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  1. It would be fun to know what kinds of pets we sudoku players have, their descriptions, names, ages, etc.  Please enter your usual posting name first, followed by a list of your pets.  That way if someone wants to take a quick look at who has what, it will be easier to spot the owners' names.  Thanks. 
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Woo Hoo, way to go Kathy!

Pets: My dog is Nikishka Kazan (Nikki) a 13 1/2 year old Siberian Husky. My son's dog, that practically lives with us is a 9 month old Golden Retriever named AddyMay (Addy). Photos on my page.
25/May/07 5:32 AM
Our dog is a black lab mix puppy only 8 weeks old named Ebony. We also have an 8 year old cat, black with some white, named Wilsey & another grey & black tabby cat named Jack who is 5 years old. Have plenty of pics of Ebony on my page, but none of the cats. Guess I should try to add a few!
25/May/07 5:58 AM
We have two dogs, Vizslas, also known as Hungarian Pointers, named Callie and Sadie. They love the outdoors, very much match our active lifestyle, and like all Vizslas love to be covered when they sleep!
Callie is 7, very smart, always entertaining, runs like a deer, and likes to eat Post-it More...
25/May/07 6:24 AM
kathy, bruce and i have a 10 year old ausi. shep. named boomer, 2 cats one 8 years, and 1 six months lil'bit and lizzy, 3 birds jack,diane, and the kid. and a tank full of cool fish. our pets seem to have filled our 'empty nest' after our kids moved out. we sure are attached to them.
25/May/07 6:32 AM
We have 2 dogs. Max is a Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu cross. He is 6 1/2 yrs old and he has only one eye. He got attacked by a bigger dog abt. 4 years ago. Nuka is a Siberian Husky. Her full name is Benden's Nukatchiaba. Nukatchiaba means my younger sister. She is 5 months old.
We also have 3 cats. Grey More...
25/May/07 6:40 AM
Pete and I have a bearded collie cross - not at all sure who Daddy was, but he was some sort of lurcher/greyhound/wolfhound ...she sure can run!! She was born in Oct 1996, and we brought her to our house in Radstock, England, when she was 6 weeks old. She had a big argument with the hot water pipe More...
25/May/07 6:51 AM
Hi everyone - We have a 13 year old dog. Her name is Clara. She is a German Shepherd/Doberman mix. She has been a wonderful dog. The vet is amazed at how healthy she is for a dog her age. She lives outside and gets lots of exercise. Jenny has a bunny, Rosie. She is on my Flickr site.
25/May/07 6:54 AM
boomer our doe is a real help to me personally. he is a service dog, always on duty. he can detect seizures. its amazing how he knows that. he goes with me EVERYWHERE!!! groceries,church, stores, airplanes.....everywhere i go, he goes.
he has saved my butt on several occasions. boom is a 10 year old aust. shep. i couldnt ask for a better friend. we're TIGHT, that dog and i.
25/May/07 8:05 AM
Hi! I have pictures of my kids that mind (better than the 2 legged kind, anyway) on my page. Brutus and Sierra are littermates, born June 10, 2002. They are Golden Retrievers, Sierra weighs 55-60# and Brutus weighs 80-85#. They had originally joined a Golden mix named Princess, smaller, she More...
25/May/07 8:08 AM
I forgot to say, Priss is almost 10, birthday July 19, 1997.
25/May/07 8:13 AM
We have a Siamese cat, her name is Pyewacket and she is ten years old. She has attitude like you wouldn't believe but very protective of me. I could do almost anything with her but, other than my wife, others should keep clear.
25/May/07 8:45 AM
3 dogs we rescued Taffy, Pebbles and BamBam, one miniture doxie Joey, one African Grey Parrot Polo, 5 lovebirds (all have names) one cockatiel JayJay Morgan Horse...Pekoe Hackney pony....Piper. I work to feed and take care of them all.
25/May/07 9:01 AM
have 4 cats and an aviary full of budgies
2 of the cats are brothers we have had from birth that I think are 6 years old .. Patch and Tigger.
we have an all black stray cat that adopted us about 15 years ago and is getting very old ... his name is Rambow cos we also had a black cat called More...
25/May/07 9:55 AM
A cat who originally was my son's (until he joined the Marines 4 years ago) named Nemesis but will answer to cat, bozo, kitty. A parakeet, named Snowy who likes to give kisses to see if you were eating crackers. A half a dozen zebra finches, nameless, my husband's and a flock somewhere near us (he hasn't got the idea that if he leaves the door open, they'll fly out.)
25/May/07 12:04 PM
I think we're the oddballs in the bunch--have only one dog, a rescue dog, part german shepherd (coloring) and mostly Alaskan Husky named Jazz She is 5 y/o now, doesn't bark unless really riled; she loves to run,but is very timid (which drives me crazy). She belongs mostly to our son and my hubby, More...
25/May/07 2:10 PM
Houpette is my dog. She was given to me on my birthday 15 years ago when she was just 6 weeks old. She is a white poodle with apricot undertones. Difficult to classify her size as her mother was a white toy poodle/bichon cross and her father was what is called a moyen caniche (poodle) here and More...
25/May/07 7:24 PM
Until February this year I had a shetland sheep dog called Lady (my avatar)she was nearly 14 when we lost her. I don't think I could every find another dog as perect for us.
We still have a Jenday conure called Koyaa, who is very messy and noisy. Two rabbits, a black and white Dutch and an More...
26/May/07 12:43 AM
Hi, pet lovers. We've got three cats--an 11-year-old Ocicat named Holmes who weighs a slight 6 3/4 pounds; Spike is a ginger cat, and he's six; Arthur is our baby, a 4-year-old Maine Coon. We were once the proud owners of Sherlock, a ginger cat who died of kidney disease at 16; Watson, who More...
26/May/07 12:50 AM
Our dog is Simon, pictured in my Avatar. He is 12. Other pictures of him on Flickr. I have a set called Our Pets. Simon wandered into our yard when he was around 1, jumped up and put his paws on me, wagged, and said, ''Can I live here?'' Also pictured in Our Pets is Maggie, the little black shaggy More...
26/May/07 12:52 AM
For any of you cat owners who may be curious to know the equivalent age in human years of your cat's age here's a website where you can find the conversion. Celia from Toronto sent it to me once when we were talking about our cats.
26/May/07 12:54 AM
I have three Golden retrievers, Murphy 8 years old my big boy, Kelly 7 years old my little girl, and Sandy 6 years old my 'big' girl ( because she is so tall and weights 90#) They are truly a blessing and I love them like they were my children. Also one small gray tabby cat named Oliver 15years More...
26/May/07 2:27 AM
Hi ,the visitors of my page have seen the picture of my dog Borris ,it is a poodle terrier,next month''june ''will finish its 6 years ,i brought it from Ukrania when he was 2 months old .it is very clever and hyper ,loves people and likes to play .
26/May/07 2:57 AM
Mamacita2/PA: I have a 5year old Carin Terrier named Jazz. He is such a wonderful little guy likes to think he is the only dog in our community. He has a way about him that as I walk him, and we meet others or he spots them jogging, etc, he somehow gets them to take time out to stroke him and More...
26/May/07 3:56 AM
Thanks Kathy for the pet page. We have 2 cats, 5 and 4 years old. they are long hair domestic grey tabby striped mother and daughter, Scooter and Screech. YES we knew they were girls, but they earned thier names. As a kitten, Scooter would lie on her side, reach out over her head as far as More...
26/May/07 4:51 AM
MizTricia, Alabama USA.

Long hair domestic cat, SCREECH, age 4 grey tabby striped.

Long hair domestic cat, SCOOTER, age 5, Grey Tabby striped.

I read the directions AFTER I made my comment, OOOPS!
26/May/07 4:56 AM
We have the twins born 6/6/6
Skinny Tabby cat - Soldier
Tubby Tabby cat - DJ
We also had Long haired Ginger Cat Jeff - unfortunately he was knocked down and killed on April 13th.
Pics on my FLICKR also some of our previous cats.
26/May/07 5:17 AM
I have a just-turned-two Springer Spaniel - Mocha. She is spoiled ROTTEN, but she is just a wonderful dog.
Jeanie and I currently have Bubba, her mother's 12-year-old Golden. Our niece is going to 'adopt' him sometime this summer.
At that time I will begin gently lobbying for a companion More...
26/May/07 6:01 AM
Our current pets are Diablo, a 23 pound, 7 toed black cat. He's getting up there at 14 years old, but still rules the roost. The newcommer is Rusty Ray, a pekenese and rat terrier mix who is cute as a button. I've never been fond of small dogs before, but he stole my heart. Our puppy boy just More...
26/May/07 9:23 AM
We have Ben, a Red Cloud Kelpie (Australian sheep dog) and Patchez, a 'bitzer' that looks like an enormous Jack Russell. Patchez is recovering from cruciate ligament surgery and Ben is on anti-seizure medication. And I thought kids were expensive
26/May/07 9:26 AM
Tow dogs - Tom & Jess
We are a dog mad family. After a row one day my husband said that it was either him or the dog - lucky he didn't hold me to that. Probably would have chosen the dog 'cause I don't think I could have been happy living with anyone who could try and make me live without my More...
26/May/07 1:15 PM
My dogs are my kids now. I have 4 Basset Hounds named as follows;
Dudly Doright is my older male. He is about 8 years old and is an offspring from my Kennel.
Bentley is 4 years and I adopted him two years ago. He was being given away by his owner cause he wouldn't stay home.
26/May/07 3:32 PM
We have 31 Suri alpacas (no, they are not named after Tom Cruise's daughter). Suri alpacas have fleece like dreadlocks, it is like silk and the animals look magnificent running across the paddocks with their silk curtains of fleece glistening in the sun. Their colours range from white, to fawn, to More...
26/May/07 6:33 PM
I have a ferret. Her name is SusieQ and she is an escape artist. For an animal that is not supposed to be able to survive on its own outside, she has done it 4 different times, once during a snow storm. The longest she escaped for was 2 1/2 weeks before we saw her and used a live trap to catch her again. She loves us to pieces, she just loves outside more! :)
26/May/07 11:45 PM
I also have 2 dogs. They are Australian shepard and Border collie crosses. I have a cat named Jake, who happens to be a girl...
I have an older horse (20) named Banner who took all three boys through their high school rodeo careers.
My other horses are younger: Smokey (8); her half More...
26/May/07 11:50 PM
I have a 1 yr old chocolate lab mix named Sky,he looks like all lab except for his speckled tongue and his tail tends to curl over his back like a chow,thats what we think hes mixed with.
a 3 yr old maine coon cat mix ,he weighs 20lbs,he was abandoned at our property and the boy's were camping More...
27/May/07 6:17 AM
I have Reggie the wonder beagle -six months old now. I got him the day bofore my 50th in January. He is a clever little chappie. He has learnt to open the doors. We have lever handles and the outward ones were easy. He has now learnt to open the doors that pull in as well. We can't just shut More...
27/May/07 1:10 PM
VICTORIA, time playing with your pets is never wasted time! It feeds the soul, makes us more understanding and tolerant, soothes the nerves, calms the troubled, lowers our blood pressure, and extends our life. All this and it is FUN!
29/May/07 7:48 AM
MizTricia - I couldn't agree with you more!!
29/May/07 12:35 PM
I have two cats & a dog. The dog, Ben, is a Rottweiler/ Blue Cattle dog cross we got from the RSPCA almost 7 years ago. He was to replace the Black Labrador/Cattle cross pup that we had that unfortunately drowned in our fish pond on our daughters 12th birthday. My husband came home from work and More...
31/May/07 10:53 AM
Just 1 long haired Akita Named Keno, wonderful dog but kind of aloof. Never had a dog quite like her, She is about 8 yrs old now, we named her Keno because the week before my wife got her she won $10,000.00 on a .25 cent bet on keno game in Nevada picking 8 numbers out of 8, really a long shot.
02/Jun/07 2:30 PM
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