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Thank you Gath for organising our Health and Fitness page to share.
All your work is much appreciated.
We are off to a flying start on our New Year Health, Fitness and Weightloss Program.
Welcome to all those who would like to participate and to all thsoe adding support or ideas to help.
Jan 9 - While I am not a supporting member, I have been checking all your pages to see your results! I am so thankful to Gath for putting up this page for everyone. To date I have lost 47 pounds. I started almost 3 years ago and lost about 30 pounds in the first 8 months. Then I hit a plateau More...
great effort, and I am sure now with all this support here you will meet those goals. The plateaus are the hard part and we need lots of strength to push through them.
you dont have to be an SM to use the site or this page so make sure you join us here often.
the quit smoking effort More...
Thanks Gath for this page and thanks to Rosemary for not only requesting this page but for getting us all off to a healthier 2007 and behond.

After I buy a new set of scales - I will update this Friday on my last week's efforts.


Gath you are our hero in many ways. Thank you so much. This is a great way to meet and greet everyone trying so hard to make life a little better. Rosemary, I smell the smoke burning as your mind is turning around to deal with those who may have different goals which will make life better. You will More...
Gath, thanks for giving us the opportunity. My advice is simple - For everybody - don't smoke.
For men - have your PSA (Prostate Specific Antigens) checked regularly.
I speak from experience.
Well done Ian
this page is for all sorts of healthy tips and support. wise words indeed.
you brought tears. thank you for your kind words.
we are all helping each other and hope your new scales are kinder to you than mine were.
water of course
Well, I'm going backwards! Stepped on the scales today to find a couple of extra kilos got on with me! And though I was no saint over Christmas, nor was I anywhere near as bad as other years!! I'll console myself with - it could have been worse
The ‘Experts’ say for a Healthy Life:
Eat Right: Make sure you get your daily dose of fruits and veggies.
Get plenty of exercise: Walk for at least an hour a day, go for a swim, take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc
Get lots of fresh air: Open doors & windows whenever More...
Tonight there was an article on Margarines and Butters on the show 'Today Tonight'. The information and findings can be found at

Some interesting findings, although I'm unsure what brands can and can not be found outside Austalia.
The things that happen whilst I sleep.
Thank you Gath for this page, thank you Rosemary for organising it and thank you for supporting me and everyone else. I am receiving such support, from so many on this site and I will try not to let you down.
Did you realise, Gath, just what you had started?
Off for my first walk of today
today, everyone
To all you wonderful ladies and gentlemen on this programme - have strength, courage, faith and above all, a sense of humour - all of us 'watching' from the sidelines are barracking for you with the hugest 'WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO's' at every kg/lb you drop. xxx

Angie/Wisc I started smoking in More...
that is a big WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO to you to ...just need to convince some others that they can give them up.
Billy I'm with you on the smoking- you mean no more little trips to your garden!
Giving up smoking was probably the most difficult thing I have ever done, but ohmigosh it was worth it.
Twenty years ago I was in a high stress job, entertaining and being entertained every day, no exercise and smoking my head off - a heart attack waiting for somewhere to happen. Guess what, I More...
Jan 10 8:30 CST (Jan 11th for most of you)
I started smoking when I was 19 (11 years ago, yeah I'm one of the young pups on this site). I quit when I got pregnant with my first at age 21. Stayed quit until she was over a year old (breastfeeding helped me stay quit during that time), then went More...
And 1 final note. Everyone has something that they like to eat that they shouldn't. My biggest downfall is cookies. I tried to just keep them out of the house, but that didn't work. I just wanted them more than ever and soon began sneaking a whole bag at a time. My solution was easy. I now More...
My wife and I started the South Beach Diet at the beginning of December. She is down about 15 pounds and I am down about 18 pounds. I will post our progress once in a while!

This is a fairly easy diet to maintain for us. My cardiologist is the one who insisted that I give it a try and it More...
And now for some practical advice
Look up 'Smokenders' on Google. It is a wonderfully helpful program ( in Oz)
It treats smoking as a complex psychological, physiological and sociological problem - which it is - and HELPS you to break the habit (without gaining More...
Angie, you know my smoking story,but for others, I will briefly state that I smoked for over 30 years, ending up with COPD, which is a combination of my asthma and emphysema. It became so bad, I couln't walk from couch to chair in my livingroom without being out of breath, wheezing, etc. More...
Gath: Smooches to you, this is great! I have been able to increase my steps everyday and that is my goal right now, have also been good with the smaller portions and drinking the water (but then that was never a problem for me as that is all I drink at work)

My short term goal is to More...
10,981 steps today meaning I have walked abour 51/2 miles. Dog is exhausted, so am I and I am playing golf tomorrow.
Another glass of water and I'm off to bed
Hope everyone else is doing well
Good Morning All ... evening for some
this is fantastic and I hope everyone is getting something out of this special page for us to share.
we can support each other through anything on this page or site in general. the power of positive thinking and weight 'no pun intended' of numbers to More...
way to go, what a great day you have had, enjoy your rest and golf tomorrow.
does the dog get a rest tomorrow?
Thank you Rosemary I have a new motto actually a play on your words
'Weight U Go'
Shall we form a Weight U Go Group? What do you think?
Ian - I'm sure no-one would be offended by your comment. I had convinced myself that 'social' smoking was ok, however, that theory is apparently flawed, ANY smoking from 1 a day to 40 is a no no...

The most successful weight loss programme I embarked on 2 years ago was when I left my More...
Fantastic day GannieMo! LK, I like your thinking about a little dab will do ya at a time, Keep it up. Today was a body rest from the gym for me but I stuck with the water and food portions too. I won't get to the gym tomorrow either, so I'll be hanging out in the gym Fri and Sat. Only good thing about that is that a lot of hunks workout then, so my eyes will also be working
Keep on chugging, folks! But I do have one concern ... while you are dropping the pounds and building the muscle, some of you are KILLING your dogs!!! ROTFL
My pedometer only says 3667, but I know that I walked 2 miles today.
Hang in there with quitting smoking, guys. My Mom quit in 1993 after about 50 years. Too little, too late. She passed in 2000. My Aunt quit at the same time, and she is a hale and hearty 75 yo now. Dances, does yard More...
Sarah Beth, I know exactly how you feel, I lost my mom in 2002 from the effects of smoking. The only positive effect it has had is that my kids watched her deteriorate and will not touch a cigarette.
I am getting very frustrated with my pedometer, it has fallen off a lot today, and then it resets itself. It was a freebie with the scale I bought, may have to invest in a good one, but I did take the dog for a walk when I got home and will just estimate my steps, I do know that I did more today than yesterday, so I am on the right track.
I know that I'm prone to adictions. When I was a young adult, I didn't see the problem. Now that the health issues with various adictions have caught up with me, I'm battling them seriously. My personal experience is that programs and aids weren't effective. I could only be successful when I had More...
Keith, you have a lot of friends out here who understand your problem. Stick with it. I do hope that our support will help you to achieve your aims. Good luck mate.
Well I'm back from the gym, which was sort of airconditioned - best if your machine was directly under a big powerful fan - and I did well at the weights and tummy excercises but wimped out when it came to cardio, only did 2 x 5 mins. The gym has just changed hands and has reopened after a 2 month More...
I don;t smoke, never have (except for 2 weeks when I was at uni), I'm addicted to yummy creamy food(or fried stuff like potato cakes) ... and eating too much! Your stories here about smoking leave me very relieved not to have that issue as well!
Angie From Wisconsin~ I hear YA! I quit smoking on July 7th, haven't touched one since. AND~ I agree with Keith/CA, about the ATTEMPTS and 100%, I've foiled other attempts. It isn't until you are committed and in the right place,(in your mind).
Angie, about your plateau that you reached. There More...
CP From Canberra~ I have a thought to share, it came to mind as I read your comment.
This comes from my Doctor, again. Basically, he told me, that it is not important to look at your weight OFTEN, DAILY, or if it GOES UP. Because your body is adjusting, and the outcome of better eating, More...
Gath~ ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE, Thanks! I'm grateful as well, for your time/effort and willingness to provide personal means for all of us USERS
KEITH/CA~ I also wanted to say, I hear ya on the addiction thing. If there is a tendency for addiction, it will travel. I'm rooooting for you on the weight loss, and I KNOW you can do it!
Thanks to everyone for the ENCOURAGEMENT

Rosemary, it is awesome the way you kept up on all of us and this page, I'm in total agreement with MAMA!
MAMA~ I'm glad that surgery worked for your benefit, it would be hard to picture you, lifeless and More...
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