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Moving again. How time flies! The new home is Here
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OH, this opens very quickly, lets see how fast it posts now.

I shall e-mail GATH asking he close the old page and post a link to the new page.
17/Mar/08 11:32 PM
well looky here.. SA4

about to close down the pooter and discovered this page..

see everyone in the morning that is..

18/Mar/08 12:25 AM
ROLANDA, you are GOOD, finding the new place fore I put up the notice even hehehe. Can't keep anything a secret from Rolanda!
18/Mar/08 12:57 AM
Good morning on the new page! New utube, "Black Velvet Band," if interested. It is the first song that popped into my head when I thought of St. Patrick's Day. My nieces had dancing shows all weekend and have another one tonight. I remember those days when we would have 3-4 shows a More...
18/Mar/08 1:01 AM
STELLA, glad you found your way over here too, yeah, we are getting there.
18/Mar/08 3:00 AM
I moved my chair over to the new page, Ia girl needs her creature comforts you know!
18/Mar/08 3:00 AM
So, we have a new home?!? I guess that's what was messing up the works last night. Ok, then. Very nice. Thanks, Gath.
18/Mar/08 3:29 AM
Wow MizT, talk about taking action!! So much quicker on my super slow connection!!
18/Mar/08 6:51 AM
Well done MizT
18/Mar/08 9:45 AM

Noice new meeting room we have here..

have bought my comfy chair, as Tricia said.. a girl needs her creature comforts!!
18/Mar/08 9:50 AM
and vases of Tulips for the tables
18/Mar/08 9:51 AM
here are some balloons and streamers to decorate and to celebrate we have a new home

18/Mar/08 9:54 AM
Ahh, that's better! (I hope my chair turns up)
18/Mar/08 9:57 AM
I've put some milk in the fridge and a bottle of bubbly for when we all get here to toast MizT and the new SA4 room.
18/Mar/08 9:59 AM
Morning Gail, I'll have a small glass of bubbly to celebrate thanks.. after all it is early in the morning, and I havent had my brecky yet
18/Mar/08 10:03 AM
Here is some Orange juice to go with the bubbly, Mimosas, yummy, great for Brunch!
18/Mar/08 10:13 AM
Many thanks for the anniversary (or anaverserry as d2 wrote on the card she made) wishes for yesterday!!
18/Mar/08 1:29 PM
Never been here B4. Is this a secret room behind the chat room, which is currently locked.
18/Mar/08 3:34 PM
no madby3..this is always there...a bit of different chat will not get timed out here..
18/Mar/08 3:48 PM
and you can chat in paragraphs...
18/Mar/08 3:49 PM
use smilies....
18/Mar/08 3:49 PM
post jokes...
18/Mar/08 3:49 PM restriction of anykind..
18/Mar/08 3:50 PM
hello ladies, am I correct??
18/Mar/08 3:51 PM
and make any number of posts, and it will be there, for somebody to read, unlike the chat room where it disappears as the msges pile up...
18/Mar/08 3:52 PM
DA END....
18/Mar/08 3:53 PM
And CP doesnt apply??? great
18/Mar/08 3:59 PM
CP ing that is
18/Mar/08 4:02 PM
Found you over here Shar.
18/Mar/08 4:29 PM
Hi Shar and appy, looks like we've been sprung!

All welcome to attend meetings, you just have to take the pledge:
Hi, my name is ... and I am Sudokuaholic (and I don't want to be cured!)

Oh, and contrary to popular opinion, I did NOT break the chatroom!
18/Mar/08 4:30 PM
But you've gone, bye.
18/Mar/08 4:30 PM
You were nowhere near it, were you Gail?
18/Mar/08 4:31 PM
Forgot my chair again!
18/Mar/08 4:32 PM
No Cyn, I was umm..., I was err...
18/Mar/08 4:33 PM
Sorry, my first time in here and I didn't take the pledge, where was it now????
Hi, my name is Cyn and I'm a Sudokuholic.
Well, there I've said it, now you all know my dirty little secret.
18/Mar/08 4:33 PM
You are now officially one of us, pull up a chair and grab a cuppa or a glass of bubbly!
18/Mar/08 4:34 PM
Well, Gail, it can't have been poor Broni, she was sick.... poor girl
18/Mar/08 4:34 PM
Don't mind if I do.
18/Mar/08 4:35 PM
So I read, poor diddums. If she comes in here, I hope she's not contagious!
18/Mar/08 4:35 PM
Oh darn, now I have to search for a chair smiley!
18/Mar/08 4:35 PM
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