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The 2 boys I love most in this world!

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TODAY IS Dec 11th USA, 12th AU~

and join in on the guessing, or relax and have in my home
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make that the year of 2006..what if I have my home here in 2009, and people get all confused?
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I'm going give it a try on your b-date & age. I say age is 30 (too wise for someone who looks so much younger); birthdate, let's try May 12; and because you have wonderful manners and are so considerate, I'd say about 3:15 pm.
And your age doesn't really matter; you're a beautiful, kind, lovely person with kindness and goodwill to share. God Bless.
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Anew glad you liked the strawberries they are my favorites.I`ll bring some more next time I drop in cause if your anything like me I can never have enough. My guess is Age 32 Born May 19th at 7:am.
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Ok, anew, now I've looked and I'll take an informed guess. (My 'polite' guru is rolling in her grave). So, caution to the wind; 24 years 8 months. I look forward to more visits in the chat room.
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Heeellllooooo???? Yoooo-hoooo! Anew, we're dying here! Is it time yet to have the big reveal?
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Anew: the winner is........????
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It's after midnight here. Just can't stay awake any longer. Guess I'll see the answer tomorrow.
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anew, age 36. I get the vibes of a fellow Virgo? Sept....11th? Evening baby.
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Here are all of the GUESSES combined....

Deb From Brisbane
will say 25 years old. Birthdate January 12th. Born midday.

nal From miami
4-14, 20 yrs,mid am

Judy From San Diego
I'll say 28 ... born May 15, 1978 ... 2:00 PM

Rola From Perth
28yrs, July More...
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Here are the CLOSEST guesses

Judy From San Diego
I'll say 28 ... born May 15, 1978 ... 2:00 PM

Rola From Perth
28yrs, July 27th , 3.25am

andré From england
27yrs, January 15th at 2.30pm

Angie From Melb(family)
Bruce: Age 28, 15th More...
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AND THE WINNER IS: Dec 11th, 2006 at 11:59 pm


WINNER!!!!! andré From england !!!!!!
27yrs, January 15th at 2.30pm

My actual d.o.b is: More...
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OH yeah, so that makes me 27!!! Until of course, July 2007

Now a visit to the WINNER'S home!
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ah ha! did i miss you??mmmmm,too many 'houses' to visit and yours just slipped by..sorry i havent made a visit soon you occupied...well,hmm..looking good,oh yeah thanks for the you had a guessing game and its over too looks like..anyway good to seeyou up there smiling....
and here are some glass paintings to decorate your walls from india..
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Wow, wow, wow I won something as my prize I would like your age!!!! failing that how about a postcard? I collect them although the muffins sounds wonderful!!
As for my email h'mm, only a few people have that, are you in touch with Billy(perth) she has annes(albany) address who maybe in touch More...
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Ugh! So close, yet so far away!
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andré and anew - if you want to exchange email addresses safely, send an email to Ed ( and he will pass them on to each other. And he won't share the addresses with others if you don't want him to.
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Congratulations, Andre! (From the person who took SECOND place and will NEVER forget it! Gr-r! LOL)
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Nice contest Anew, I knew you couldn't possibly be 45, but you are a wise,beautiful young woman, with common sense, something that's not too common anymore. As I said before, I hope to be forgiven.
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Gosh. Not bad for an old geezer. I wasn't that far off, but I did age you a bit!
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Anew, I missed the fun... You're just a young'un, hon. And, about spending time with your man? Oh yes. First things first. Congrats to andré.
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Hi Anew
Thank you for stopping by and leaving dinner for me. Sorry i wont be able to dring the hot chocolate or eat the treats as I am a diabetic and also need to watch my waist line. he he he. anyway thank you for visiting. here some flowers for you and a cake Enjoy. Wishing you a very merry xmas
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Hello 'young anew'.
Thanks for the fun we had with the 'guess how old' competetion. My guess was only a year out!!!!!
Congrats to André
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Hm-m ... I want to hear more about the ''man'' that you mentioned! Is it serious? Is he a good guy? Yeah, we're nosy ... but YOU brought him up! :)
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haha..ooooh Judy~ well..

I hope it is serious, as we got married in June
I suppose I should refer to him as my hubby or somethin' to that affect, while chatting. Thus, it won't lead others to think that maybe I'm having a wild, crazy, tantalizing ''fling''
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Very nice picture anew. You should put that on your wall.
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Oh my goodness, he is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! So you're a newlywed!! What the !@#$%^&* are you doing on the Internet so much??? :)

Get a grip, Anew ... people on this site would LOVE to hear about a wild, tantalizing fling!

Are those FRECKLES on your nose? Adorable!
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anew lovely photograph, congrats on your marriage may it be a long and happy one xx
p.s. Do you think your hubby will come and cook us all a meal
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Oh, Judy~ I'm not here as much as it appears haha...Most the time I stay afloat on the site while doing business online...sometimes however, I just don't get to be here until late at night..What can I say, I this SITE!

Freckles..on me? Naaah
Oh Judy, I'd be banned if I shared my previous romances' with all of you!

He is CUTE, isn't he?
 |  |

andré ~ Most definitely...if we get the chance to visit your country, I know, he'd LOVE to prepare a feast for you and yours. He LOVES to cook!
He specializes in French Cuisine, and has a soft spot for Italian..but, he can make anything!
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You're a lucky girl, Anew. It appears that you waited for the right guy, and he sounds wonderful. Congratulations to both of you! XOXO
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DEC. 14th~

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Have your PICTURE, or your HOLIDAY message placed on a PERSONALIZED wrapper, for chocolate candy bars!!! GO TO to get started!
It's More...
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Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year xx
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anew, what a cutie! You are only a few months older than my son, who also got married in June. Where in Utah are you?
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Anew, ooooohhhh he's Gorgeous!!! Does he come with a name, or do we call him Mr Anew.
Like you I was 26 going on 27 when I married, coming up to our 24th Wed Annv. in January 2007.
Congradulations to the both of you.
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So much for me offering a date for a coffee. Why do you young people like other young people?
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May the Peace of the Season be with you today and always.
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Oh Anew, You are so full of suprises! I like this kind where I can look at a handsome man and woman professing love and where is the baby carriage? Is our next guessing game,' when will the baby be concieved or born or what'? No matter, he's cute and I offer you both my congratulations and wishes for a long and happy life together!
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Rola From Perth~ That's awesome about your anniversary! Congratulations
2008 should be great, when you hit that 25th anniversary!
Thank you for your kindness
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Too ALL! Thank you, for spending time in my home, for competing in a fun fashion, and for all of your support and friendship

Merry Christmas!
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