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The 2 boys I love most in this world!

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have a wonderful day marilynn!
07/Oct/08 8:39 AM
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Dear Marylinn, looks like you have been around sudokuland for a while, I wish you all the very best on this special day may it be filled with lots of love and laughter, best wishes from Australia and I hope you enjoy the cheers.
07/Oct/08 9:23 AM
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Hope all is going well.
Best wishes.
07/Oct/08 10:09 AM
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Hey Marylinn.
How are You and your Hubby? How is the new job going?

Unlike the others wont be wishing you a happy birthday, as your birthday is on July the 10th, (not Oct the 7th.)

xx take care.
07/Oct/08 10:48 AM
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Marylinn..... please send me a message that you are all right. We haven't heard a word from you in a while.
17/Dec/08 12:08 PM
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Hello Marylinn. I hope that all is okay for you and that your health is much improved.
Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and New Year. Take care xx
21/Dec/08 9:03 PM
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Hi everyone, I just want to say thank you for still coming by in my absence! Also, a big Thank you to those who wished me a 2nd birthday in 2008, MUCH APPRECIATED! thanks Gath :) haha. I'm not sure why this site suggested my b-day as Oct 7th...but it never hurts to celebrate more than once, huh ? More...
06/Jan/09 8:53 PM
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The last line in my previous post- should read:

May I reiterate, how much I appreciate those of you who have returned TO my life here, Thank you!
Not that you have returned my life to me .. hahaha

however, i'll give you all credit for it anyway- as this site here with my friends, is a life line :)
06/Jan/09 8:56 PM
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Marylinn, how wonderful to hear from you! I'm sorry the jobs at the care facility didn't work out. I think you did the right thing by cutting your losses and finding contentment elsewhere. Nothing is more important than your health and happiness. I hope, now that you are settled, you will find a More...
07/Jan/09 2:53 AM
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Welcome back Marylinn....Glad to see you posting again and making needed changes to move on in life. You seem to be making lots of lemonade with life's lemons...good for you.....
Happy New Year and continued success on dealing with all of your issues, particularly the health problems...Looking forward to seeing you around on the pages...Peace.
07/Jan/09 5:12 AM
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Marylinn, life is for taking challenges and trying new things, which is exactly what you and hubby did. It didn't work out but you have experienced something different.
It all goes into making us the people we are.
No regrets.
07/Jan/09 9:47 AM
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Good to see you back Marylinn.
I think we have all wondered how you were doing...
08/Jan/09 1:56 PM
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Yes we have. I have been very worried about those black-outs. That is scary.
I'm glad you made the lifestyle change to get out of that stressful environment. You do NOT need that.
11/Jan/09 6:29 AM
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i'm here in bountiful should you need something. you should always be able to count on your sudoku friends. i also am always up to having lunch!
14/Jan/09 4:45 PM
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Great to see you back again Marylinn!
15/Jan/09 2:15 PM
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Hi Marylinn, hope you are well and happy.
Bassets need human company more than anything, they are are pack animals, if they are not over weight they will be OK. They are a hunting dog and when they are out love to romp and sniff.
17/Jan/09 10:58 PM
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Marylinn, don't fret so about missing the anniversary of your brother's birthday. For it not to have jumped out at you, it means that you have moved on in your life, that you are comfortable enough that your brother has become such a part of you, that he is no longer a separate being.
I think there is no greater love.
18/Jan/09 1:59 AM
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Dear Marylinn, I have just been going through the heartwarming notes on my page and once again, your sweet kindness has brought a smile to my face.
It always cheers me up when you come back onto the site. Your name (well Anew!) was one of the first regulars I knew. You have had many ups and More...
22/Jan/09 8:55 PM
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Hi Marylinn, just wanted to say that I hope your feeling better and though we really dont know each other that well if you need to talk I am here to listen sometimes it helps just to talk to someone even if it is a stranger, take care.
28/Jan/09 4:25 PM
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No, no, no, Marylinn, next time just go home!!! DON'T be a martyr! When you're having an asthmatic attack, go home, get the inhaler out, and rest AT HOME! Beside you could have sneaked in a few hours with hubby on Valentines Day!
15/Feb/09 5:25 AM
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Thanks for the greetings, Marylinn! It's good to have you back in the neighborhood.
16/Feb/09 7:37 AM
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Yep , Enjoyed the youtube Marylinn. Thanks
01/Mar/09 12:22 AM
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Marylinn - LOVED the youtube...and I am a cat person! More...
15/Mar/09 2:40 AM
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Hi Marylinn! Just thought I'd drop by with a personal note. It seems as though you are often struggling with personal issues, & I can't help but feel sorry for you. I hope you will be able to work through all your problems & find a way to be happy. Just tell yourself - the best is yet to come......
25/Mar/09 9:26 AM
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Gday mate, good to see you around. I like coming to sudokuland because there is always someone to 'talk' to or to listen to what I might have to say.
Bean started a 'What's On' page on Forums, it is there for anyone to use to make announcements of any sort, sort of like a highlights page. At the More...
25/Mar/09 4:39 PM
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Hi, Marilynn/anew! (Sorry, I still think of you that way.) This is my second attempt for a comment. I accidentally pushed the wrong button, and off it went into cyberspace.

I just wanted you to know that we're thinking of you and hoping everything in your life improves so you can become your cheerful self once again. We're thinking warm and positive thoughts. Hang in there, friend!
08/May/09 12:16 PM
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08/May/09 4:42 PM
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Happy birthday Marylinn, I hope you have a lovely birthday, thinking of you xx
10/Jul/09 1:00 AM
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Happy Belated Birthday Marylinn,
Sorry I missed it. I twas travelling in China at the time.
10/Aug/09 10:14 AM
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Dear Marylinn.


For your lovely and very king wishes of my birthday.
01/Sep/09 3:37 PM
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Marylinn, I will bookmark your blog site and have a lookin every now and then to see what you are up to. You certainly do write well, it is easy to read and feels like it comes from the heart.
Wishing you well as always,
01/Sep/09 4:45 PM
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Hello Marylinn - back!!! You have been missed. I am glad to hear you are doing well! Please stop by my place sometime.
01/Sep/09 10:43 PM
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Hi Marylinn!
How nice to see you posting and to learn things are going well for you. I've thought of you often and wondered how you were.
It seems you have found your way at last. I am so happy for you!
02/Sep/09 4:21 AM
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Hi Marylinn! Glad to see you back & seeming MUCH happier than you have been in the past. Good for you. I truly hope that you are now on the right path. By the way, if it's not being too nosy, what is PCOS?
02/Sep/09 12:38 PM
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Hello Marylinn, good to see that you are coming to terms with all life has thrown at you, a difficult path. Keep smiling and try to remain positive, taking small steps each time. No worries about sending me anything, it is not necessary really. Take care of yourself as always xx
05/Sep/09 5:12 AM
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hi there - not great news hearing about your eye probs but your attitude is good - chin up, things will work out.
11/Sep/09 5:37 AM
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Marylinn, Happy Birthday! Hope this b'day greeting finds you doing better. Thinking of you and sending warmest wishes your way. Hugs!
07/Oct/09 12:03 AM
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, Marylinn! We all breathe a sigh of relief when you pop in occasionally to let us know how you're doing. Take care of yourself ... and of those two gorgeous boys of yours!
07/Oct/09 1:19 AM
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Happy Birthday Marylinn! Hope you have a lovely day!
07/Oct/09 1:40 AM
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Marylinn: to you! Have a great day with those lovely boys and the rest of your entourage!
07/Oct/09 2:27 AM
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