The Baby Guessing Game

Submitted By: Jill from Richfield, Ohio

Karen and Jill are expecting babies very soon!  Join the fun guessing the babies due date, birth weight and length, as well as boy or girl.  Jill would also welcome name suggestions.
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I want to play! My guess for Karen is for my own birthday - June 26 - an extremely good day to be born on I think! I'll go for my own son's birth weight - 3.750KG - you can work out what that is in pounds, and I'll go for a boy measuring 53cm.
13/May/09 6:21 AM
Now for Jill...I'll stick with my own birthday, so June 26 - but will go for a girl, measuring 48cm and weighing 2.9kg. Now, what would make my birthday really special is if one of you ladies actually got things right and did the deed on the correct day! Concentration all round please and if you More...
13/May/09 6:25 AM
Now for names...well, it would help just a mite if we knew the sex of baby Jill...will have a think about this!
13/May/09 6:27 AM
My guess for Karen is July 2...8lb6oz boy..names too hard.
Jill..June 20..8lb1oz.Girl.
Not long to go now ladies,and I hope you have very easy labours,with healthy babies to show for it.
Best wishes.
13/May/09 8:06 AM
Okay, ladies - my guesses are:
Jill - Boy, June 21st, 8lb4oz (Name suggestion: Lachlan)
Karen - Boy, June 30th, 7lb15oz
Giving lengths a miss - so long since I had a baby, can't remember what is average, sorry.
This is getting exciting now. All the best to you both for smooth happy deliveries. xx
13/May/09 9:31 AM
PS - I won the guessing game for Gath's baby so by the law of averages or Murphy's at least, I'm probably so far off beam with these guesses.
13/May/09 9:33 AM
Karen: Girl...June 21
Jill: Girl... June 27.... How about Gillian for her name?
13/May/09 10:30 AM
Jill : Girl, Catherine, June 24th, 7lbs 15oz

Karen : Boy, July 3rd, 8lbs 2oz

Best wishes
13/May/09 2:43 PM
KAREN Boy, 3.6Kg, June 15, Charles
JILL Girl 2.8Kg, June 17, Juno
14/May/09 12:34 AM
Jill - June 22 - girl - 7 lbs.12 oz. - 18" - (Taylor)
Karen - June 30 - girl - 8 lbs.1 oz. - 19" - (Girl dos)
14/May/09 1:24 AM
I want to play too!

I don't know due dates so if I am really off, forgive me.

Jill - June 26 7 lbs. 8 oz. 18 1/2"

Lots of luck to both of you!

Karen - July 1 7 lbs. 10 oz. 18 3/4"
17/May/09 1:04 AM
Hi, Everyone! I also don't know due dates, but will try anyway.

Jill - June 29 - a boy 7 lbs, 15 oz and 20 inches - how about Jonathan, Jeremy, Alexander/Alex, Greg?

Karen - June 28 - a girl 7 lbs, 10 oz and 19 1/2 inches - Emma, Emily, Madeline, Chloe, Claire ?

Hopefully I have suggested a winning name for one of the babies.
19/May/09 11:49 AM
For both JILL and KAREN:
A healthy baby, born without too much pain or effort required on your part, at whatever time is convenient for you. As to the weight, something less than a baby elephant would probably be easy for both of you to deal with. Length will probably be less then the height of More...
20/May/09 2:13 AM
Love to you both, enjoy those tiny kicks in your tummy while you can. Good health and best wishes to both your little ones, and a safe journey to the outside world.

Jill - June 16th - boy - 7lb 4oz
Karen - June 27th - girl - 7lb 2oz

I don't have names but I quite like squidge More...
20/May/09 3:10 AM
Hate to make your lives miserable - but here goes:

Jill - Boy - born on 4th of July - 8 lbs - Samuel ((for Samuel Adams)
Karen - Girl - born on June 30th - 7 lbs 10 oz - Samantha (for Sam Houston)
21/May/09 1:08 AM
Jill - Boy born ASAP, I'm thinking they'll induce June 1st if he's not born by then. How about the name Tyler Ezekiel? I'll say 7 lbs. 2 oz.

Karen - maybe your daughter Merlyn or Kasey can share a June 17 birthday with someone I love? I will wish you, too, a smaller baby, maybe 6 lbs. 12 oz.

21/May/09 1:35 AM
Jill - boy to be born on my 40th anniversary - June 28
weight 7 lbs. 8 oz
name: Andrew

Karen - girl to be born on the day we celebrate our anniversary: June 20.
weight 6 lbs. 12 oz.
name: Callie

Ok, hop to it, ladies!!!
21/May/09 7:44 AM
Oops! just realized I had the same weight for Karen's baby as Plum, so change mine to 6 lbs. 14 oz.
21/May/09 7:45 AM
I'm another who obviously missed the due dates somewhere, but will guess for Karen to be on July 3, as it is my younger daughter's birthday, and she is a great child!! A boy would be nice though, weighing in at 7lb 11oz. For Jill a bit earlier, so maybe June 23, when my tardy daughter was More...
21/May/09 10:43 AM
A boy for Jill -arriving 5th June 6lb 11ozs - length 49cms - names James, Alexander, or Joshua.

A girl for Karen - arriving 25th June 7lb 4oz - 48cm.
Sending you my very best wishes.
21/May/09 2:34 PM
Oh my, imagine these children growing up and answering the question: So how did you get your name?
From a forum in Sudokuland, of course!
21/May/09 11:49 PM
I stink at guessing games, so I will just wish you both fast and comfortable deliveries, pain-free recoveries, and healthy babies! May these children enrich your lives and spread love and good will within your families and out in the harsh World. God bless both of your families.
22/May/09 4:24 AM
For Jill, June 1, a boy, 5lb 2 oz. (Grandson's B'day)

For Karen, June 25, a boy 8 lb 3 oz.(Daughter's B'day)

And both children strong and healthy.
22/May/09 4:53 AM
If I guess correct in all the catagories in this guessing game, I'd better buy a lottery ticket!!!)

June 11 (my hubby's birthday),
a boy,
7lbs. 7oz.
20 1/2 inches long.
Name: Jonas Charles

June 24 (my More...
22/May/09 6:17 AM
Jill - induced on June 4th, boy, 7lb. 1oz. Boy: Joshua

Karen - July 2nd, girl, 7lb 8oz.

I remember a couple of hours before I went into premature labour saying I wanted a 7lb. 6oz. baby as that seemed like an optimum weight. I got a 3lb 9oz baby the next morning.

Hope you both don't have any surprises and that your babies are at least 6lb, and healthy!
22/May/09 11:36 AM
Can I change my mind now????!! This wee one is going to be a month earlier than I thought at first!
28/May/09 1:37 AM
I'd like to change mine, too. How about Jill on May 28th? (Sudoku-date)
28/May/09 1:43 AM
The little one seems to be in a hurry. Obviously won't be in June! I agree with Heidi......
(I'm covering all bases, here!)
28/May/09 3:10 AM
Jill - May 28th your time (29th ours). Girl. 4lb 2. Emma Kate.

Karen July 1st (Sudoku time) Boy 6lb 4oz
28/May/09 10:49 AM
Karen - 6th July. Girl - 7lb 14oz
06/Jun/09 11:54 AM
Karen - June 18. Girl - 6 lb 8 oz. I think you want it sooner than later. Hope your baby is healthy, has 4 fingers and a thumb on each hand, 5 toes on each foot and a smiling face...opps, I forgot, that will probably be gas! Good luck on a fast and as painless as possible delivery.
16/Jun/09 12:20 PM
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