time - i e Age 33. Born 26th May 1973 at 11.30 in the morning. Hope you are not offended if you are a lot younger or older than that.
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Hello Anew, just popping in to se you for a minute. I brought some homemade fudge, some SC pecans, and some scented candles--something I have a particular fondness for. Everyone who receives a gft from me gets at least one candle.
I'll visit again when I have more time to tour the entire estate.
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Hi Anew...I am doing my Christmas visiting today before I go away for a week (whenever Nicole decides to have her Merry Christmas to you and your family and here are some goodies for you. Because you have such a huge place here I thought I would make something for every room. The semi More...
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Okay, I'll bite on the 'guess the age' game.

You are 30. Born on July 14th. 8:45pm

I don't have a page of my own, so I'll just look on here for the answer.
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Hi, Anew!
Love your place (can't really call it a humble abode - all those bedrooms, pool room, views, tram stop, etc.).
You said you have given up drinking. You mentioned healthy fruits, etc. This is not meant to offend - just a guess. My guess is that you are 30 years old, born July 23, 1975, at 7:23 p.m.
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I'll take a stab at half as old as I am - so age 30, born in February, middle of the night?? Very nice place you have here. I'm dropping off a crate of fresh Florida oranges. Stay warm & healthy out there in that snow!
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Anew - I've already said that you look WAY too young for your wisdom and history.

You LOOK 18 - You chat like 25 - You're wisdom is 50 I'm going to take the womewhat middle ground - I'll say 35 (a very youthful 35, born December 22.
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and of course that should have read 'Your wisdom' .... NOT you're !
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Hey anew, a thought, it's not your birthday on the 11th December?? is that why you will tell us then. surly it's the 11th by now in your part of the world. We want to know!!!!! (my guess is further up the page)
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Rola~ I just came back for one last looksie at my page before heading off to bed. IT IS the 11th of Dec where I'm at, at 1:20am!
However, even as excited as I am, I haven't tallied my charts to organize everyones guesses, and thus, you must wait for tomorrow/later today More...
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oooooooooooh!!! must learn to be Patient...must learn to be Patient...must learn to be Patient......
hurry up and wake up anew!!!!!!
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Last minute guess - age 34, BD 15 August.
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Anew, I noticed that I didn't give an exact date of birth, so I'll amend my guess somewhat. Age, I'll stick with 45(is that possible), and birtday ,May 29th born at 9:45 pm. Okay, waiting with bated breath for the big unfurling of an age that is very difficult to guess!
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