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Thank you Gath for making this page available. Please use it wisely with informed discussion and debate on subjects that are of interest to you. Heed the rules of the entire site however, by refraining from personal attacks. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and we should respect that More...
16/Mar/07 12:33 PM
Rosemary: You beat Ian to it. Good on ya! Now I'm going to sit quietly in the corner and wait for the first chuckle headed statement to show it's self and be ready to pounce on it with alacrity. If no chuckle headed statements show up, I'll talk philosophy to the cat 'till it bites its tail.
16/Mar/07 1:06 PM
Rosemary: You need some flashing neon lights and loud music for this place. It's been a whole day now. The cat is bobtailed and I'm almost out of beer and snoose.
17/Mar/07 7:55 AM
rotfl Jeb, poor cat you have talked his rear off!
17/Mar/07 4:00 PM
snoose? is that legal jeb?
17/Mar/07 7:17 PM
Headlines in the English Newspapers!! (This is true by the way)..
The story of the Three Little Pigs has been a children's favourite for more that 150 years. But now their battle with the Big Bad Wolf has become a victim of political correctness. A junior school's muscical production of the More...
18/Mar/07 6:22 AM
Being 'pc' has definitely gone too far. A story is sometimes meant to be just a story and to change it would imply that it was meant to insult to begin with. If we just leave things alone and not get offended by every little thing, then perhaps there would be more peace in the world.
18/Mar/07 8:07 AM
I am with you Stella, to change the name would imply that it was meant to insult in the first place. That couldnt be further from the truth.
PC has gone way to far and common sense should prevail. Respect and tolerance shown for everyone is all that is required.
18/Mar/07 9:26 AM
Outstanding! An issue. And where is Ian and Greg in all this?
Walking on eggshells around everybody else's perceived sensibilities has created more problems for society where none had existed. Was PCness a political maneuver foisted on the rest of the world by the far left with the intention More...
18/Mar/07 9:42 AM
Excellent article jeb, more political correctness - Birmingham City Council renaming Christmas 'Winterval' caused an uproar and was hastily changed back to Christmas. Google Birmingham Winterval for the debate! Again objected to by many different religions all of whom felt it was a step back in the progress on tolerance of all faiths.
18/Mar/07 10:27 AM
What is there in the story of Three Little Pigs to offend any one? Pigs exist, Jews as well as Muslims don't eat pork. Have schools banned stories about cows so as not to offend Hindus. Will they ban all animal stories so as not to offend vegetarians. My grand daughters are Muslims and I have read More...
18/Mar/07 10:33 AM
Well thank God the Islamic leaders voiced their opinion on the stupidity of such a move.Your example jeb just about says it all... has common sense become a redundant term?
18/Mar/07 10:35 AM
The question is not only about whether we’ve gone too far in political correctness, but also about what triggers the terrified reaction that we might be called racist. For example, this “joke” was posted a few days ago:

An Irishman decides to start a chicken farm so he goes out and buys a More...
18/Mar/07 11:17 AM
A couple of my occasional companions are among the earliest members of the Black Panthers. Both are still politically active radicals, and good friends. And both are Protestant ministers, one Lutheran and one Episcopal. Yes, they are unusual people.

One evening, the day before St. More...
18/Mar/07 11:28 AM
And a final note, for the moment, on the subject (unless provoked)...

''Paddy'' has been recognized as a derogatory term, very similar to''Rastus.'' If you're paying attention, you'll notice that the major media outlets are no longer using it. Yes, like Rastus, Paddy is a legitimate More...
18/Mar/07 11:46 AM
Common sense isn't very common any more! We have been too quick to put everyone in a different box so that we can tell at a quick glance whch is which, and we can choose topics that won't offend. People often don't take the time to learn about other people and their customs and simply rely on what More...
18/Mar/07 11:48 AM
Ian - I was puzzled as to why you questioned my use of 'paddy' - I have used it for as long as i can remember and even have a friend who I call 'paddy' - granted he has been called that for the past 35 yrs! What you have just posted was a real eye-opener and am wondering if it does indeed apply to More...
18/Mar/07 12:09 PM
Well, my post certainly got messed up, but it gave me a chance to read Ian's comment. I just learned something that I didn't know and I'm guilty of using a term that following Ian's example, is considered a racist term, to him. It may well be that he is right, and if so, then I am truly sorry for More...
18/Mar/07 12:12 PM
Mamacita -'No one accepts responsibility for their actions, but seek others to place blame.' is so prevalent now and I don't know the answer!
I have always believed that those who place blame generally do not take responsibility for their own actions. Of course there are exceptions, but finger pointing does not solve an awful lot...
18/Mar/07 12:13 PM
Billy: Wog is an interesting term, linguistically. Some sources say that it was an abbreviation for ''Worthy Oriental Gentleman,'' when the British Army was told to be more sensitive to their middle-Eastern colonials and to stop using far mastier terminology. But like a lot of words of obscure More...
18/Mar/07 12:30 PM

''stop using far nastier terminology.'
18/Mar/07 12:38 PM
Billy, I certainly agree with you. We do need to look in the mirror more often, and to remember that when we point our finger, our thumb is pointing back at us.
18/Mar/07 12:56 PM
Brilliant! I think the word that is being searched for is 'pejorative'. I've called my good friend a horses ass upon occasion and he has used terms of equally derogatory fame to describe me. The point here is context. By reaching out beyond the limits of familiarity, innocent bystanders can and More...
18/Mar/07 2:00 PM
And Rosemary, this is working great (so far). Paricles would be proud.
18/Mar/07 2:04 PM
18/Mar/07 2:06 PM
Great day, great discussion. I agree so far so good.
18/Mar/07 2:23 PM
My Aussie niece teaching in London tells me it's quite acceptable to refer to children as being black. We wouldn't dare do that here. Why is it considered derogatory to identify someone by the colour of their skin? I work with a lot of indigenous youth who refer to their peers as whitefellas and blackfellas. I've even read those terms being used by Aboriginal leaders. But apparently that's OK.
19/Mar/07 12:15 AM
Identifying people by the color of their skin: We identify people by the color of their eyes, ie old blue eyes as in Sinatra. No disrespect there or he'd have my knee caps busted. By their alma mater, by the clothes they wear, by the color of their hair, the country of their origin, the list More...
19/Mar/07 2:51 AM
Jeb/ks, You are so right on in your response to Susan regarding skin color. Often when discriptions such as black fellas are made, there are so many other discriptive words that would serve the same purpose that it appears the term has to be used in a derogatory manner, since those same people More...
19/Mar/07 2:04 PM
Mamacita: I have found that identifying folks by a singular characteristic has taken out a lot of the stress associated with pigmentation differences. I discovered that calling different people things like Bob or Fred or even Mary, if appropriate, works great. And if you are not sure which word More...
19/Mar/07 5:14 PM
Thanks jeb and Mamacita 2. If I could give a quick example of what I mean...? Let's say as a teacher you are doing a lesson on graphing, and because your term's unit theme is colour, you could graph the number of kids with each eye or hair colour, but not skin colour, in Australia. However it would More...
20/Mar/07 12:00 AM
In OZ, I perceive that you have a really touchy subject on your hands based on a personal experience. My ship made a port of call in Sidney back in the late 60's. My buddies (mates) and I were invited into a club for beer and darts and had a wonderful time. Someone asked about our More...
20/Mar/07 2:01 AM

OK, thread finished, evidently.

How about Iraq, gay marriage, immigration policy, religion in schools?


and more...

and even more...

[Anything to get past...

Happy Birthday,
''Oh you're so More...
20/Mar/07 1:20 PM
The saddest news i'm reading/listening to is the state that Zimbabwe's in. Whether to leave it to the African nations to exert their influence on Mugabe or for international intervention, which looks unlikely due to the lack of incentive, namely oil...Australia's dilemma is whether or not to send our cricket team over later on in the year....
20/Mar/07 2:32 PM
Ian: I am still waiting for 'chuckle headed' to show up, but in the meantime, the cat was delighted to see Andre (little dammit over the e) throw in a diversionary subject worthy of some sound discussion. Points of view flourished and a minor resource for research has been offered. Billy has More...
20/Mar/07 4:35 PM
Any opinions on the latest news (here anyway) that the Portuguese mapped out Australia 250 years before Captain Cook? If you haven't seen the article it appeared on line at
20/Mar/07 9:49 PM
Ian – I feel I have to take you to task on the subject between the parenthesis!!! People come to this site for their own personal reasons, whether it is through boredom, loneliness, for a bit of a laugh – even to do the puzzle. I understand what you’re saying – but it is your opinion. If people More...
21/Mar/07 12:48 AM
Jeb - I'm quite exhausted after my last post ...but i have enough strength in me to say that a few years back I worked with some black zimbabweans, a term they used, and things were getting bad for them then. These were people who were well educated, had known a good standard of living that they More...
21/Mar/07 1:14 AM
Billy: How many times in our lifetime alone, have we seen nations taken over by ruthless rulers bent on their own personal aggrandizement? The populations suffer immensly and the world does nothing. A teacher from years past told his students that the poor would always be among us. There are More...
21/Mar/07 2:12 AM
Suspect we can do very little but watch from a distance. We surely won't invade like in Iraq (and no, I do not think THAT was one of the US/Australian/British decisions). As Billy says, little is likely to happen since oil supplies aren't threatened.
21/Mar/07 4:11 AM
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