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I met the most remarkable Travelling Grannie earlier this year. At the age of 89 she was backpacking around Europe.
Wow, Gath, I haven't heard of this page before. What is the reason for it?
Perhaps I'm in the category of Travelling Grannie Annie.
I think I should have put a date on the last comment so I will put it on now.
Saturday 6 January 2007.
Do I qualify as the travelling Grannie Having visited Australia 3 timesincluding Tasmania once, New Zealand once, Bali twice, Singapore 3 times, UK twice all in the last 21/2 years oh,and I live in France.
Jan 11th 2007
I too am a travelling grannie ... but not as busy as ganniemo and anne though.
I'm also a traveling Grannie, but most of my travel is either stateside, USA or the Caribbean Islands. I'd like nothing better than to travel to some of those places that GannieMo has enjoyed.
Hi all you fellow Grannies! I just found this page tonight, 1/10/07. Someday I'm going to count up the countries I've visited, but am too tired tonight (11:52 PM). More later!
1/16/07 - Hi, I travel at least once a month to Maryland to visit my grandson. Do I qualify?
Nancy - From NY to Maryland still counts as traveling in my opinion! We will be traveling to SC & NC for the next two weeks, one week at our beach house & one week with daughter, SIL, & 3 grandsons. #1 Grandson called me this morning very excited that they had snow in Cary, NC yesterday & got a More...
I wanted to figure out how many countries I've visited so I found a good website that lists all 194 countries & 61 colonies in the world. I feel like I've traveled quite a bit, but checked off the ones I've been to & totaled only 25 countries & 5 colonies. If anybody else wants to check the site More...
I've been in 40 countries and Gibraltar.It's quite late at night now , I will look at your list Kathy tomorrow again. Nice idea anyway ! There are some countries that I visited several times , every time another aspect , but this is still one country
neither am i a grannie nor am i a what am i doing here ??mmmmmmm just enjoying the company of the fella travellers of sudokuland..
Kathy wow...25 countries!!amazing....and Noemi 40 incredible..glad that i have your company..
ap - one of the countries I visited is India.I loved it !
My first count was 37 countries, but I'm still half asleep. I'll do a countback after I wake up.
Of course I'm not a grannie.
Thank goodness for that Ian(you had me worried!! )
I am not a grannie either but I did a quick count of all the countries I had visited so far and it came to 19 including two islands off the English coast... I hope it continues.. So much to see..
A slow count bought up 37 countries and 4 territories.
There's still a lot to go.
i checked the website...only visited 10 countries/territories. i'll probably be at the bottom of your list. lol. we do travel lots of miles within US, as we move between 4 manufacturing plants for hubby's work.
forgot to mention, yes, i'm also a grannie. with the new hip i got in Paris this summer, i think of myself as the bionic grannie
Hi to all grannies and travelers. I have been a grannie for 15 months as of tomorrow. In the past 3 years, we have been to the Caribbean twice. In the past 15 months we have had many trips between Illinois and Massachusetts - averaging a trip every 2 months or so. (Retirement came at a good time.) This summer, we hope to add about 3 countries; we're finally getting to Europe.
I should have dated my comment: Feb. 2, 2007 in the US.
For all you Travelling Grannies.....

When the busdriver stopped the bus to pick up Chris for preschool, he noticed an older woman hugging him as he left the house.
'Is that your grandmother?' he asked.
'Yes,' Chris said. 'She comes to visit us for Christmas.'
'How nice,' the More...
Loved the story Canuk Greg. Will be meeting my daughter and grandson soon in Hersey, Pa. It is the halfway mark for us. We try to meet at least once a month. I have been to Spain, Morocco and Canada. Not as many as most of you but I still have younger children at home.(2/10/07)
This travelling grannie just got back from 2 weeks in Spain in our campervan. It was great, warm and sunny in February. Back now and spring is busting out all over.(So is my tummy after all that fabulous food and wine)
My daughter and grandson will be visiting next weekend from Maryland. Can't wait to see how big he has gotten.(3/24/07)
23/Mar/07 9:02 PM
I'm off to visit my daughter in Wickham on 15 May for my youngest Grandaughters 6th birthday. I've been intending visiting on her birthday for the past two years but have ended up overseas in some far off place, well, England/France, then last year Peru and South America. This year I'm finally More...
04/May/07 11:23 PM
Hey There travelling sudokuists! (If not in body, at least in spirit.) I also love to travel, and I'm a Grannie! In fact, it was on a trip to Africa, two years ago in July, that I discovered sudoku. A Kiwi on the same trip had brought a sudoku book - and it was love at More...
05/May/07 12:12 PM
I would like to nominate Queen Elizabeth II as an honourary Travelling Grannie. At 81 she has to be one of the most travelled grannies ever.
Mind you I would travel more if I had her luxurious forms of transport.
06/May/07 6:19 PM
want to be travelling grannie also,
love travelling,
and at the moment visiting daughter in Thailand.
been only once to England.
there are lots of places i would like to visit
09/May/07 7:56 PM
This grannie will be traveling to Ohio next weekend for my niece's graduation from Purdue University. My daughter and grandson will meet us there. I can't wait to see them. It has been over a month since we last got together.
18/May/07 8:03 PM
Another travelling Grannie. Last year we did an 'around the world' trip going to NY, into Halifax(Canada), UK, Russia,UK,Africa,and home(7 weeks).
We have travelled to Europe 4 or 5 times as one daughter lived in Germany for some years. To Asia for China, Vietnam, Tailand,Singapore,Hong More...
26/May/07 6:31 AM
I am a travelling Grannie as well but I have only been to one country since I became a grannie in December, 2005. That was to New Zealand this year. I have been to twenty other countries before. I have lived in three countries, Australia, New Zealand and England and in Australia I have lived in More...
11/Jun/07 7:22 PM
Met my daughter and grandson at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA this past weekend. He is getting too big too quick.
21/Jul/07 7:03 AM
Just discovered this page! Although my traveling is rather limited these days, we have done a lot of traveling over the years - due, in part, to a market research business (and later, wine importing business) that my husband and I had. Some years, we were overseas more than we were in our own More...
26/Aug/07 8:30 AM
Oops! I forgot Belgium, Colombia, The Netherlands and Spain!! (Good thing I checked Kathy's list of countries).
26/Aug/07 8:42 AM
And Guadeloupe. (Of course, Martinque and Guadeloupe are departments of France, so I don't know if they count as separate countries).
26/Aug/07 8:48 AM
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