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Submitted By: Angie from Melb

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Create words from the letter grid to solve the puzzles!

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Oh, gee thanks Angie, I needed another reason to waste more hours!!!
17/Jun/08 4:32 PM

glad to see a few have taken up this game.
For some fun, why not post your score here and challenge the rest of us.
17/Jun/08 9:12 PM
17/Jun/08 9:52 PM
Want to see how bad it was for me that you posted this game?

117600 (that was on a downloaded version, which only let me play once)

Thanks Angie!
20/Jun/08 10:17 AM
22/Jun/08 9:32 PM
25/Jun/08 9:41 PM
Welcome to flip word Peter.
25/Jun/08 11:32 PM
Just found this page.
Its a great game.
27/Jun/08 9:57 PM
Hia Angie
Hey love the game, but must need a heap more practise, was just really excited about my score and was going to let you all know, and realised that its the lowest score on the page, 32150 and I was oh so proud.
Will practise some and then you guys better watch out. HAHAHA

28/Jun/08 6:39 PM
69725 (haven't figured out all of the rules - what does "free" mean and is "double" points or letters.)
29/Jun/08 12:58 AM
Ok all after playing for hours managed to get to
round 5 with a score of 40575

Then played another and got to
Round 8 with a score of 56525
29/Jun/08 2:30 PM
94975 - got to round 9 and bombed out on 'Siberian Husky' - like I would have worked that out!
Stella - 'free' means that if you use it anywhere in a word and it's part of the answer it will show, usually it's only the first letter that counts. 'Double' doubles the score for that word. There's a triple as well.
30/Jun/08 10:21 AM
BTW - thanks Angie for hours of fun (even though I don't really have the hours to waste).
30/Jun/08 10:23 AM
Wow - more than 2 hours later - got right through game for 109400 points.
Now I've got to do some work!
30/Jun/08 12:56 PM
way to go Cynb, glad you are all having fun with this one.
30/Jun/08 4:28 PM
Two heads are better than one - hubby and I just got through game for a score of 123475 points! Yayyy!
01/Jul/08 1:06 PM
Thank you Cyn - Siberian Husky
01/Jul/08 11:36 PM
Hey CynB, if you download a copy you can go past round 10.... but it will only let you play it once and then you have to buy it.
02/Jul/08 7:27 PM
99000 with the wongerful help of my brainy 14yo daughter.
05/Jul/08 6:55 PM
wooohooo - 130075, with lots of 10,000 bonus points with knowing the word/phrase and playing it out before you run out of turns...
12/Jul/08 11:18 PM
Well I have just tried this game and have no idea what I am doing can some one please explain!!!
13/Jul/08 8:12 PM
60500....not bad for a complete beginner....
Jonjo...ask Gail!!!!
14/Jul/08 2:30 PM
Best word - PUFFED 1200 points
15/Jul/08 4:46 PM
63250...getting better and the house is getting dustierx
18/Jul/08 6:22 PM
93925 and I can't remember my best word!
30/Jul/08 7:25 PM
Guess I'll have to try harder to get up to those numbers - didn't even hit 50K
20/Aug/08 2:25 PM
05/Sep/08 3:55 AM
Best word: OBJECT, for 1200 points.
05/Sep/08 12:02 PM
90,000 at round 8...
19/Jan/09 7:19 PM
Download Sudoku from google play store
12/Jun/19 11:04 AM
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