Sudokuland Anthem

Submitted By: Plum from SW Michigan, USA

Team building time. Looking to develop a Sudokuland Anthem.  This isn't something I want to rush into.  I'm looking for ideas for lyrics and music.  Original compositions preferred, but a surprising and ironic old tune redone with appropriate lyrics may do the trick. 

It's also Brainstorming time.  All ideas on the table and free discussion of the merits and drawbacks of all in a cooperative atmosphere, please.  This is a noble duty we're performing ... isn't it?

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The first thing that popped into my head was something to the tune of "O Tannenbaum"
Re: O Sudoku-land!
O Sudoku-land!

I have no talent in this area, but it could be a start....

24/Jul/09 7:38 AM
Kathy suggested the same thing in jan 2008 see other comment's posted by eve on the same subject on the forum started by cg anthem logo and float design! but still think it's a good idea, or hey how about the tune from paint your wagon? where are we posting?, we dont know, why are we posting? Im More...
24/Jul/09 3:44 PM
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