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Submitted By: Plum from SW Michigan, USA

Post your kind remembrances of people who once were active members who have since passed away. Multiple memories = multiple posts. Let's keep the memories alive here. Links back to archived comments or significant posts welcome. Let's keep the memories alive.  
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This would work better if there were any way to search archives by member name, not just puzzle date. Going forward, we could more easily post comments here, but it is hard to go back to establish memorials for those already lost to us.
24/Nov/18 7:53 AM
June, I forget her sudoku name. A gracious hostess for people who travelled a long way to meet other sudoku members. A lovely lady who called frequently to check on me. She even traveled down to my area, with cancer, to check on me when my husband died.
25/Nov/18 5:30 PM
Canuck Greg, who never forgot to send an e-card for birthdays, Xmas and thanksgiving.
25/Nov/18 5:31 PM
Mamacita, known for her kind thoughts and wise advice.
25/Nov/18 5:32 PM
Sharon, June’s daughter. A very talented woman taken far too young by cancer. Her daughter was very young, 7 I think.
25/Nov/18 5:33 PM
RIP Dizzy Lizzie from Melbourne. Lovely lady, liked a good laugh, she and I shared a love of the Maxine comics. She adored her dog Gizmo. But she had a sad life losing her husband and parents too early and she was plagued by health problems.
Rest in Peace Lizzy, those who knew you won't forget you.
26/Nov/18 8:26 AM
June's presence continues to be felt in the form of pictures she submitted to 'Parents Page'. Her pics show up, frequently. One proud Grandma she was.
27/Nov/18 5:47 AM
Today Canuck Greg's name has come up in the birthday list. So I thought in his memory I'd come here and leave a hot stack of sweet fried beaver tails. Enjoy in Greg's honor.
23/Mar/19 12:17 AM
Another sad loss - Lynne form Kanahooka Rest in Peace
23/Mar/19 2:15 PM
Plum, after some sleuthing, found out that RayRay passed about two years ago. He was a prolific contributor on easy. RIP, Ray.
11/Jun/19 4:11 PM
This from Plum:
Jane instituted another RayRay search on TOS. I decided to do some deep detective work since we've been wondering about him for so long. Sadly, I've just had an email back from a neighbor of his at his last known address who says he passed away peacefully a couple years ago. She More...
12/Jun/19 2:17 AM
Download Sudoku from google play store
12/Jun/19 11:01 AM
Just to get us back to normal...
12/Jun/19 3:59 PM
I never met Ian, but just to ensure he is remembered. Thanks to CynB for the info.
22/Apr/20 8:04 PM
We Remember
Air Commodore Ian Russell GORDON AM RAAF (retd)
02/07/1934 - 09/04/2020

The Post by CynB:

Hello all, we have had some very sad news today. Our long time member Ian from Sydney has passed away on April 9th after a long illness. He was 85. I was lucky enough to meet More...
23/Apr/20 4:57 AM
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