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Submitted By: MizTricia1 from Alabama, USA

It seems that SA7 is getting old and slow. It is time for a new page. Welcome to SA8.
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Welcome to SA8. I hope that it loads faster and has less problems for you.
27/Feb/09 1:07 AM

I am here with the coffee pot and my chair. whew, long trip!

27/Feb/09 1:16 AM
27/Feb/09 1:16 AM
My Ant Story

Was a good topic last of SA7, lets bring it on over.

We often get ants come in the house in really dry weather, hunting water I suppose. This particular year, I had not seen any, was not thinking of ants. I had my shower, went to my closet and got a clean pants and More...
27/Feb/09 1:29 AM
Hi, the room is looking a bit bare at the moment
Not too many people have found their way here yet
27/Feb/09 2:21 AM
Ouch MizT not nice been bitten by ants.
I once, while away caravanning left a sweater in the awning overnight, when I put it on the next day I was bitten by a spider. Said spider didn't live long after that. I don't normally kill them but being bitten was a bit much
27/Feb/09 2:25 AM
Brenda, glad you found your way to the new meeting room. I hope the others will find it today as they check in. If not, we will send out search parties to hunt them!
27/Feb/09 3:24 AM
It has been quiet round SA over the last couple of days, but SA7 did well to last as long as it did. I didn't seem to get the same problems as everyone else (touching wood)
27/Feb/09 3:28 AM
Good morning all! Surprised to see SA8! Welcome everyone!
27/Feb/09 3:52 AM
Sunny and warm, 34F. There was a dusting of snow this morning. It's been a very quiet February. Can't believe March is just around the corner!
27/Feb/09 3:53 AM
MizT, yikes regarding the ants in the pants! That really creeps me out. Would not like to experience that!
27/Feb/09 3:54 AM
Hi Stella, nice to see you found us. I was surprised too when I found we had a new page.People must have had problems with our old home.
27/Feb/09 3:55 AM
Stella our February, at the beginning of the month, has been the roughest one we have had for many years but the latter part has been quite warm. Spring flowers are now in bloom. The daffodils in my garden are quite tall and buds are showing. In a neighbours garden they are in full bloom
27/Feb/09 3:58 AM
What I cannot get my head around is the fact that we are at this stage of the year again. It doesn't seem that long since we were commenting on similar things last year. Does this mean I'm getting old
27/Feb/09 4:00 AM
Nothing here will be budding for at least another month, at least around my house. Even though we didn't get much snow this month, we still have about 6 inches on the ground! And yes, we're all getting old!
27/Feb/09 4:16 AM
We cannot be old Stella because 'old people' don't know how to use computers or so some kids think
27/Feb/09 4:20 AM
Hi everyone. Got your message, MizT, so I thought I had better bring my chair along.
27/Feb/09 4:37 AM
Everybody. Brought my chair along to get comfy..... maybe I need instead.
27/Feb/09 4:39 AM
I still have lots of snow because it snowed about 4 inches last night. No flowers here for a long time. Wasn't I complaining about the snow never ending about this time last year?
27/Feb/09 4:45 AM
Glad so many have found our new home! Welcome to all.

Yes a few were reporting problems, so I just decided a new room might be in order. Old one served us well for 17,000 posts, that is a lot.
27/Feb/09 4:46 AM
Hopefully this one will last a little longer so we can break records again
27/Feb/09 4:47 AM
RENA, hope the snow does end soon for you. You might not want to hear, but it is currently 61 degrees, headed for 70 degrees today. I have my back door open to the breeze.
27/Feb/09 4:48 AM
I am off to buy car tags. It is usually so much easier here then where I once lived. Hope it is easy today, it is almost the end of the month, but being Thursday, well, I hope to miss those who must wait till Friday and pay day to buy theirs.
27/Feb/09 4:50 AM
I have another ant story (besides the chocolate chip cookie episode) I was living in Costa Rica at the time, training horses for a living. A couple of friends and I decided to explore some trails through the mountains and headed off on horseback early one morning. Several hours later, we came More...
27/Feb/09 4:50 AM
Thanks for the reminder, MizT. I need to get my truck registration renewed.
27/Feb/09 4:51 AM
Sad but true, I, too, have an ant story. when Amber was about six months old, Taus decided to buy a bigger TV. It was too big for the living room in the cabin, where we were living at the time. Taus decided to make it bigger. When he tore out the wall he discovered it was full of carpenter ants. More...
27/Feb/09 5:13 AM
Heidi, how is the headache this morning?
27/Feb/09 5:14 AM
Under control. Thanks for asking.
27/Feb/09 5:17 AM
I need to get going..... IH is gone for the day, so I've been lazy. I need to have brekkie (after 1 pm), feed hay to the cows, then go on a hay run.
27/Feb/09 5:19 AM
Rena.... I think I found them.
27/Feb/09 5:20 AM
Have a good day Heidi
27/Feb/09 5:21 AM
..... I am no longer going to try to avoid getting s. Be warned.
27/Feb/09 5:23 AM
Yay, I made it on to the first page!!!!

Morning all!
27/Feb/09 5:25 AM
Ants in pants, ants on lips... ouch!
27/Feb/09 5:29 AM
Good morning all my SA friends. Thank you Tricia. I know I had trouble yesterday.
Heidi, go for the TOPPs. I think I have had more than my share the last couple of SA's.
27/Feb/09 5:36 AM
Me too June!

Thank you for reminding me....

Thank you MizT!!!
27/Feb/09 5:39 AM
I have had a busy couple of days and now have today to catch up with shopping, gardenimg and H work.
27/Feb/09 5:39 AM
The Pennant season has started for Bowls. That means Tuesdays and Thursdays. Although I decided not to play I put down to be a reserve and I also umpire when our teams play at home. I think I am more involved than if I had been part of a team. I played Tuesday and umpired yesterday!
27/Feb/09 5:42 AM
Ally is home today. Although they can drive me crazy, I miss them when they're gone... Plus I want to know how she coped!!
27/Feb/09 5:43 AM
June, that's a bit like when the kids play sport, except that with kids it is multiplied by how many you have.
27/Feb/09 5:44 AM
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