Sudoku Solving Techniques

Submitted By: sudoku lover from Germany

Hi sudoku fans!

I have been playing sudoku for myself for many years. Recently I've found a nice site aboult solving techniques for beginners and more advanced players:

Do you now more solving strategies like the named above? I mean, some of them like naked pairs are used very intiutively but the more advanced ones are kind of new for me…


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12/Jun/19 11:00 AM

Recently I got a puzzle book of 16 x 16 Sudoku puzzles. I was able to solve a few of the puzzles, but most often couldn't figure out the solution. So I was motivated to develop a solving tool.

For difficult 9x9 puzzles as well as 16x16 puzzles my solution techniques are More...
22/Jun/20 7:27 AM
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