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Gath - thanks for doing this page, often in 'chat' films get discussed and recommended or let's kick off with the 4 films I've seen this week...I kid you not...
Babel - loved this movie. Thought it was beautifully filmed, especially the wedding scene, watch out for the young boy's face when they're handling the chickens. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett don't 'steal' the film, their characters are played down if anything. Long film - 2 1/2 hrs long, at times More...
Blood Diamond - I went as a part of a team-building exercise. Kicked off with a bit too much vodka, Vietnamese food and Italian hot hocolate... we were bonding...ok - the film:
Good movie, violent but set in the context of civil war, where life is cheap and child soldiers are used to kill More...
Apocalypto - typical Mel Gibson film reminiscent in parts to Braveheart. Another violent movie, I didn't know a thing about the movie before I saw it...It took me a day after I had seen it to realise it had been subtitled. That's a good thing isn't it? The film was beautiful to watch as the More...
oooops - forgot to score that one. I'd give Apocalypto 8/10.
Dreamgirls - wait for the DVD, all credibility was lost in my opinion when the songs became part of the narrative - seemed to lose the plot then. I'm struggling to give it a 4/10, it should have been a lot better. A toilet break would enhance the movie.
B from P - has the 'P' anything to do with the toilet break?
Ian - funny you should ask that, but....
I too saw Babel and thought it was excellent, though I confess I had my eyes shut during the chicken scene!!
Thanks Billy for the page excellent idea, now I just have to see a film!! Should be going to see Perfume so will do a rundown on that.. complete with potty break
Popcorn should be banned at the movies. It is noisy and antisocial even if you are sharing a bucket. And what is it with the size of the buckets these days - big as bloody horses troughs. Don't get me started on lollie wrappers either...Just don't sit next to me if you want to feed your face, however, drinking is fine, unless of course you have a dodgy bladder...Enjoy your movie.x
André - can't wait to hear your opinion. I saw the shorts of it and it looks exactly how I imagined it to be, will be interesting to see if they do justice to the book.
Hey Mary - I thought the boys face in that scene was a classic! I wouldn't mind seeing that movie again - it had so much in it.
Hi Billy, I could sense what was going to happen to the chicken-hence the closed eyes. This explains also why I haven't see the other movies with violence in them.
Hi Last film I saw was Happy Feet (took the grand d's in Singapore) I loved it and wanted to dance. Little one aged 5 frightened during scene with the killer whales. Aliya aged 8 loved it.
I also saw Queen and thought Helen Mirren was brilliant in title role.
Hey Mo, I saw The Queen too. Thought it may have been discourteous to make a film about Liz whilst she is still alive, but the film didn't discredit her I feel. Prince Phil came across as a prat...nothing new. Helen Mirren deserved her G/Globe award - she was exceptionally good. 6/10
We mostly rent our movies from Netflix (no problem with bathroom breaks) so we are often watching old ones or foreign ones. This weekend I enjoyed Nowhere in Africa, a German movie set during WWII. Lovely, complex movie. I've also been watching the 7UP series of documentaries from Britain. The Brits have probably already seen them all on the telly.
My 18 year old son saw Blood Diamond and he thought there was too much emphasis on the violence and not enough story. Interesting, because he's the demographic that most likes violent movies.
Saw 'Night in the Museum' last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not a bit scarey. It wasn't filmed in the dark. They had lights on. This always makes for a less scarey situation. I took a 10yr girl and 6 yr old boy and they loved it too. Ben Stiller is good and Robin Williams has a lesser role and doesn't 'carry on' as he usually does. Had a good feel moral type ending too.
We saw ''Night at the Museum'' last week, too!

It was great entertainment (Owen Wilson does play a cute cowboy!), even though I came down with a migraine headache midway thru the movie.

I am not usually a Ben Stiller fan, but there was a funny cameo with his mother (Anne Meara) at More...
Martha - I have followed the 7UP series but have yet to see the latest, 49UP - heard it's good for those who have been following their lives.
Also - re Blood Diamonds - not sure if i would have bothered seeing the movie if it hadn't been for the business I'm in and the past connection with De Beers.
I took the kids (10,7&5) to see Night at the Museum last week and all enjoyed it.
squasheddaisy?? Are you new? Welcome if you are - love the name.
Billy: I have only just made it through age 14. I'm fascinated because I am the same age as the subjects. For me, it's interesting seeing how different things are in Britain, and yet how similar.
I went to see 'Happy Feet' with a clutch of grandchildren. The littlies found the sea lion and the killer whales a bit scary, and the older ones commented that it was a bit slow in the middle, but overall we thoroughly enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed Memphis' opening performance and just loved the elephant seals! I think my next pet will be a fluffy baby penguin!
Martha - I started watching from 7/14UP when I was about 16, I think I am about 4 years behind them, but it was 'Neil' and his progress through the series that really touched me. It's an amazing doco.
Anyone seen Pan's Labarynth yet?? Supposed to be excellent, but haven't got time this weekend to go to the movies...sigh...

Billy-for what it's worth..heard through a friend of a friend that the trailer (Pan's Labrynth)does not represent the movie. Lots of gratuitous (she thought) violence set in Spanish Civil War. I'm saving up for Leonard Cohen at Luna Outdoor next week. Been 'od'ing on his songs which surprisingly all my kids love-so shall be going en famille-hence the 'saving'.
Mary - I've heard such rave reports about PL but nothing bad. So your friend of a friend saw the movie or the trailer?! I do know it's violent, but thought it was in context and not gratuitous...oh well, it's hardly showing in any movie theatres in Perth which is a bit inconvenient - looks like I'll have to cross the river to the Luna...
Billy-she saw the trailer and loved the 'otherworldliness' and was then shocked by the graphic portrayal of the war.
in the movie
I went to see Night at the Museum with a friend to 'preview' it before I let my kids watch it. I will buy it! The nicknames that Mickey Rooney used were laugh-out-loud (as well as the statue that wanted gum) and the adult humor was used in a way that the kids didn't understand the double meaning. My kind of movie! 8/10.
Mary - Bec my 18yr old saw Pan and she really liked it - but then she has weird taste too.

Seems like Night at the Museum is worth a looksee.

André - Perfume has advanced screenings this weekend at some cinemas. I may get to see it before you do as I'll try and catch it next weekend!
This is all I need, another way to make good use of time I have none of.
Pan's Labyrinth 11
Letters From Iwo Jima 9.5
Alpha Dog 9 How about that Mr. Timberlake!
Apocalypto 9.9

I like all the soft and tender movies.

Mary, Barb and I saw Leonard Cohen at the Wal nut Street Theater in Phila.. We had been fans of his writing and singing for like 15 years. Needless to say I was teary eyed when he walked out on stage. We were 4th row center and I felt I was imposing at being so close. It's a concert I will never More...
Billy, Look what you have done to me. Thank you. You know I love you. Have to get up at 2am. Good I get by on 4 to 5 hours sleep.
Ed - I don't think Iwa Jima and Alpha Dog have been released here as yet, but shall look out for them when they are. Yes, I can see you go for the light and fluffy stuff...
thanx Ed, will do
I have similiar taste in TV and books. I have been told a little comedy would greatly aid in decreasing my depression. I do read Get Fuzzy. For those of you who might also read it, do you know were Bucky and Satchel got their names? Correct answer gets two tickets to see Last King of Scotland 8.5 See you at the movies. I will have the popcorn with the hole in the bottom.
Ed - never heard of Get Fuzzy, and Bucky and satchel do not ring any bells either!! BUT I will be seeing the last King of Scotland, minus the popcorn! (even if it does have a hole in the bottom...i'm sure it will still make a noise).
Feb 1st: Miss Potter (Beatrix Potter) 8.5/10 Lovely film, no violence, no blow-em-ups, pretty to look at, whimsy without being cutesy; enjoyable. The Queen: 9.5/10 -- would've gotten 10/10 except for actor portraying P. Charles with a cute turn-up nose -- NOT! Seriously, Helen Mirren More...
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