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Submitted By: appy from India

we shall have an exchange of simple develpments in the field,not necessarily be a research stuff,a new spicies of vegetation in your neighborhood to rocket launching,anything can be shared here and sky isnt the limit afterall for things extend beyond that too... 

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well havent got the least idea as how many ppl will even care to give a glance this way..but i sincerely want to share certain things..and wasnt sure how it will be received in the general page..hence this page..
05/May/07 10:54 PM
Saw Science and Tech interested in both, lets here more.
06/May/07 2:29 PM
welcome Kevin/utah..glad to see someone in here..
Williamette Meteorite,is a 15-ton chunk of space rock that(molten iron and nickeore) fell to earth in Pacific Northwest 10,000 years ago,American Museum of Natural History(NY),has acquired this meteorite in 1906,and its placed in the center of More...
06/May/07 11:02 PM
After spending weeks adrift in the ocean as tiny larvae, juvenile coral reef fish often return to their 'home reef' to settle down, researchers say.
Tracking these larvae is very tough and done by chemically tagging them while still in egg stage inside the mother fish!!scientist feel this particular behaviour may have impotant implication for the design of the marine reserve.
07/May/07 9:36 PM
Well theve just seen the most massive stellar explosion of a star about 120 times the mass of our sun, it was in perseus about 240 million light-years away
08/May/07 10:53 PM
well simulation of Lightning(cloud to earth)using the Van de Graaff Generators in the museum of science in Boston was really very absorbing...the high voltage discharge from the -vely charged clouds to the +vely charged ground thru an ionized air path is beautifully represented..enjoy the pic in my page..
09/May/07 6:27 AM
one fourth of the diabetic population is at risk of foot ulcers and these lesions are prone for infection ,sometimes by antibiotic resistant bacteria.then its tough to treat it and so far no effective treatment has been found clinically.researchers are trying many methods,one of it is the More...
09/May/07 11:31 PM
Can't wait for the Encyclopedia of life pages, can't believe it will take 10 years to compile, but there are a lot of species out there including some that have not even been discovered yet,it will be great to have that kind of material to go through and learn.
10/May/07 3:44 PM
A bit of a science buff myself, to quote a song, ''all this science I just don't understand it's just my job 5 days a week'', which is truely the case for me. The black box flight recorder was first developed at my work!
DSTO (then ARL) in Melbourne Australia
12/May/07 8:51 PM
Can someone pls work out how this is done? appy? being the mathematician that you are luvvie...

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to go out to eat.
(more than once but less than 10)
2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold) 3. Add 5
4. More...
13/May/07 3:24 PM
wrong page should be on the maths page...
13/May/07 5:42 PM
The following msg i received thru mail..wonder how far its on,and plz do share more info on that..
Drinking cold water after meal = Cancer! (this is not a joke)it is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just More...
15/May/07 1:10 AM
Appy, first thing I noticed was the language, OILY STUFF is not very scientific language.

I found this on Urban ledgends at, they have been a reliable reference for such e-mail de bunking. . . . .

Comments: Rule of thumb: don't take health advice from anonymous forwarded More...
16/May/07 8:08 AM
appy it was reported in our newspapers in April that drinking too much water can kill you as it dilutes vital minerals which can then lead to swelling of the brain, this was reported after a young fit male aged 22 collapsed at The London Marathon after drinking too much water, he later died in More...
16/May/07 8:13 AM
worry = worrying - sigh, glasses the eye test needs moving forward.
16/May/07 8:26 AM
There was no mention of excessive wine drinking however, or at least none that I wished to read..
16/May/07 8:41 AM
ANDRE, you are correct, excessive water can kill, but we are talking GALLONS, not glasses of water. Google Water Intoxication if you want more info about that.

There is a pending lawsuit in the USA, a radio contest where the person drinking the most water in a certain time frame won More...
17/May/07 1:16 AM
A NEW species of limbless lizard said to be new to science has been located by group of zoologists in Orissa,India.Prof Sushil Kumar Dutta of the North Orissa University, Baripada, said,the lizard, which belonged to the family Scincidae, is new to science and is an important discovery from the More...
03/Jun/07 7:32 PM
Speed, technically, is the distance covered in unit time interval. But the feeling of speed comes from the rate at which we cover the angular displacement corresponding to an object.while riding a bike we observe the objects in the proximity that protacts a large angle and when we go past this in a More...
15/Jun/07 5:42 PM
and thats the ans to the query in the general page..(today,15th jun,friday)
15/Jun/07 5:44 PM
this Q&A is from our national daily The Hindu,sci&tech supplement..
15/Jun/07 5:56 PM
I was thinking appy, that it takes so much energy and effort to get anywhere on a bike - that we think (and wish and hope) that we are getting to places really fast, whereas on a train there is nothing to do so time goes much slower and seems to take ages to get anywhere. When the train is really More...
15/Jun/07 5:57 PM
Well this is Maths not Science, but I hope that it's OK to post anyway. Just learned that 1 metre = 1/10 millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the Equator.
My Science question and something that's been bugging me for years. Is eye colour one of those dominant/recessive gene things or More...
18/Jun/07 1:17 AM
hi there Susan,first ans to the eye color..just tried to put whatevr little i know in the most simplest form..hope its comprehensive..and a bit informative..
Eye color in humans is primarily determined by the amount and localization of the pigment melanin on the front surface of the iris.This is More...
18/Jun/07 2:29 PM
Thanks appy. I did have a very good reason for wanting to know about that. So what is it that you do that you are so knowledgeable about all things Science?
27/Jun/07 9:51 PM
Fragile X syndrome: it is an illness characterized by hyperactivity, attention deficit, repetitive behavior, anxiety and cognitive difficulties ranging from learning disability to mental retardation.
Scientists at M.I.T. have identified the enzyme that causes this and have successfully reversed More...
28/Jun/07 12:31 AM
My husband and I both have blue eyes and so do both of our daughters.... It was interesting to read that blue eyes are no longer considered a recessive trait. I didn't know that. If we had had a green eyed child hubby could have been very suspicious!
04/Jul/07 7:27 AM
having started the color topic heres some fact on
color blindness..Many people have a misconception of what it is like to be colorblind. Rather than not being able to see colors, those who are colorblind have a hard time distinguishing between colors. Of the different forms of color blindness, More...
05/Jul/07 12:43 AM
'Those who had consumed the high-GI cereals actually recalled significantly more words than those who consumed the low-GI breakfast cereal,' says Smith.
from Aust ABC News. So Froot Loops for breakfast! Well, there are all sorts of ifs and buts, and the number of extra words remembered was More...
06/Jul/07 6:11 AM
AFTER pondering the weighty question of the mass of the Milky Way galaxy, astronomers have come up with an answer: 42.
06/Jul/07 8:07 AM
Trans fats come from two different sources - small amounts in some animal foods, larger amounts in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils - used because they allow longer shelf-life and are more stable than other oils.
07/Jul/07 8:02 AM
Well, I'm not a science person Anu, but I do know that pumpkin seed oil in a bottle does look red, and when it's in a thin layer on a plate, it looks green, so I assume it has something to do with the density of the oil. My best guess.
10/Jul/07 4:08 AM
I cheated and googled 'pumpkin seed oil color'. An article in Science Daily came up. I have added Science Daily to my favourites - thank you Anu!!!
10/Jul/07 5:56 AM
yes CGreg,saturation and brightness does depend on density,but the Hue(whether its bluish or greenish)is determined by the material property of the a blood drop may look light/pale red,or crimson depending on its purity,but never the point?so the color variation in the More...
10/Jul/07 5:39 PM
Today I was asked how to convert water hardness measurements from mg/l to mmol/l. Apparently a lot of new dishwashers quote hardness in mmol/l and require additives (salt?) for hard water. FYI - I worked out that the conversion is done by dividing by the molecular weight. The local hardness test More...
11/Jul/07 3:30 PM
From today's news - scientists want to rate El Nino and El Nina to predict effects; as much as 10 percent of the human genome has changed in some populations in the last 15,000 to 100,000 years (called 'very recent'); Putting bacteria on birth control could stop the spread of drug-resistant microbes - still in lab testing phase and only for e-coli so far, but promising....
13/Jul/07 8:27 AM
Pet peeve - misleading headlines to news articles....
13/Jul/07 8:34 AM
hi suzy interesting bits and pieces...keep up the good job and help the page to move forward..
well i seem to have got stuck with the color phenomenon..ever wondered what makes the sunset so glorious?/and of late its getting better day by day..i mean you see stunning sunsets with bright reds and oranges..
if you relly know the reason for it i doubt if you would ever enjoy a sunset at all!!
13/Jul/07 8:43 PM
Its the pollution in the air that enhances the beauty of the sunset..the soot in the smoke thats expelled from the automobile exhaust mix in the air to form the smog and these suspended particles scatter the light ray from sun indiscriminately eliminating the cooler blues and violets and increases More...
14/Jul/07 2:54 AM
Hi appy
It's fun to read the science news.... Does that make me weird???
16/Jul/07 7:57 PM
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