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"If the lesson learned is engraved on the heart, it is not lost."





The 2 boys I love most in this world!

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Ahhhh! A new Marylinn!
I see a " back" is in order!
Nice to meet you!
Are you a butterfly now?
06/May/08 11:17 PM
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hi there - good to see you back!
06/May/08 11:28 PM
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You need to have a comming out party.

Did you move from Utah to Oregon?
06/May/08 11:57 PM
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Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life....and you,young lady are still a mystery... .
A great big warm back my friend! Hope life has been good to you and that you soon have time to reveal as much of your tale as you choose. Stay safe, healthy and happy....looking forward to catching up in due time. Peace!
07/May/08 5:52 AM
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Welcome back marylinn. Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well.
07/May/08 9:30 AM
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Hi everyone again- I hope tomorrow I can come on and talk some more:) i'm out of time tonight!

09/May/08 4:44 PM
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hey all-
Well I'm going to take some time here to share my recent path in life.

Last year in Aug, Sept and October 07' I started participating in a new form of therapy called Myofascial Release. It's purpose is to help you feel your pain that is stored in the tissues/fascia of your More...
10/May/08 8:20 AM
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Continued from PREVIOUS COMMENT:

It was an easy escape to choose, as I have struggled with sexual addictions since I was a young child, and other addictions as well.

Basically I learned how to utilize anything that would help me escape reality.

So i'm just in the process of More...
10/May/08 8:22 AM
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Sorry if I scared any of you off with my candid explanation or details, but I want my friends who watched me disappear, to understand, and to know a reason why, or to at least know what I've been up to.

In the midst of this stuff going on, we have More...
10/May/08 8:27 AM
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10/May/08 9:11 AM
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All I can say marylinn is ..Wow! How brave you are...not for disclosing these personal things to us, but by being willing to look at yourself in such a deep, soul-searching acknowledge that, while you are basically a good person, you are also a flawed person...many of us are unwilling to More...
10/May/08 9:17 AM
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Thanks for sharing, Marylinn. Yes, I've been worried about you and have thought about you many times. I'm sorry you have been going through so much, but you seem to be taking charge of your life now. You have my prayers and good thoughts as you continue to put your life in order. There are many More...
10/May/08 9:27 AM
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you are a very brave young woman to share all this with us but you are correct in saying this is a very caring and considerate site with such great support and concern for those who need a hand at the tough times in their life.
let the extended family here on site support you through More...
10/May/08 9:31 AM
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Very glad to see you back, my dear. You've been missed and I've thought of you often.
10/May/08 12:25 PM
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Hi Marylinn I do hope we get the chance to catch up. I'd love to know what's been going on in your life all this time you've been away. It's really so good to have you back.
10/May/08 12:49 PM
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I am so glad to see you! You look radiant! Real friends do not mind a little 'vacation' - We are here, welcoming each other, with open arms.

Stop whenever you are up to it and I promise to do the same.
10/May/08 1:14 PM
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Hi Marylinn, Thank you for your lovely note, I read all that you took time to write and share with us. I understand very well where you are coming from and all the suffering that it may cause at times. Keep your chin up and I wish you the very best.
Always, Orianne
10/May/08 1:15 PM
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Marylinn - Wow!! So good to hear from you. For a not-yet-even-30, I am very proud of you and happy for what you have accomplished for yourself. Instead of letting yourself go, you have taken control of things. That shows what strength you have.
Know that many on this site WILL think if you More...
10/May/08 2:13 PM
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Marylinn, I left the previous note in response to your note on my page and prior to reading the above. I am so sorry you had to go through all this alone or felt that you did You have so many people here ready and willing to support,aid and assist you at any time through any thing You are an More...
10/May/08 2:36 PM
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Marylinn ( it's hard not to call you 'Anew'). Congratulations for recognising and seeking treatment for your various problems. You are a brave and strong woman and (Im sure I speak for the majority) will get to a peaceful resolution in time. While you're doing that - I reiterate what others have More...
10/May/08 4:14 PM
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Marylinn, it was fabulous chatting to you today.
Take care,
10/May/08 4:24 PM
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Many thanks for your very kind post.You are a good friend and I do like to keep in touch.I believe that We need to have friends who feel that We can be able to open our hearts to them.
Thanks for your visiting my page and please keep in touch that a pleasure to me.
Take care and have a very nice time.
10/May/08 6:35 PM
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Hello Anew!!!!! Hggmm Hgggmmm!! Marylinn! It is so good to have you back and I must admit I have missed you!!!! I am looking forward to seeing your pictures!!!! BACK!!!!

My youngest graduated from High School last year and my life hasn't slowed down yet..... More...
10/May/08 8:42 PM
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Hi there beautiful girl, hang in there we are all here for you.
10/May/08 10:23 PM
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Marylinn, what a strong, brave woman you are! You are taking your life back, and what an ordeal it has been for you! I admire you so much for facing your problems and dealing with them.
Please know we are here for support if you need it. You are one of the family and you have surely been missed! Welcome back, sweetie!
11/May/08 12:12 AM
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Marylinn, thank you for the thorough description of what you've been going through. As others have said, this is a caring site, and we're here to be supportive, understanding, and maybe most important, offer encouragement. ~~ What I remember us exchanging information about was gardening ... so, do you have a yard to play in at your new place? Portland has a great climate for gardening.
11/May/08 2:27 AM
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Wow - Anu aka: Marylinn - that is quite a coming out party (see my post above). It is good that you have confronted your demons and can talk about it. I hope the confrontation, in the end, enriches your's and your husband's lifes & marriage.

The site has several Oregonians. I have More...
11/May/08 6:36 AM
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Marilynn, I have just read your new posts and although I barely know you, you are a person that deserves a fresh start and what better place than amongst the wongerful souls on this site. Take care of yourself and your family (including us!) and do not be a stranger anymore. I personally am overwhelmed by the kindness on this site.
12/May/08 9:08 AM
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Hello Marilynn. It's nice to hear from you again. You have been through some trying times and have won your battles so far, so keep it up. Glad things are going well for you and yous, and I'm pleased you are sharing your thoughts with those of us on the site again. Cheers!
12/May/08 9:13 AM
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marylinn, it is so good to have you back, you have been missed. how brave to face your demons, & even better to win. keep up the good work
14/May/08 1:43 PM
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Dear Marylinn,
Thank you for your support while I have been ill. I never expected such a response from this site, everyone’s concern and caring has overwhelmed me. I can only say that it is the genuine people here who make this a very unique place to share our hopes, dreams, ups and downs. So thank you for being there, even though we have only just met.
14/May/08 3:56 PM
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snap - crackle - pop???
hmmm only thing I can think of would be the characters on our "rice bubbles" ceral.
Must put more thought into this!
15/May/08 12:17 PM
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Love the youtube!
Avatar looks great also!
16/May/08 12:37 PM
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Thank you for your note on SA page , i am glad with all your thoughts and emotions
16/May/08 6:18 PM
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Hello Marylinn at last you are here... it is so good to see you back and stronger than before. You have been through so much and I admire your courage for sharing details of your life, keep on being positive and know that I have been thinking of you... take care of yourself for there is only one of you xxx
19/May/08 6:11 PM
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Hey marylinn, thinking of you.
20/May/08 3:34 PM
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At 30 years old, a good man, was taken from this earth life, in a freak accident, 11 years ago today.
He left behind a beautiful wife, and 3 young boys...lots of brothers and sisters, parents and more.

Darin, I love you!

I miss you!

Thanks for being an angel to me, More...
20/May/08 3:35 PM
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20/May/08 3:38 PM
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Your IT I just tagged you. So no more .
22/May/08 10:32 AM
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Thank you Marylinn for making my birthday a special one.
Many sudoku friends from around the world coming to visit me and wishing me a Happy Birthday have overwhelmed me.
My Husband and sons took me out to dinner to a Chinese Restaurant, and on the Sunday, we had a delicious Roast Dinner at MIL’s.
22/May/08 2:02 PM
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