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The 2 boys I love most in this world!

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hey Marylinn. you have caught me travelling around the world..
My MIL is a very good cook. she always cooks roasts for our birthdays..
and specially for me she make Apple slice and custard.. yummmmmmmmm
everyone else she makes apple crumble.. which is also yum but not as yummy as the slice !!!!
22/May/08 3:14 PM
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Hi Marylinn, I just spent ten minutes explaining how you might get the info / files off the hard drive. The Sudoku filter didn't like the dos command I entered as part of the test procedure. So... "everything evaporated". Basically, you or a computer "guru" family member / More...
23/May/08 3:20 PM
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No guarantees. But it might work. Also you might consider an external hard drive (they plug into a USB connection) to back up your "Irreplaceable files. Just a thought.

btw, Oregon Maine or somewhere else? Just nosy...
23/May/08 3:26 PM
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Marylinn - Just to let you know that when I lived in Canberra I posted as Hugh from Canberra. Hugh is my name but I am known as Peter which is my second name. I posted as Hugh because I sometimes posted from work and this was considered a no-no. Now that I have moved to Tasmania I post under More...
23/May/08 5:22 PM
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Hey! what are friends for? No white gloves required. One does need to eliminate the possibility of a "static electricity discharge" have you petted a cat or dog lately? that little shock may be enough to do damage to computer parts. I haven't priced cables / connectors lately but I don't More...
24/May/08 12:35 PM
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it was noice to chat with you in Chat this afternoon..
24/May/08 5:20 PM
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Hey Marylinn, Just dropping in to say for sending me birthday greetings...Knowing how easily distracted one can become these days trying to do all that is asked of them, its always special when folks take time out to remember you, and thanks to my More...
29/May/08 6:46 AM
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Hi Marylinn kids are so cute when they are that age thanks for sharing.
29/May/08 7:19 PM
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Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary Marylinn.
02/Jun/08 7:23 PM
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Marylinn sweetie, I wish I could be there to comfort you in your time of need. Please try hard to bear with this until you can seek the kind of medical care you require, you are important to us, you know that.
Sometimes, when you are lying quietly on the couch and it feels like something brushes More...
04/Jun/08 9:57 AM
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Hey Marylinn, it WILL get better.....
04/Jun/08 10:02 AM
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((Marylinn)) Just dropping in to wish you well - and to let you know you are in my prayers - Is there a teaching hospital you could go too ? Take care and know we all care about you. Mary
04/Jun/08 10:36 AM
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Hugs from me too - thinking of you and sending you love.
04/Jun/08 10:44 AM
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It is so good to have you back! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I sure hope you can find a doctor who can help you. I send cheerful thoughts and lots of hugs.
04/Jun/08 11:00 AM
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Marylinn, I am glad your shared your feelings with us. Many of us have been way down too for many reasons and for long times. I know I have...Time is a wonderful healer. Look for caring people; they will show you the way out. Things will get better. Love to you...
04/Jun/08 11:17 AM
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Hey Marylinn, you know we are with you in heart and mind. Hope you get some good laughs. Bella basset should put a smile on your face. Take care.
04/Jun/08 11:53 AM
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Hi! Marylinn just a few words to let you know how much we appreciate your frankness in revealing your feelings. I think this is the first step in a process of healing. Be strong and get well. We have you in our prayers.
04/Jun/08 12:16 PM
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DON'T, DON'T, DON'T GIVE IN TO DEPRESSION!!! Just live one day at a time. Find one positive thing at a time. They lift you up and you hang on. Eventually things will get better. Just don't allow yourself to be carried away with sadness or hopelessness. Reach out grab my hand and sing with me. More...
04/Jun/08 1:28 PM
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There are an awful lot of us waiting to hold you up if you need us to. Never, never make decisions at the bottom. Those decisions will never be your true wishes because they are colored by your pain.
04/Jun/08 1:50 PM
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big cyber {{{{{{ Hug }}}}}} from Me to you Marylinn you are always in my thoughts and prayers
04/Jun/08 2:50 PM
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Hi Marylinn. Hold on you have our prayers & thoughts. We are with you in mind & spirit if not physically.
04/Jun/08 3:13 PM
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Love and prayers for you, Marylinn. Please don't give up. You have WAY too much to offer this World of ours. Please do some checking in your community ... there should be free or low-cost medical care available, as well as mental health support while you're working out your physical problems. God bless you. XOXO
04/Jun/08 3:28 PM
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Marylinn, thanks for sharing what you're going through right now. We are so glad to have you back with us and posting. We don't want to see an end to that. Get here when you can; read as many posts as possible; update us when things change - or when they stay the same. I am so sorry to hear about More...
04/Jun/08 4:10 PM
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Hi Marylinn, I'm sending big hugs to you as well. Everyone on this site was so supportive to me recently after my mother died it really did help me during a difficult time. Just know that we are all thinking of you and you have many friends here who care for you. Please stay strong.
04/Jun/08 6:25 PM
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04/Jun/08 7:09 PM
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Hi Marylinn.
I hope you can feel the cyber hugs reaching out to you from around the globe... it is good to keep posting and sharing with your sudoku family. It will help you get through this troubled period in your life. It takes a brave fighting spirit to open up as you have... let that part of More...
04/Jun/08 10:34 PM
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Marylinn, please, please, believe that the world is a better place with you in it! Remember that you are a strong, beautiful woman. You have love and support here whenever you need it. Don't give up, keep looking for the help you need. I know you will find it.
05/Jun/08 1:43 AM
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Hang in there, don't let depression get the better of you. I know from experience you can get through it. When my wife died suddenly on April 30, 2004, at just 44, I feel into deep depression. But I had been there before, 3 times in my life. I knew it would end. You, however, may not know that it More...
05/Jun/08 1:31 PM
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Hello Marylinn, sending a hug to help you through the dark times and know that we are carrying you when it is too tough to walk. you are never alone.
05/Jun/08 9:18 PM
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How is your hair today? I had great fun reading about your "personal beauty school" experience! It pays to be pretty talented at using a mirror to cut the back!
08/Jun/08 1:59 PM
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Marylinn, great to chat again, remember, if you make it to IA, let me know, I will do whatever I can to meet up with you!
30/Jun/08 10:37 AM
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Hi Marylinn
Was a great time in chat this morning, our morning that is lol
It's great to have a laugh, especially with like minded people.
30/Jun/08 10:51 AM
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Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful day with your husband...
01/Jul/08 6:40 AM
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Hi, Marylinn, thanks for posting a response. I continued the conversation on p. 4 of today's easy. I think we're both saying the same thing in different ways and that we're in perfect agreement. I'm sorry my comment came off sounding accusative about the fast times while I was trying to encourage More...
02/Jul/08 10:26 AM
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I KNEW we were thinking along the same lines. Let's be very good FRIENDS! (Hug)

Don't feel badly or flustered. You weren't the only one who thought I went awry with the timing issue.
I got quite a few public and private messages about it, both "pro" and More...
03/Jul/08 12:09 AM
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I don't know where else to put this, so i've come to my own page. I dont' want to overwhelm the easy page or mama's page, but I am sure having a hard time with this, of Sully's passing.
I told my husband, I don't know what's wrong, I have this anxiety, and restlessness, and don't feel good, and More...
03/Jul/08 3:44 PM
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Hi Marylinn,
I'm Ginny from southeastern Pennsylvania.
I also felt a jolt when I learned of Sully's passing. Thank you for posting the video in honor of him, it's a beautiful hymn. Take care.
04/Jul/08 2:57 PM
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My goodness are you popular!

Thanks form coming by to say hello.

I'll have my daughter whip up some brownies and place them on the coffee table for all to share since it's obvious you like to entertain.

i visit utah about every year...usually st George and Zion. Although, this year I went to Spanish Fork. It was right after Xmas, it was really beautiful!

10/Jul/08 7:21 AM
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Just listened to your what a great job those girls did! Thanks for sharing that.
10/Jul/08 7:26 AM
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Happy birthday Marylinn! I hope you enjoy a special day of fun with your family and friends! Cheers!
11/Jul/08 5:59 AM
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