Sudokuaholics Anonymous 2

Welcome everyone to our new SA page.  We had 9037 posts on the last one, WOOHOO.  Hopefully this one will not have the problems that we were all noticing with the last.

UPDATE: After 10,000 comments on this thread, it is slowing down too!

Time to begin a new thread, And here is the link.

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Since I created it it is only fair that I will be the first to post. Hi everyone, I did this because we were all having problems with the last page, & through discussion with Gath, this is what I decided to do.
20/Jun/07 1:40 PM
PS - you don't have to count this in the Topps competition
20/Jun/07 1:41 PM
By the way I got the names of all the regulars from the Topps list, so if you can think of anyone that posts here that is not on that list can you let me know (esp Rola). I am off to send an email to Gath now.
20/Jun/07 1:45 PM
Jenni, they should be able to figure it out.
20/Jun/07 1:59 PM
Why not leave a note on the last post on the old page? What a good idea! I'll do that now.
20/Jun/07 2:01 PM
Hi Ruby - you oviously did cos I just realised that I hadn't crossed you off the list so I have just been to your page to leave the message.
Now, will you help me to move all the furniture from the other room, so that everyone will feel welcome. By the way, I have just put the bubbly in the fridge.
20/Jun/07 2:02 PM
oviously = obviously
20/Jun/07 2:03 PM

put the final TOPPs List for SA 1 on page 227..

We start new TOPPS now...

with Jenni having the first TOPP
20/Jun/07 2:06 PM

gee getting this chair up the stairs is hard work

hmm nice new room

all nice and clean
20/Jun/07 2:10 PM
Hi, Rola. Hi, Jenni.
20/Jun/07 2:11 PM
Okay ladies, vdV and Topper

do we continue with TOPPs List...

let me know...
majority votes rules !!!

20/Jun/07 2:12 PM
Hello Ruby and Jenni
20/Jun/07 2:12 PM
Hi, Jenni! Thanks again for getting this in the works. I left a message for you at the old page. I looked back from page 210-227 and also found that Rena (Christina Lake BC) and Col (Vic) had also posted. Will you be able to notify them - or would you like me to try?
20/Jun/07 2:12 PM
Hi, Rola and Ruby!
20/Jun/07 2:13 PM
My vote is yes, we should continue. Do you think we should restart, or carryover???
20/Jun/07 2:13 PM
and hello Julie, sorry didnt see you
20/Jun/07 2:14 PM
restart new TOPP's for the new room...

my vote
20/Jun/07 2:14 PM
Ruby, your announcement is perfect!
20/Jun/07 2:15 PM
I included Rena, but not Col - don't think she visited too regularly.
Here are some flowers to brighten the room
20/Jun/07 2:15 PM
I've got some chairs here. This place is not hard to find.
20/Jun/07 2:15 PM
A restart is fine with me!
20/Jun/07 2:15 PM
no Col has only visited the once.. that was a day or two ago
20/Jun/07 2:16 PM
Do you think we should notify topper, Julie??
20/Jun/07 2:17 PM
Here's a big box of Frango Mints (chocolate, of course) for us to share.
20/Jun/07 2:18 PM
and here are some more flowers from my garden... yellow natursiums
20/Jun/07 2:18 PM
When the puzzle changes over someone should put such a notice on easy.
20/Jun/07 2:18 PM
hard to notify Topper as he doesn't have a page !!!
20/Jun/07 2:19 PM
more flowers from the Garden - pink Frangipani Flowers
20/Jun/07 2:20 PM
Gath just closed the last room. Thanks for your notice, Ruby - it is great.
20/Jun/07 2:20 PM
Jenni, of course, we should try. Oh no! I'm trying to use an appropriate smilie, but I can't open the smilie page. (tears streaming down face)
I wonder if I can get my own comfy chair for the new room?
20/Jun/07 2:20 PM
Love the flowers, & the frango mints. Do you think the bubbly will be cold enough yet??
20/Jun/07 2:21 PM
I think Rola wants to start Topps over. I'm not partial to one or the other, but if Rola wants to start over, I'm for it.
20/Jun/07 2:23 PM
Let's try. Anyway, I read in a wine column that you can put ice in champagne. (Is that the bubbly you were referring to?)
20/Jun/07 2:24 PM
You should definitely have a comfy chair, Julie. I found a good one while I was googling earlier today, but I can't save it while I'm at work - have to wait till I go home, & make do with this ugly (but probably comfy) one
20/Jun/07 2:24 PM
I see that it is Rosemary's 50th birthday tomorrow, and they have already started celebrating it on Easy
20/Jun/07 2:26 PM
Yes, Julie, bubbly wine = champagne (not aloud to call it that unless it is from France, & I can't afford French champagne!!) I think it is cold enough - here you go everyone, I'll poor you all a glass
20/Jun/07 2:27 PM
Does Rosemary visit here? We could decorate, if she does.
20/Jun/07 2:28 PM
I'm serious. Someone should put our moving notice as the first post on easy when it changes tomorrow. I'd volunteer, but I'm not near the computer at that time.
20/Jun/07 2:28 PM
I can't believe how many spelling mistakes I just made so here are my corrections:
aloud = allowed
poor = pour
and instead of the lol I meant this one:
20/Jun/07 2:29 PM
Ruby, I am never awake at changeover time as I am always in bed before that. There will probably be a notice at the top where it says 'check out the newest clip' or whatever. Besides if anyone goes to the old page they will see your notice & Gaths. So I wouldn't worry if I was you.
20/Jun/07 2:31 PM
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