Wood Nymphs

Submitted By: Glinda from vermont

Often on this site, we have felt the need for a special page devoted to wood nymphs, swains, and the odd satyr.    This is a page for wood nymphs and their friends.

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I shall start the first thread. What color tights should a wood nymph wear for travel?
14/Mar/09 12:56 PM
Hello. Hello people, and welcome to 'It's a Tree'. We have some really exiting guests for you this evening. A fabulous spruce, back from a tour of Holland, three gum trees making their first appearance in this country, scots pine and the conifers, and Elm Tree Bole - there you go, can't be More...
14/Mar/09 1:17 PM
Oh sorry...I'm a tree, but I really want to be a wood nymph...
14/Mar/09 1:18 PM
I'll take the odd satyr thanx
15/Mar/09 12:05 AM
Tree, be the wood nymph. You have it in you.
15/Mar/09 12:56 AM
definitely puce colour tights Glinda - Tree went off on a tangent there - pulling the thread back onto track, puce lends itself unto camouflage combatic legwear which thus enables would nymphs the ability to scissor-chop the heads off unsuspecting toadstools by the sheer sheerness of at least 150 More...
15/Mar/09 2:42 AM
I favour pale yellow...I knit each toe separately to cover the stubbly toes. Knit one, pearl one, knit one, pearl one, knit one...always keep hold of the thread or it will leave a gaping hole right in the middle of your bipedal locomotion...podophilia's eat your heart out. billy do you want one of my jellie babies...xx
15/Mar/09 3:36 AM
i would if i could but i cant as i've just brushed my toothypegs (somewhat cab shiraz stained - may need bleaching), but can you keep one for laters? (blue, if you wouldn't mind dear heart.)

...and then i thought where would a would nymph be travelling to and by what means? Do tights really More...
15/Mar/09 3:53 AM
A wood nymph surfing. Hmmmmm. If a wood nymph surfs, is she really a wood nymph or is she an ocean nymph? A Nereid? We may need a new page....
15/Mar/09 6:29 AM
I favour stockings...shaken not stirred...

"A real Lady always wears stockings. It doesn't matter how hot the weather is!"
15/Mar/09 1:32 PM
Do you wear them when you are surfing, Cat Woman?
15/Mar/09 1:48 PM
I'm only a seamrog...can I wear green socks?
17/Mar/09 3:22 AM
A woman never reveals her secrets...flora-and-fauna...
17/Mar/09 3:27 AM
post the jig...giggling...short catches of breath...sudden starts of the body...there you have it...The Fer Gigaoila
(you have to imagine the foot tapping episodes and the humour of the giggle...if you please)
Oh yes - to continue on the theme you must wear green tights whilst travelling More...
18/Mar/09 4:38 AM
Gigue: I don't want to boast but here I am in a recent show I did...you can easily spot me I'm the one in the black and the green...
18/Mar/09 4:52 AM
What do wood nymphs do on their days off? Come to think of it, what do they do on their days on?
19/Mar/09 7:47 AM
Or a pedestrian light...on, off, green, amber, even yellow on my off days...
19/Mar/09 11:24 AM
Of course, you have to be a wood nymph (or a swain or an odd satyr) to understand just how clever marigolds can be. Just a thought.
22/Mar/09 2:53 AM
So I pull my Stockings off
Wading in the Water
For the Disobedience' Sake
Boy that lived for "or'ter"

Went to Heaven perhaps at Death
And perhaps he didn't
Moses wasn't fairly used —
Ananias wasn't —

Emily Dickinson - wood nymph extraordinaire perhaps?
02/Apr/09 9:08 PM
I was under the impression that wood nymphs wore wood. Birch bark blouses, balsam bloomers, etc. Or have I been nibbling on too many magic mushrooms again? Want some?
04/Apr/09 7:33 AM
Hatter have you been drinking undiluted Mercury again?
Hand me a segar...
05/Apr/09 1:14 AM
I'm quite sure that wood nymphs don't wear stockings of any sort.
16/Apr/09 2:29 AM
What about wool socks, Rena?
16/Apr/09 1:14 PM
I have been studying for ten years as a pre-wood nymph and I'm pleased to announce that I have past part one of the 'How to be a True Wood Nymph' certification. Now I feel almost, well, excited because I have been handed the ultimate prize...pure nymph wool for my tights...sadly I have to pass part two to receive the knitting pattern in true dryad style...I am humbled indeed.
01/May/09 2:49 AM
They might wear wool socks if their grannies knitted them.
12/May/09 5:46 AM
What do socks feel like?...nymph ones?
16/May/09 2:14 AM
It depends on the season, andre. At the Nymph Sock Emporium (a full sock outfitter for all nymphs, including wood, lunar, and urban, now also featuring a department fully devoted to swains, on the third floor annex) there is a full array of spring nymphwear, featuring a very sheer sock woven out of magnolia petals and finely ground acorn shells. One can barely them. They feel like the wind.
18/May/09 4:26 AM
It is cold in the forest today. Since it is spring, the nymphs have removed their socks, but I did notice one with a bulky sweater and earmuffs.
02/Jun/09 12:21 AM
I heard a scuffle in the conservatory. With difficulty - because I am now old - I got on my knees, then peered under a plant-stand - and there was a strange creature. It was green and at first I thought it was a frog. I clapped my hands and it did not jump - so it could not have been a frog. Then More...
02/Jun/09 6:43 PM
Glinda, were the earmuffs knitted? Do I have to study the Earmuffian Law of Nymphs Regalia During the Nineteenth Century? I'm way behind in my Nymph studies already...and Autumn is on its way sigh...
25/Aug/09 8:55 AM
and my library ticket has run out...
25/Aug/09 8:56 AM
There's an online course one can enroll in, andré, at www.woodnymphcollege.edu. Of course, if you have an opportunity you should visit the campus just for the student-guided tours (earmuffs optional). Also worth a trip to the great hall for dinnner (earmuffs mandatory: white for visitors, green for faculty; brown for first years; teal for upperclassmen; pink or orange for postgraduates).
26/Aug/09 5:32 AM
28/Oct/09 10:23 AM
News from the Nymph Nowledge club. I have just completed my first paper on the Land Nymphs of the Oreads and I have been given the pass to the knitted sock cupboard. I realise this is such an honour and I hope all around will join me in celebration. I am wearing my green gilded socks for the occasion.
03/Mar/10 9:50 AM
...albeit they are laddered.
03/Mar/10 9:56 AM
...I snagged them on the trees during my studies sigh.
03/Mar/10 9:56 AM
I'm a recyclable nymph. What sort of tights can I wear?
28/Mar/10 11:32 AM
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