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Submitted By: MizTricia1 from Alabama, USA

The SA8 is getting sooo slow, I thought it is about time for a NEW thread, WELCOME TO SA 9A!
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WELCOME TO SA9A! It is time to bring your chairs over and join in. Drop in for a chat anytime, we are glad to see you all.
30/Nov/09 11:30 PM
WHEW, this chair keeps getting heavier and heavier every move.
30/Nov/09 11:32 PM
Hi MizT, was most surprised to find a new page on the go. I hadn't had any problems with the last one, but never mind. Let me give you a hand sorting this place out. Coffee machine, fridge and kettle all to move as well as all the chairs. Boy were we a little lax in the tidying up in the old room. I cannot say what I found under the fridge!! Who lost some choccie biscuits?
30/Nov/09 11:42 PM
Evening Everyone.
Noice new room, I will have to get my chair another day..

Thank you for the vibes, thoughts and prayers for Mum for tomorrow.
In a little over 9 hours, she has to be at the hospital, 6.30am Perth time.
Not sure of the time of the Surgery, only know that it is in the morning.
01/Dec/09 12:14 AM
In a little over 9 hours, Mum is being admitted into Hospital. She is undergoing surgery sometime in the morning.
Those that have believe, your prayers will be muchly appreciated.
Thank you
01/Dec/09 12:16 AM
Our thoughts are with your mother for tomorrow Rolanda. Take care of yourself too as you will have to be fit and healthy to care for after her release from hospital.
01/Dec/09 12:24 AM
OK, I am here hopefully with my chair and Bella.
01/Dec/09 12:31 AM
When, do we learn not to do silly things, burnt and blistered a few ends of fingers tonight picking up a dish straight out of the oven. duh! Think I have lost my finger prints.
Rola, good vibes for your Mum and you tomorrow.
Ouch! Good night or day!
01/Dec/09 12:34 AM
Ouch Broni, we have all done that before (well at least I for one have) even though we know that it will be hot.
01/Dec/09 12:49 AM
WOOOO HOOOO! Made it (puff, puff, puff - rounding up the platypus took some doing!_
Broni - OUCH is right! Hope your paw feels better tomorrow.
Rolanda - Keeping you and your mum in my thoughts and prayers all day.
01/Dec/09 1:16 AM
Hey Tricia - that was fast! Boom-boom and here we are - SA9
Did Gail break the last site or was it because eaa popped in with all her silliness???
Good to have you back eaa - Mr. eaa retiring? been there, done that - I think you'll be out with your camera a lot!
01/Dec/09 1:18 AM
Gail - made the beef red curry last night, but was missing something that I can't quite remember - but it still was yummy. The trick of slicing the meat thin while it's still frozen is a gem!
BTW - you were right on regarding the "meat bees" - they look a lot like yellow jackets, but More...
01/Dec/09 1:20 AM
Thanks ladies..

Heading for bed.. must try and get some zzzz
01/Dec/09 2:23 AM
Just stopping in to put up some holiday color...I think Cyn and MizT should have their stuff out now.
...hmmmmm, I better get shopping for some more holiday smilies!
01/Dec/09 2:55 AM
Brought my napping couch and a comfy chair.
I wasn't having ANY problems on SA8. And SA9 was not official, I know. Imagine my surprise discovering everyone had moved!
01/Dec/09 3:08 AM
Here's some mistletoe, Vici.
Believe it or not, it grows on our farm!
01/Dec/09 3:10 AM
The Vet will be here tomorrow afternoon for the 2 rescue horses.
01/Dec/09 3:20 AM
Poor Broni. I regularly take things out of the oven bare handed. But I have a LOT of calluses which act as insulation. Rarely do I get burned.
01/Dec/09 3:22 AM
I thought I had better dust off my chair for the occassion.
01/Dec/09 3:23 AM
Rolanda.... Wish your mother for me. My best thoughts are with your family.
01/Dec/09 3:24 AM
Or even get out the daybed.
Hi Heidi!
01/Dec/09 3:25 AM
As it is 1 December I really should put up the Christmas tree.
Loving thoughts going your way Rolanda.
Broni, Ouch! Where was the aloe vera plant!I make a dash for that when I burn myself.
01/Dec/09 3:32 AM
June. Off to get myself some brekkie now.
01/Dec/09 3:32 AM
Enjoy your Brekkie Heidi. I had to go back to my Hibiscus, otherwise how do I know it is me!
Good morning to all you good friends. Lovely to see you all at SA9.(and now I am going back to bed!!!)
01/Dec/09 3:35 AM
Hey - great mistletoe and christmas tree - blowing kisses!
01/Dec/09 3:38 AM
Good Maen again everyone!
Rolanda: Saying prayers for your mom!! Keep us posted,ok??
Got my tree up last night, guess what?? Half the lights (after they had been tested & were on the tree) decided NOT to light!!! Had to take them apart & re-string the whole #@$*@$# tree!!! Darrell More...
01/Dec/09 4:42 AM
Hello everyone.Nice surprise to find SA9a,I have brought coffee to share but no one around. and hugs for today.
Broni...hope you didn't have a sleepless night with your burnt fingers.Ouch!

Today at work we are having a pajama party,and sharing desserts for lunch.It will be a huge laugh going by what some of them will wear.Beads curlers etc.
Catch you all later.
01/Dec/09 5:28 AM
Morning all!
Brought my chair over. I can't believe how much faster this is!

Rolanda, hugs, vibes, thoughts and wishes....

Vici, my fact for the day from SA. I hope it is starting to feel better.
01/Dec/09 6:08 AM
Broni, ouch!

June, I don't think our tree will make it up before mid month this year, but I might start carting the stuff down to the house in preparation.

I have to take one of our cars in for its 1000km service today. Already!
01/Dec/09 6:10 AM
Ouch Broni.

Thanks ladies again.

Good Morning.. I think I will eat my breakfast here, in my chair.
Sure was hard work getting this up the stairs from SA8, specially as very little sleep was had!!
01/Dec/09 7:59 AM
What do you reckon about the new name? Sheila and Mo on EASY came up with it?
01/Dec/09 8:06 AM
I will message Gail, with news of Mum later in the day.

Again thanks..
01/Dec/09 8:30 AM
Rol&a: I like it!!
01/Dec/09 8:33 AM
fellow SA9Aers...what a mouthful, as is your new name Rol&a!

I wasn't having any trouble with the last page, but here we are, always nice to start fresh with a clean room!

Brought some noms for us -

01/Dec/09 9:55 AM
Rolanda much nicer!), prayers and thoughts for today. Eagerly awaiting your message. I am not surprised at all that you did not sleep well last night...maybe tonight...

01/Dec/09 9:56 AM
Aha!! So here you all are. Sorry I haven't got my chair, I hope it got moved over with the others.
Rolanda's Mum and Rolanda. Will wait to hear from Gail. If you haven't been to Easy today, see Jane's post about Kathy/Valrico's daughter More...
01/Dec/09 9:58 AM
Wow, that posted so much faster than on SA8 - but I am sorry to see the end of SA8, it lasted soooo long.
01/Dec/09 10:00 AM
Rol&a (Roll-and-a) Roll and a what?
01/Dec/09 10:08 AM
Ho Ho Ho Vici!
01/Dec/09 10:09 AM
Hi Cyn, Nola, Suzanne, Suzy and Gail! Nice to see everyone finding their way over here...good to see all the comfy chairs coming out again, too.
01/Dec/09 10:09 AM
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