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A place to post once the " last to post" competition is over. Please restrain yourselves till then.
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This will be the site of the SA meetings. Meetings will begin as the close of the LAST TO POST contest. Drop in whenever the withdrawal from the contest symptoms strike.
10/May/07 9:49 PM
Hello, my name is GannieMo and I am a sudokuaholic
11/May/07 2:21 AM
Hello, my name is Kathy and I'm a sudokuholic. May I get you a chair?
11/May/07 2:51 AM
Hello, my name is Rena and I am a Sudokuaholic. Can I get an extra chair for my laptop?
11/May/07 3:52 AM
Hi, my name is Stella and I'm a Sudokuaholic.
11/May/07 4:04 AM
You know you’re a sudokuaholic when …
10. You set a timer when you step away from your computer
9. You wake up in the night and little smilies are dancing in your head
8. You wake up at night to go pee, and first you stop to check the competition page
7. You come to the computer More...
11/May/07 4:06 AM
11/May/07 9:37 AM
11 May 2007, 8.10am
Hi my name is Rola, and yes I am a Sudokuaholic, and I've bought my own chair.
Feeling guilty, not here all morning, not much this afternoon, out this evening. Unable to contribute much to the 10 minutes posts today....
11/May/07 10:04 AM
Hi y'all, my name is Cyndi and I'm a Sudokuaholic
I have 2 computers in our home office (hubby can connect to certain things at work) and 2 laptops in the living room. Mine is almost always on. When I'm not doing the puzzles on the site, I'm putting puzzles in to do; and I have several books More...
11/May/07 10:06 AM
Hi, I'm Julie, an admitted Sudokuholic! Hey, isn't it great that Stella won! You go, Girl!
12/May/07 1:35 PM
Hello, my name's Col and I'm a sudokuholic. I have just asked my other half if I can have a laptop. My desktop broke down for 6 weeks in March and I NEVER want to go through that again!
12/May/07 1:42 PM
Congratuations to STELLA winning the competition
Three Cheers for Stella
Hip Hip Hooray. Hip Hip Hooray. Hip Hip Hooray.
12/May/07 2:10 PM
Congrats to Stella.
A quote from the movie 'Hook'
'That was a great game!'
12/May/07 2:37 PM
Hi I shall return on Monday, if by then I have caught up in my house!!!!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone and more congrats Stella (left more on your page)
12/May/07 3:26 PM
Hello, my name is Jenni & I'm a sudokuholic & a SudokuPosterHolic, a terrible combination cos you can't do both at once & you have to choose! It has been 2 hours since my last post & I am not coping - need immediate help.
12/May/07 4:04 PM
My name is Mistress Rose
I am a sudokuaholic and proud of it!
just had to do that one more time!
12/May/07 7:00 PM
Hi, my name is vdV and I'm a Sudokuaholic.
You know your a Sudokuaholic when you post first, then read the chatter only to find out the competition is over. (never said I was smart)
12/May/07 7:06 PM
Greetings to everyone. Nice to see so many have visited the SA page already. I hope you all continue to drop in when you need a 'fix'

STELA, you still floating? Decided what to get at Amazon? I am sure all of us could make suggestions if you need help :>)

GRANNIE MO, get that More...
12/May/07 11:38 PM
Hello, my name is Leigh and I'm a Sudokuaholic. My last game was 15 minutes ago. But more than that, I think I became a Sudokupostaholic.
When I woke to find the Last to Post contest was over, I was sad. It really was great reading the comments, stories, poem, and fun from people More...
13/May/07 12:12 AM
HI LEIGH, thanks for stopping by. Hope others will be making thier way here today too. Like you, I miss the chatting on 'last to post' .

OK, who can help me? I found a photo for my AVATAR, and cannot remember the free site for making avatars. someone want to clue me in?
13/May/07 12:26 AM
MizTricia and anyone else who needs it, here is the website for avatars:
Chan ge size to 50.
Have fun. I also put it on your page, MizTricia.

Back to the meeting.
I miss you guys. I don't know what to do with myself. I know it's only been a day but it sure was a lot of fun. Guess I'll just have to do some housework.
13/May/07 2:25 AM
RENA, many thanks for the info. I have my avatar submitted. anyone want to guess what it will be??

TO ALL, the fastest way to reach me (like I am so important you need me in a hurry hehehe) is on my page. I have e-mail allerts go to my in box from there, and I do check e-mail often. I am More...
13/May/07 2:57 AM
You know you are a sudokuPOSTaholic when:

You set your page to 'alert me' status.
13/May/07 2:59 AM
Hi everyone! Wow, it's been some night/day. My guests arrived at the end and then I was up and out this morning at 8am to see my niece row down at the lake. Just got home (1pm) and haven't even taken off my jacket or put the groceries away yet. (I must be a sudoku-post-aholic!) Definitely More...
13/May/07 3:07 AM
We are here and ready to embrace and help anyone with withdrawl symptoms ! Come in, pull up a, no, not the one with the fluffy pillow, that's Stella's !
We are all friends here, so feel free to unburden yourselves. There is nothing too heinous for us to understand. We More...
13/May/07 3:13 AM
Stella I think meeting times would be a great idea.
13/May/07 3:18 AM
Meeting times (or days) are a good idea, Stella (isn't it wonderful with her new found wealth and fame, she is still willing to mingle with us common folk!) What a woman!!

Anybody have ideas as to times,days, etc? Or any other idea?
13/May/07 3:26 AM
Hello fellow Sudokuaholics. The sun has been shinning and I have found my way to my kitchen for both breakfast and lunch...perhaps there is some hope for me after all!I felt badly that I missed the winning moment, but have had the opportunity to read and cheer Stella on. We had many who were very More...
13/May/07 3:29 AM
Since we are an international group with different days, and time zones it may be difficult to set a time, but perhaps those who still work for a living away from home might give us an idea of their best days and/or time periods. We know that Stella and Julie had a fairly good fix to time zones as did Miz Tricia I think.
13/May/07 3:37 AM
Looks as if I am alone here and about to become the first to CP on this page...another addiction that affects many on here.
13/May/07 3:39 AM
Since some may not know what I'm going on about with the use of CP...its when one is posting in consecitive order without interruption at least five comments.
13/May/07 3:41 AM
This is the one that really counts...did I make it?
13/May/07 3:42 AM
Oh yes now with that done, I'll take myself away from the computer...or at least this page for awhile. Now I will have time after next week to start making the rounds of your pages and becoming better acquainted. I look forward to this and invite you all to please drop in and check my page and youtubes out. Peace!
13/May/07 3:46 AM
Hello, my name is Mamacita 2 and I am a postaholic I find myself posting just to get a CP title. I need help

Hope everyone who is interested adds comments to this page (doesn't have to be cosecutive, though
13/May/07 3:51 AM

consecutive is what I meant!
13/May/07 3:52 AM
MAMACITA please accept my appologies for all the times I have slaughtered your name in print, I just cannot get a handle on that one. I keep getting ALL the vowels wrong heheheh. So, you are the first CP on SA, congrats, and I will treat you to a cup of coffee first time you are down this way.
13/May/07 4:27 AM
Happy Mothers Day
I have picked some Chrysanthemums from my garden for all the Sudoku Mothers. Please help your self.
13/May/07 11:39 AM
This gold star is awarded to all the SA members for their marathon efforts in the last to post contest.
Congratulations Stella & supporting cast.
13/May/07 11:59 AM
I was thinking of a good time to set and I thought that at least 2 times would be good. One could be from 11pm to 1am site time(Eastern Australia)(give or take 8 minutes); 9pm - 11pm Western Australia; which would be about 3pm - 5pm Euro time; 9am - 11am Eastern US/Canada; 8am - 10am central More...
13/May/07 1:27 PM
Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm a Sudokuaholic, but I'm also a craftaholic so I'll just sit quietly in the corner and do my craft and puzzles cause I'm also very shy.
13/May/07 5:32 PM
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