Guess the Weight and Date Competition

Hi Everyone,


Time for another Weight & Date Comp!


Sarah Beth's (from Littleton) daughter-in-law is having a baby, and it is due on July 14th. He's going to be a bouncing boy :)


Equipped with that knowledge - can you say what the baby's real date and weight will be?


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I'm sure it will be born on 14th July on his due date and weigh in at, mmmmm, let me see,
7lb 9oz.
And he will have to have a French name being born on that date, so perhaps Pierre!!
05/Jul/07 3:48 PM
I hope that all goes well and that the birth goes QUICKLY!

I think July 10th
8lb 7oz

All the very best to your family Sarah Beth.
05/Jul/07 4:00 PM
8lbs 9oz and 19 1/2 inches long I'm going big here,that pic was taken a month ago
05/Jul/07 4:13 PM
ok date hmmmm the 24th ,boy's are late as a rule as long as there both healthy !
05/Jul/07 4:28 PM

OK my guess is July 21st
8lb 9oz, 55cm long
05/Jul/07 5:57 PM
Best Wishes to Sarah Beth's daughter in law and grandson.
I will pick my son's birthday
19th July
19 1/2 inches long
7lbs 1oz
05/Jul/07 6:31 PM
I think it will be July 16th and a nice 7lbs 4 oz ( that was taylah's weight)

best wishes for the impending birth
05/Jul/07 9:13 PM
I'm going with July 13th, weighing 8 lbs 2 oz.

Wishing for you a happy, healthy, bouncing baby boy!
06/Jul/07 12:51 AM
Hmmmmm. I will say 8 lbs 6 oz., 19 3/4 inches long on July 16th.

Sarah Beth - Here is wishing your daughter-in-law a speedy labor and an easy birth. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of this new baby boy!
06/Jul/07 1:12 AM
I'm guessing July 11 and his weight will be 7 lbs., 14 oz.
06/Jul/07 2:11 AM
I will guess July 15th and weight in at an even 8 lbs. Good luck to all!
06/Jul/07 2:37 AM
July 12th, 3.75kg Can we ask if this is her first baby?
06/Jul/07 2:41 AM
I could guess my daughter's BDay, but that's July 23, and I hope she doesn't need to wait that long. So, my guess is July 17, measuring in at 21.5 inches long and weighing 8 lbs, 4 oz.
06/Jul/07 3:19 AM
July 22
8lbs. 1oz.
06/Jul/07 4:37 AM
Well, I haven't seen a photo of Sarah Beth's daughter in law. I don't know how big she is or how low she is carrying so it will really be an out there guess.
I'll say July 16 and weighing 6lb 12oz.
06/Jul/07 6:42 AM
First; Let us wish her a very nice time and have a healthy cute baby boy.
If this is her First baby ,My guess is July 23rd.
If this is not the First One ,My guess is July 13.
Weighting 8 lbs,4 OZ
06/Jul/07 6:42 AM
Deb, and all other guessers, check out my page. Picture of mom to be taken in May. First time mom, I'll enter Wagdy's guess as July 23.
06/Jul/07 7:21 AM
Looks like July 16 is a popular day, but that was what I first thought of. 8 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches long.
Despite having kids, those GUESSES have NOthing based on knowledge.
Funny, I am sitting here watching tv and they are just getting ready to do a special on very pregnant women More...
06/Jul/07 8:22 AM
First bub and a little boy, mmmmm?? My guess is that Bergen Michael will be born on Thursday 12th July, and will weigh in at 7lb 11oz, and my wish is that it will be a safe delivery!
06/Jul/07 10:06 AM
As we are sure from SARAH BERTH that he will be the first baby of ASHLEY,so I confirm my guess is July 23rd and weighting 8Lbs,4OZ.
Our best wishes to ASHLEY and the comming baby .
06/Jul/07 10:24 AM
July 16th.
8lbs 7oz.
Best Wishes!
06/Jul/07 11:06 AM
I am going to say Friday, July 13 at 9 lb 2 oz. My first son was on Friday the 13th and that was his weight. He is in December not July.
06/Jul/07 11:20 AM
July 21st.
My wish is for a healthy baby, the two numbers here really don't matter
06/Jul/07 11:58 AM
Have to go with my grandson's birthday, July 15. What the heck I'll even go with his weight, too, 8 lbs. 8 oz. Wouldn't it be an amazing coincidence if they were the same! I hope his birth day will be happy & exciting for ALL the family members awaiting his arrival.
06/Jul/07 11:14 PM
I was going to say July 23rd, my Bil's birthday, and one of the greatest guys I have known, but it seems to be really a popular guess....oh, what the hey....7/23/07. weight of 8lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long.....but I really hope it comes sooner rather than later, and most importantly, healthy. Good More...
07/Jul/07 6:54 AM
I am going with July 12th, 7lbs 7oz, a healthy baby grandson for Sarah Beth and family.
07/Jul/07 11:53 AM
Sarah Beth may your daughter in law have the easiest of labours (pethidine works wonders...)and that love,joy,laughter and all good things that fill the heart to overflowing become synonymous with motherhood...x
ooops nearly forgot the weight and date - was having a moment there...
July More...
07/Jul/07 11:54 AM
Sarah Beth, I'll pick 18th July as no one else has yet and weight 3.6kg /7lb 15oz. Congratulations and best wishes to Mum & Dad and also to the grandparents ♥
07/Jul/07 1:11 PM
I say 15th July because it is my son's birthday. He will be 22 and he was 9lb 5ozs so I guess that, too for the new baby. Best wishes Sarah Beth.
07/Jul/07 4:22 PM
July 19, 20.15hrs, 8lb 4oz.
Enjoy your last few nights of uninterupted sleep!
07/Jul/07 6:25 PM
I'll take a wild guess of July 17th, 8 pounds 1 oz.
Wishing Ashley a quick and easy delivery.
08/Jul/07 3:28 AM
lets say the 20th 9lb
hope the wait is not to hard you always feel lumpy toward the end
08/Jul/07 6:12 AM
Ok how about July 14 (he will be on time) and I think he will weigh 7 lb 8oz.
09/Jul/07 1:26 AM
July 15th, 8 lbs. 5 oz., 19 1/2 inches long, happy, healthy and well-loved.
09/Jul/07 3:23 AM
July 17th, 8lbs 6oz. May it be a quick and easy delivery and a healthy and happy baby. Congratulations!
09/Jul/07 11:28 AM
Ok, going to go with July 15th, 8lbs 4oz

dont ask why, I just picked those numbers.
09/Jul/07 2:57 PM
Hmm babies are unpredictable. I'll guess for an early birth... July 12th ... and 8lb 3oz which was what my son weighed. All the best for the big day whenever it happens
09/Jul/07 10:19 PM
July 16, & 8lbs, 2oz.
best wishes for the mother and the baby
10/Jul/07 1:07 PM
I know I'm a little late with my entry, but here goes: July 16th; 7bs 10 oz, 20 inches long.

Wishing you a healthy baby and swift delivery (with gentle labor!)

10/Jul/07 3:16 PM
Yes, yes... cutting it fine, but I guess 18 July with a weight of 8lb 4 oz. All the best!
11/Jul/07 10:01 PM
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