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Rose - I think you said the due date was 20th March. I'm going to guess 21st March for 2 reasons. (1) It's my sons birthday. (2) As a 'good luck' gesture for bubs to go full term.

I'm also going to take a punt and say 'girl' (unless you tell us otherwise) and weight of 6Lb 10oz.
Length - no idea
Here we go then;
15th March(if Col has it wrong then she pays our subscriptions!!), a little girl weighing 6lb 8oz.
All the best Rose, take care of yourself xx
My sons birthday is March 20th but I dont think you will last that long Rose so I am going with Feb. 21st, a girl, 2290 gms, 48cm long
A healthy, robust young lady.
Hey Rose
I know how difficult it must feel like at the moment, but have faith all will be ok. With all the positive thoughts going your way, everything is going to work out just fine.
My Guess:
Feb 14th, (a special day for a special bub which will give and also receive More...
Sex is currently unknown to mother, father, siblings, aunts and grandparents (which is annoying since I like to start spoiling the little guy/girl early!)
I'm going for Feb 16th, 1.8kg, 42cm long, girl. guess will be 16th February, a girl and weighing 5lb 2oz. I don't know what that is in grams..
Hey, I didn't mean to copy you was just something that came to me and I had to go with it. I hope 1.8kg isn't the same as 5lb 2oz. How eerie that would be!!!!
Hey Rose - I think the little cherub will be female and weigh in at 7lb 4oz, 45cm long, head circumference 50cm, agpar reading of 10, will have a healthy pair of lungs that will alert you at every waking moment and a smile that will melt your heart. All the best luvvie.x
tish...the date would help...22nd March.
My sister was an early baby - February 25th, so I'll use her as a model: a girl, February 25, weighing 5lb 6 oz (can't be bothered with the conversion - sorry!) and 45cm long. If I'm right I'll be on holidays at the time, so very best wishes for a safe delivery and a healthy baby, Rose.
Rose, I will go with my son's birthday and daughter's birth weight so I will say
a Girl on March 13th, weight of 6 lbs 15 oz, 17 inches long

Best wishes for you and your family as you await this joyous occasion.
I have no idea of the date you are due, but I will say 24th March (my son's birthday) and 8lb 7oz (his weight too). Good luck, I hope it all goes well and ......he, I think it will be a boy, is healthy and well.
Hi Rose - best of luck with the new bub. Remember to keep your legs crossed.
I'll go for February 28th , 4lb 3oz, 6:15am, and a boy.
I'll use my MIL's birthdate, so...girl.4lbs7oz,18inches,Feb.28
Rose, this little lady is going to take her time so that her entrance into this world will be spectacular,yet she must do it her way...thus long enough to be healthy, yet earlier than expected to try and catch every one off guard!
Hi Rose my guess 22nd March my wedding anniversary, A Boy 7lb 6oz,Good Luck,To You and your Family as you await the safe arrival of your new baby.
Hi, Rose! My guess is a March 4 arrival for a beautiful daughter weighing 6 lb, 11 oz. and 18 inches long. We're keeping our positive thoughts on you and your family!
Hello Rose
My guess: a boy, weighing in at 6lb 2oz on the 6th March.
Best wishes
mickey my mum's birthday is also March 24! but that seems a bit late to me. My brother's was Feb 12 but that seems tooooo early, so I'll go for a mix and say:
to be born on March 12
birthweight 3.12kg
length 50cm
Good luck Rose - sorry I can't do the conversions!
I am going to pick March 23rd - girl - 3.5kg
March 6th
6lbs 12oz
Best Wishes
23rd March
7lb 3oz
21ins in length

I can't remember what the anticipated birth date was, and my son's birthday (31st) seems to be too late, so have gone with the above.
Good luck and hope all goes well.
March 11th girl 5lb 13oz
For no other reason than I know nobody who's birthday is then
Hi Everyone,

Karen from Sydney emailed me:

Rose from Sydney has had the baby – thought I should let you know. She had a girl at 12.35pm AEST today 12 February 2007, weighed in at 1890gr (I think that’s about 4lb 2oz) length 43cm, head 31.2cm circumference. Baby’s name is Veronica, More...
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