Sudokuaholics Anonymous 10

Submitted By: MizTricia1 from Alabama, USA

Welcome to SA 10.

This page will be here  waiting after you get to 600 on SA9A

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Welcome to SA10
10/Mar/11 5:06 PM
Welcome to SA10. Thank you MizT. for setting up the page. "You are always in the perfect place at the perfect time"
10/Mar/11 6:29 PM
I'll just say hello to get on page 1 and then get back to SA9A!
10/Mar/11 6:31 PM
Page 1 too!
10/Mar/11 6:32 PM
New room, new start, same old wonderful friends, life can't get much better.
Will go back and try to get SA9A up to 600 pages.
10/Mar/11 7:11 PM
Had to bring a pot of coffee. It is brewed and ready, pour yourself a cup.
10/Mar/11 10:31 PM
Hello, it's meeeeeee. Have logged onto D's computer. Life is hectic, but I'm OK. Snow day today so grandies are home.

Hubby had an interview last night for another job (part-time) and he thinks it went well. I am sore (back, shoulders, hips, etc.), but I am coping. So Tami, I will try More...
11/Mar/11 3:10 AM
Hello all..... I see everyone has flown over here.
11/Mar/11 3:22 AM
Hi Theresa!!!
I'm confused here..... your D has computer service, but you had to give yours up to help support D?
11/Mar/11 3:24 AM
I received updates from both MizT's sister and Joy. I know MizT has been on to explain things, but it's good to hear it from others perspectives.

They put Al into an ICU room last night. Tricia & Joy got to go in to see him once More...
11/Mar/11 3:27 AM
Good Morning SA10.
11/Mar/11 8:04 AM
Good Morning SA10
11/Mar/11 8:33 AM
Hi all. Who wants to make the move over here permanent, or do we 'finish' over there first?
11/Mar/11 8:41 AM
We're trying to finish there with an even 600 pages, Gail.
11/Mar/11 8:42 AM
I would be quite happy to move here..
trying to do 2 pages is too hard and disruptive to a conversation.
11/Mar/11 10:58 AM
I think I'll let others finish the other page - it's getting a bit cumbersome even for my new and improved connection..
11/Mar/11 12:28 PM
Room for one more on the 1st page?
have so given up on ever catching up on SA9...
I am well and truly ready to start a new chapter in my book!!
11/Mar/11 1:11 PM
BEAN, come on back here and start over on SA10. 'we have missed you sooooo much.
11/Mar/11 2:17 PM
Yeah Beanie, welcome home ♥
11/Mar/11 2:46 PM
We really missed you, Bean. I'm so glad you checked in!
11/Mar/11 3:58 PM
Beanie ♥
11/Mar/11 4:01 PM
Hi Bean good to see you back, hope everything is good in your life.
11/Mar/11 8:40 PM
Trying Google Chrome - even this page looks different! There are boxes around each post.
11/Mar/11 8:53 PM
Let me know what you think of it Suzy as I have had it installed for months and never tried it. Once I am comfy with something I tend not to change. I think Richard uses it.
11/Mar/11 9:03 PM
I have taken the plunge myself Suzy and have tried Google Chrome... wish I had done it sooner it is faster than Firefox which I had been using and it has transferred all my bookmarks with one click.
11/Mar/11 9:27 PM
I didn't like it Brenda, it was faster, but I couldn't switch easily between pages - possibly with some time invested in tutorials...
11/Mar/11 10:06 PM
It is a similar system to Firefox and I think the newer versions of explorer, using the tabs to open different pages.
11/Mar/11 10:32 PM
Coffee is ready. Help yourself to a cup.

Hope all is going well in the world. I am going to have to check out google chrome. I had heard of it but now my curiosity has been raised. Last day of school and then a week off. Yeahx!!!!!!!!!
11/Mar/11 11:02 PM
I've never heard of Google Chrome before. I'm happy with Safari, but then it's alI know.
12/Mar/11 2:26 AM
OOPS.... all I know.
12/Mar/11 2:27 AM
Hey people, no need to get your knickers in a knot. My D borrowed her MIL's laptop. My D is too kind not to let me use her stuff. My SIL has a laptop, but he takes it to work with him every day. So you see, there was a reason, and not a nasty reason why I couldn't use her computer before.
12/Mar/11 2:32 AM
Greetings friends. think I will post both pages till we finish off the 600 on 9A, cause I just do not know where to post.

AL REPORT, nurse said he was doing OK this morning. vitals stable, but mucus has turned bloody once again. thinner and easier to cough up, that is good, means breathing More...
12/Mar/11 2:36 AM
HI TERESA, you posted while I was typing, just missed you . Hugs to you and daughter, hope today's therapy goes well for her.
12/Mar/11 2:39 AM
Morning all,
MizT, glad you are getting some rest and that the breathing treatments are working.

Brenda, Google Chrome is faster and I am learning to use it - still having some troubles, but I'll get there.

Theresa, Sorry to hear there is no time to rest. I for one can't wait until your D is back to normal!
12/Mar/11 7:03 AM
Just read in the news that Susan has had 700mm of rain this week. Yikes!
12/Mar/11 7:10 AM
Suzy, my sister used to live up near where Susan lives and they could get heaps of rain overnight and no sign of it next morning.
Pleased your daughter is starting her physio Theresa. Nice that you get the chance to keep in touch. I was not inferring you are "Chatty" (but we all are here) it is just each post generally generates several more.
12/Mar/11 10:26 AM
Is that much rain possible? 27.5 inches?!!!!
12/Mar/11 10:28 AM
Had Laura stay overnight so the order was pikelets for breakfast. Nowadays when you buy eggs they are generally brown. As a youngster it was a treat to get a brown egg as we only had chooks that laid white ones. The eggs I bought yesterday had one white egg. Laura was so excited as I do not think she had seen a white one before!
12/Mar/11 10:32 AM
Almost all eggs in CA were white, unless you bought organic or something like that. The brown ones make colouring eggs for easter a bit more challenging..
12/Mar/11 10:42 AM
Maybe I should 'blow' the egg and keep it for Laura to colour. Thanks Suzy. I remember Sharon trying to but white eggs last year.
12/Mar/11 10:58 AM
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