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Submitted By: billy from Perth

For all things Artsy Phartsy...a few people from the site have been crying out for a book review forum for sometime now, but I thought we could incorporate theatre and concert reviews as well. In fact, anything you feel like sharing - a visit to an exhibition, a museum, art gallery - anything...I do hope you will share your experiences with us...thank you.
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I'll kick off with the book I'm currently reading...The Post- Birthday World by Lionel Shriver (Orange Prize winner for We Need to Talk About Kevin)
I love the way she writes - I won't give the plot away but shall copy the blurb from the back of the cover!
'Is all love about trade-offs? And More...
16/Jul/07 12:43 PM
Look forward to starting my new book by Sebastian Faulks 'Engleby'. I am still riveted(perhaps a bit too strong a word) by The Timewaster Letters by Robin Cooper, a very funny read about Coopers' journey writing absurd letters to companies and the replies he receives. Its an easy going read for non concentration nights when you have just five minutes before deep dreams overtake reality.
17/Jul/07 3:07 AM
I am reading ''Last Man Standing'' by David Baldacci. The lead character is a member of the ''super-elite'' Hostage Rescue Team who is the only one of the team to survive a ''high-tech, custom designed ambush that kills everyone around him''(quote from the cover). He is trying to discover why he More...
17/Jul/07 4:35 AM
I love books you can't put down...that's why my house is a mess....housework comes WAY down the list of priorities when there's a good book to read.
17/Jul/07 8:22 AM
Did anyone read We need to talk about Kevin? As a parent of teenage boys I felt it might have been a bit much. I'm one of those people who suffer from whatever ailment or problem I'm currently reading about, 'that's what I've got!' so dedided WNTTAK may have been tempting fate!!!Was it worthwhile?
17/Jul/07 8:25 AM
17/Jul/07 9:40 AM
Kathy, I have just finished a David Baldacci book, 'The Collectors', based on the characters from his novel 'The Camel Club'. He writes well and there's always a sense of something around the corner. Intriguing. Certainly makes me want to read more of his work. Thanks for the recommendation.
17/Jul/07 8:42 PM
I loved Birdsong by sebastian Faulks and just googled it and saw that i must've read it over 10 yrs ago!!! However, it also made mention that he has written a james Bond novel...
'Brit author Sebastian Faulks has penned a new James Bond novel to mark the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth, the Ian More...
17/Jul/07 8:45 PM
I've just finished 'The Wisdom of Imperfection' by Rob Preece. Now that's something I can really appreciate. I am a star at imperfection.
17/Jul/07 11:38 PM
well if you're a star at imperfection dino, I'm a galaxy - beat that!

it's getting late but a few titles to get you going Ange/melb
1. Atonement - Ian McEwan
2. Poisonwood Bible - barbara kingsolver fisher or kingfisher solver, or soemthing like that...
3. Perfume - Suskind (weird More...
18/Jul/07 12:14 AM
I've just reread 'To Kill a Mocking Bird, and the Many Splendored Sun,I loved both, I have in my hands Birdsong as my next read. I also have several of the books mentioned above just waiting for me. I highly recommend any of Barbara Kingsolver books...recently caught up with her Pigs in Heaven. The More...
18/Jul/07 4:16 AM
Has any one seen The Color Purple, Musical, based on the book and movie? I'd be interested to hear any reactions if you have. I did see it and thought it was pretty good.
18/Jul/07 4:19 AM
Mamacita - I can't believe it! I am going to buy To Kill a Mocking Bird next month as my choice for bookclub - haven't read it for er...a few years now... but have not got a copy on my bookshelf. I didn't know they had made the musical for The Colour Purple...I think it took Kingsolver 8 yrs to More...
18/Jul/07 8:16 AM
I've got my list, and will be out shopping this weekend sometime.
19/Jul/07 10:41 AM
Nearly got pneumonia reading The Tenderness of Wolves. Kept hugging my boys after reading The Curious Incident. Reading is such a hazard!
20/Jul/07 9:31 AM
I just finished a good book. It was 'Dark Harbor' by David Hosp. It was a well written book and hard to put it down. The setting was Boston and I wondered if Ian was familiar with some of the places it mentioned! David Hosp is a Lawyer in Boston. It was a great Mystery.
23/Jul/07 5:10 AM
Finished Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver. Reminded me a little of 'sliding doors're parallel lives and how our destinies are decided in a split second decision...
25/Jul/07 7:23 PM
Currently I am reading two very different books...Birdsong, by Sebastian Faulks and The Mermaid Chair...ahhhh love and war... Can anything be better? I'll make further observations once I've finished them. The Mermaid is written by Sue Monk Kidd, who also wrote Secret Life of Bees. The problem with More...
28/Jul/07 3:56 AM
Mamacita - I read the Secret Life of Bees many years ago - there were a few novels out at the same time with 'bees' in the title, Spelling Bee was one - I have to try and remember the other one as they were all good reads...I shall look out for The Mermaid Chair...happy reading!
28/Jul/07 6:48 PM
Birdsong is a wonderful book, the tunnel diggers is a fascinating insight into what went on. Won't say anymore as I'm not sure where you are in the book. Best book by Faulks, read Charlotte Grey but was a litle disappointed after Birdsong. His new one is packed ready for my hols, can't wait.
29/Jul/07 2:47 AM
or is that Gray? No matter.
29/Jul/07 2:47 AM
Mary - I listen to 'We need to talk about Kevin' its was interesting - the ending had a disscussion with the author. Kevin was quite a character.... I'm listening to 'nineteen minutes' same subject matter but different reasoning behind the story.
31/Jul/07 5:55 AM
I have also read the Sue Monk books - I enjoyed both of them
31/Jul/07 5:55 AM
Billy, just thought that you would be interested in a new book that is coming out - thought it would be right down your alley at the moment! Shakespeare by Bill Bryson, meant to be about the life of said playwright. As Bill Bryson's book are normally quite humerous, it might be a good read.
10/Aug/07 4:27 PM
Mymare, the whole issue of school shootings is so fraught, I want to bury my head in the sand and pretend they don't happen.
14/Aug/07 10:07 AM
Thanks Em - will look out for it - but as you the end of this semester I may be sick of the sight of old wobblestick...
24/Aug/07 7:13 PM
Having finished Mermaid Chair and Birdsong, I'm now looking for a good memoir for my book club...any suggestions? Loved both of the above mentioned books, and André, I agree that the insight of the tunnel diggers was most interesting. I didn't like the way he introduced the Characters in the More...
26/Aug/07 4:24 AM
Just finished Shifting Fog by Kate Morton. Very easy to read but the quite interesting the way that it has been set
27/Aug/07 9:13 AM
Mel.I'm not familiar with that book...can you give me a bit more without spoiling it for others?
28/Aug/07 4:14 AM
Mamacita - I was racking my brains for a memoir - but it's been years since i've read one. I've got a Great Read Guide next to me and it recommends Romulus, My Father by Raimond Gaita. I saw the movie of the book a month or so back and it was excellent - but quite harrowing...
I'm looking forward to the film "Atonement" as the book is one of my all-time favourites...
28/Aug/07 11:06 PM
Mama - if you can find The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby (a memoir) - it will be well worth it. Another book I have lent out and forgotten who to...
28/Aug/07 11:09 PM
I have a copy billy but where I've put it is anyone's guess... I've probably lent it out. Still reading Greg Iles Turning Angel, quite a good little read.. for a page turner...
29/Aug/07 12:53 AM
Thanks Billy, I'll check the two mentioned and see if I can come up with one or the other...hope its The Diving Bell and The Butterfly though...After Birdsong I don't need 'harrowing' right
29/Aug/07 6:11 AM
er....Mama - I didn't say the Diving Bell and the Butterfly was was not harrowing! Most memoirs are people wititng about themselves and how they have survived against, what seems like insurmountable odds, this one is no is beautifully written and it was one of those books that makes More...
29/Aug/07 8:17 AM
Billy...I got is harrowing, but its not ALWAYS as gory as war. I can handle that and I'm reading a romance page turner to break up the pace that I had been on with death at every turn. I have ordered the Diving Bell from my library and will wait its delivery...will keep you posted. Oh More...
30/Aug/07 1:06 PM
woooohooooo a friend of mine has just been published and is keeping fingers crossed that he gets picked up by Harper Collins: The Awakening by Bevan McGuiness. He's a chemistry teacher at Wesley College. Must admit I haven't picked up a fantasy novel in yonks (Mists of Avalon).
Mama - i hope the More...
31/Aug/07 9:22 AM
Congrats to your friend,'s hard to get published these days...have you read it yet?
31/Aug/07 10:24 AM
Not yet Mary - I haven't even read HP yet!! i've got 6 Shakespeare texts to read first - sigh...apparently once you get past the first 2 chapters its great - but quite heavy at first.
31/Aug/07 4:29 PM
31/Aug/07 4:53 PM
I have a friend who is writing a fantasy book and he keeps sending me the chapters, and then the edited chapters and then the changed chapters and I don't even like fantasy. I keep being morally supportive but I haven't read anything from him for ages...a few choice words of praise and we're both happy!
31/Aug/07 4:56 PM
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