Dance as Though No One's Watching

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what is this page all about?
13/May/07 4:24 AM
Had to see what this is about because I love the song.
I am dancing are you watching? Me and my tractor, strolling down the avenue---
26/May/07 1:05 PM
I have the same question about the purpose of this page, although the title is certainly inviting. Does anyone want to take credit for creating it?

I'm also trying to find the source of the quote, and am not having any success. Anyone know?
27/May/07 11:08 AM
Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching.”
--- Satchel Paige
Hope this helps Ian
28/May/07 6:01 PM
I am and nobody is, so all's well in my world
29/May/07 7:49 AM
Go GannieMo...I too feel abandoned enough to do that which makes me feel good...I can do the wrong steps, can sing off key as I dance....but life is what you make it...and I'm making it good for me. If you don't understand...You have a problem..just do the best you can to feel free!!!!! Don't feel More...
29/May/07 9:40 AM
Right on Mamacita. I think too many people spend their lives worrying about what 'others' think of them or say about them. As long as you do no harm to others be yourself.
I am dancing to my Youtube today - In the midnight hour Wilson Pickett.
I get the need to sing Sound of Music when I More...
29/May/07 7:41 PM
I do, even if they are...they tend to keep their distance.
My youngest daughter witnessed me dancing earlier this year and thought I had totally 'lost it' - until she saw friends of mine, that she had known all her life - dance as if no one was watching them as well. I think she realised at that moment that there is a child within every adult still...age has nothing to do with it.
29/May/07 10:57 PM
AAll I can add after gannieMo and Bily is........AMEN!!!!
30/May/07 10:36 AM
Comments are flying into cyberspace...perhaps because I've been dancing without my being concerned if someone was watching. My computer is printing without concern for right or wrong too....My keyboard has a will of its own, and if I fail to read before I send, you get comments like that More...
30/May/07 11:04 AM
Its not me, but my 'puter' keyboard isn't registering my strokes...and if I fail to read before I send it comes out with the typos...but One doesn't need every letter spelled out to understand the message...Dance like no one is watching...If they are, they might learn a thing or two or maybe three!!!
30/May/07 11:06 AM
Wheeeeeee. There, no-one saw that, did they?
17/Jun/07 9:33 PM
Yesssss Gail, may I join in the fun?
29/Jun/07 10:39 AM
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