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Hi Everyone,

This is much faster.

09/Aug/07 7:43 AM
Hello sudokuaholics! Welcome to the third edition! Perhaps this will make it easier to post comments.
09/Aug/07 8:57 AM
The heat and humidity is supposed to break here tonight. Elsewhere, they are not as lucky. There was a tornado in NYC and flooding. The weather is indeed very strange!
09/Aug/07 8:58 AM
I wonder if the other page has been officially closed. Maybe I should go and leave a note.
09/Aug/07 8:58 AM
Cool, a new SA page. Thanks Gath. You're the greatest.
09/Aug/07 9:30 AM
Hi Rena, how are you today?
09/Aug/07 9:39 AM
wonderful, a new page...

09/Aug/07 9:46 AM
My, oh, my! Isn't this nice!
09/Aug/07 10:14 AM
Thanks, Gath. You've spoiled us.
09/Aug/07 10:16 AM
great hey!! Morning Ruby, how are you ?
09/Aug/07 10:17 AM

09/Aug/07 10:18 AM
Hi Rola and Ruby! I was just scanning some pics for Brendan's 18th b'day coming up. How is everyone today?
09/Aug/07 10:24 AM
Morning Stella. when is it Brendan's birthday?
Hey Stella, did you check out the 'orrorscope' (Taurus) for today.. tells us to keep to ourselves, and to move away from the Hustle and Bustle of the rest of the world!! hehe ...
09/Aug/07 10:45 AM
Brendan's birthday is on the 27th of August. He'll be away at school then. Jerry's birthday is the 18th, so we'll probably have the birthday celebration for both before he leaves next week. I asked Brendan if he wanted to have a party with his friends, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. Boys More...
09/Aug/07 10:55 AM
Good thing that wasn't my 'scope' when I was hypnotised at Smuggs! (being very suggestible!) Except for shopping this morning, I have kept to myself and it has worked out well!
09/Aug/07 10:58 AM

GATH, many thanks for the new page! We are a talkative bunch it seems. I do hope this one works for a while. but knowing us, we will manage to break it also!!
09/Aug/07 10:59 AM
Hi MizT! Did you have a nice day fanning yourself away from the heat?
09/Aug/07 11:05 AM
Stella, August is a birthday month here in my family. not only Robert's on the 18th, have a Gr Nephew on the 16th, Gr Niece on the 24th, Sister on the 24th, Mum's (88) on the 25th, Mum's sister (86) on the 25th. (the 25th was my Oma's - mum's mum) Last week it was Mum's brother (91) on the 2nd. More...
09/Aug/07 11:10 AM
Wow, that's an incredible amount of birthdays in one month. Maybe there has always been a special occasion, blackout, heat wave, or something that has been a catalyst to the August baby boom!
09/Aug/07 11:26 AM
Stella, most of them were born in Holland !!
09/Aug/07 11:32 AM
My parents' 60th anniversary would have been on the 19th. My inlaws 51st anniversary is also this month on the 25th. August is busy, busy, busy!
09/Aug/07 11:32 AM
In Holland it must have been the cold winter nights!
09/Aug/07 11:33 AM
yep agree... August is busy busy busy..

January is another month that is busy busy busy
09/Aug/07 11:35 AM
3 of mum's sibblings were born in January, and my Brother was born 29 Dec. all of them 5 years apart !!
09/Aug/07 11:37 AM
Hello one and all..Thanks Gath...perhaps with easier posting we will stop missing each other by seconds, etc. Hope all are well. Stella, glad you dropped by my page and enjoyed the music and my new picture. Have you thought of how to handle transporting two kids to different schools with all that entails on the same day yet???? A real puzzler!
09/Aug/07 11:40 AM
Rola, Your August sounds like my May and June....How are things for the party going?
Stella, I've forgotten to thank you for the nice comment on my butterfly thanks!
09/Aug/07 11:43 AM
Hi Mama, nice to see you here! I have no idea yet how I'm going to work out the school situation. Normally, we would just split, but we really both need to be there when D#2 goes away to school and the school expects both parents to be there. I don't know!!
09/Aug/07 11:44 AM
hello Mama, how are you
09/Aug/07 11:45 AM
That's really a tough situation you have. Please keep us posted on how you manage....Good luck in solving it. No extra relatives that can assist? Not the best solution, but just a posibility.
09/Aug/07 11:47 AM
Well thanks Rola...things are settling down around here was tough for awhile
09/Aug/07 11:48 AM
Mama, I hope what was tough wasn't too serious and all is well now!
09/Aug/07 11:54 AM
nice chatting Ladies, but I need to rock and roll here - get moving. things to do...
see you all later
09/Aug/07 11:58 AM
We might have been able to ask my inlaws to come up from North Carolina to bring S#2 to school, but my mil just had a knee operation yesterday.
09/Aug/07 12:00 PM
My sister was suddenly hospitalized in pretty bad shape,last week, but she was allowed home this afternoon....she really needed to be retooled, but seems to be running well now. Hubby is undergoing test for possible surgery that we hope will allow him to walk without so much pain...will find out more in up coming right now, things are ok...thanks for asking.
09/Aug/07 12:00 PM
Bye Rola, have a great day! Nice chatting with you!
09/Aug/07 12:01 PM
See you Rola...Stella, its always something or other isn't it?
09/Aug/07 12:02 PM
My thoughts and prayers are with your family Mama. I hope the tests go well!
09/Aug/07 12:02 PM
Let's just keep our fingers crossed that nothing else happens.
09/Aug/07 12:05 PM
Thanks sweetie...Shouldn't you be packing too...I knowI need to do some 'stuff' now so I'm going to click off too. Been fun catching up ...have a safe trip.
09/Aug/07 12:06 PM
Have a nice evening Mama and take care! It was nice catching up with you.
09/Aug/07 12:08 PM
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