Submitted By: Jenni from Canberra

We are coming up with new words on this site every day, so it is time we had a list to refer to so that we know what others are talking about. This page is to enable us to have a list of SUDOKUSPEAK that we can refer to & add to at any time.
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The first words to put on the list are:
receep - for recipe
puzzel - for puzzle
kazybutt - for a lazy person
12/Jun/07 11:15 AM
TOPP - Top of the Page Post
12/Jun/07 11:24 AM
I forgot I should add:
Good maen, as explained elsewhere on the site (capitalised letter for the time wherever you are in the world)
12/Jun/07 11:51 AM
Copke = Coke
Wongerful = wonderful
Tish = (just re-arrange the letters please)
Jack Tish = absolutely nothing
Boarding pass = ummmmm I'll leave that to someone else to explain
12/Jun/07 11:54 AM
I see Brissie or Brizzie for Brisbane

12/Jun/07 12:00 PM

floks = folks
heyello = hello
12/Jun/07 12:41 PM
you sure you want to keep doing this Jenni?

12/Jun/07 12:41 PM
noice = nice

got that in before you Col. lol
12/Jun/07 12:44 PM
CP = Cereal Post = Serial Posting
12/Jun/07 12:48 PM
pooter = computer
12/Jun/07 12:55 PM
avo= afternoon(?)
12/Jun/07 3:31 PM
sokay = its okay
heyello = hey + hello
not that I know how they came about just that they have been used mainly in the chatroom.
12/Jun/07 6:33 PM
spell check Mamacita...aRvo=most certainly means afternoon. Well done. MizT, any queries re Ausspeak, put them here and they will be translated!
12/Jun/07 7:34 PM
kazyboy=a very comfortable reclining chair with a foot rest, closely resembling a lazyboy
12/Jun/07 7:35 PM
12/Jun/07 8:00 PM
Col, whats 'boarding pass'? No-one will tell me. Is that rhyming slang, as in Khyber Pass?
12/Jun/07 8:01 PM
hocolate= well der!!!
12/Jun/07 8:47 PM
Ok since I've used it on site a few times and Gath has just quoted me.

nuffin = nothing
13/Jun/07 2:37 PM
pust=combination put/post as quoted by MizT
13/Jun/07 2:56 PM
ummmmmmmmmm no - not rhyming slang but this isn't the place either Gail.

I WILL tell you one day - but it's got a story behind it.
14/Jun/07 2:06 PM
15/Jun/07 7:40 PM
ocool = cool (Thanks, Angie!)
22/Jun/07 2:15 AM
New sudoku word compliments of Kathy from Valrico:
'psot' pronounced saught; meaning to look for or refer to a previous posting on the Easy page.
13/Jul/07 11:00 AM
I actually had to psot this post.
16/Jul/07 12:48 AM
gruff - son
hormone - daughter
17/Jul/07 8:22 AM
stuff = housework
23/Jul/07 1:51 PM
From CP:

4T - Temperamental Testosterone Toting Teenager!
02/Aug/07 4:41 AM
It has been a long time since this page has had any activity. André and I were visiting this afternoon/evening and she invented a new word in mid sentence:


The original context is not important, but we both feel that it has expressive possibilities.
23/Feb/08 6:22 PM
Noosles is good
Gail..define housework?
23/Feb/08 11:18 PM
I think everyone should participate and put a definition of the word Noosles here... I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on... later
23/Feb/08 11:48 PM
Noosles = noose of the day = news of the day = anything truly nooseworthy and it has to be real ball-gripping stuff ok? nothing poncy.

Noosles - today i went for a swim in the sea and fought off a white-pointer whilst saving a drowning man, once on shore with all limbs still More...
24/Feb/08 12:30 AM
...or it can be a defintion of being nosey, like if bertie asks me what I'm going to be with my bunch of celery this week I can just say to her, without rancour, "Noosles" and she will just back off....
24/Feb/08 12:35 AM
"going to be DOING" (too many oings...)
24/Feb/08 12:36 AM
I'm more interested in what you are going to be with your loverly bunch celery if you don't mind me being a little noosleistic.
24/Feb/08 3:41 AM
noosles... the delightful crumbs of a chocolate flake, painstakingly collected for private consumption in a candlelit bath...
24/Feb/08 5:59 AM
I'm going to be stem-thribbing jebbles...I have tried several times to post what this entails but for some reason I keep getting booted off...oh, and it is an exceedingly loverly bunch I have...
24/Feb/08 10:10 AM
Mary, I refuse to give a definition! That would mean I would have to think about IT and that is something I can not contemplate!
24/Feb/08 1:32 PM
Gail, stuff it is
24/Feb/08 7:20 PM
I KNOW I've heard it....but for those who haven't...and those whose memories are dulled by excessive chocolate imbibing...what do the acronyms craft and crs stand for???
05/Jun/08 7:22 PM
Umm, going to try to be as honest as possible yet clean enough to not get booted!

CRS Syndrome - Can't Remember Sh1t
CRAFT Disease - Can't Remember A Frigging Thing

I so hope I haven't offended anyone!!!

BTW Mary, no such thing as excessive chocolate imbibsion!
05/Jun/08 11:18 PM
well it can't have been the alcohol!!!
05/Jun/08 11:27 PM
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