Sudokuland: ANTHEM, LOGO & FLOAT Design Discussion

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On the Jan 15th there were a couple of ideas that were developing.

Kevin/Utah - had started a Sudokuland Anthem to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree"/"Oh Taunenbaum"


Shaz's idea of a Sudokuland T-shirt - that members could buy and wear to a prominent More...
21/Jan/08 2:46 PM
On the Anthem: This is what they had come up with so far:

Sudokuland, Sudokuland, how many square's are filled in?
da da da da da da da da, da da da da da da da in
Enjoy the fun 'till all are done, and see the picture hidden there
Sudokuland, Sudokuland, da da da da da da da More...
21/Jan/08 2:49 PM
CG added the following as a possible Anthem for review - adjustment, etc to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree:

There is a site, where all is bright,
And people GATHer often.
To play a game, through day and night,
And meet old friends forgotten.
We have such joy,
With number More...
21/Jan/08 2:51 PM
Regarding a Logo we have the following:

Rayray /Yorks & E.Sussex - Angies concept design of 'day and night combined' for the Maen for Sudokuland.

MizTricia1/Alabama – Suggested a Sudoku grid & world map with connecting lines to Sudokuland.

21/Jan/08 3:29 PM
Eve/So. Oregon working from the above 2 came up with the following idea for a T-Shirt FRONT:
A World Map (The 4 segment style that connects at the equator and the 4 segments go to point at the poles).

The map could overlay a Sudoku board with some numbers in some of the squares (dark More...
21/Jan/08 3:30 PM
Jane From St. Simons Island, GA
Hey, everybody! I've developed a couple of T-shirt ideas which I will be happy to e-mail to you if you want to send me your e-mail address in a private message to me. These are just roughs, but the idea behind these is that whatever design we More...
21/Jan/08 3:31 PM
On January 3 Jane suggested we design a Sudokuland Float for the Rose Parade by the end of the day – this is what we had:


Rosemary's Naughty couch
Beer in Fridge / Chest
André (mourning) Dead Fridge
Judy's wienner stick
Animals - Moose, Elephant, More...
21/Jan/08 3:48 PM
So do you want to finish off the lyrics, design of any of these? Any other suggestions. Jane can you explain your Logo designs in written word?
21/Jan/08 3:50 PM
Ok, I've got a design for our T-Shirt, check it out on my page. Mind you its nearly 1am in the morning and I couldn't sleep, its only a quick draft.
22/Jan/08 12:52 AM
This is a 'slightly' cleaned up version of my proposed anthem, sung to the tune 'Oh Taunenbaum' (Oh Christmas Tree) per Kevin's (Utah) suggestion. Comments, suggestions, changes, additions are welcome.

There is a site, where all is bright,
And people GATHer often.
To play a game, More...
22/Jan/08 2:59 AM
Angie: I like your T-shirt design. Clean, not cluttered and probably not costly to make. Jane designed one with a globe of the world showing people holding hands around the world. Her globe would be a nice fit for the back of the shirt.
22/Jan/08 3:02 AM
On the T-shirt idea, Shaz later commented that designs would have to take into consideration copyright issues. For example, Angie's day/night combined smile is from a commercial website (I think) so copyright permission would be required to use it. We need to ensure that anything we produce does NOT violate copyright infringements.
22/Jan/08 3:07 AM
Angie - very simple design - gets the basic point across. Jane had suggested an "iron-on". This would make a good "iron-on" could be on any color T.

The only problem I have with "iron-on" (even when done by a professional) is that colors are lost so easily - after a single washing . I wonder how this single color - black - would hold up.
22/Jan/08 5:39 AM
Simple design and getting the basic point across are the key elements to the shirt. As for a shirt that may be made and worn by people (regular Sudokuland players) in over 30 different countries, an "iron-on" might be the easiest way to distribute the final design. Ideas on how to easily produce and distribute the t-shirt also need to be discussed.
22/Jan/08 6:57 AM
Sorry I haven't been around lately. I've been engrossed in the Australian Open tennis tournament and since I tape the matches, I don't want to accidentally find out who won them. I know there aren't a lot of tennis players/fans in Sudokuland, but just one comment on the results of a crucial match More...
22/Jan/08 9:52 AM
I just re-read my post, and I hope it didn't sound like I was inferring that I didn't like Angie's design! I do like your shirt, Angie, but I also think we could use some more ideas.

And speaking of ideas, here's one: Maybe we shouldn't try to go global with the T-shirt (shipping costs More...
22/Jan/08 10:13 AM
JANE, can you put your graphic ideas up on your page like Angie did? I loved both of them!

I think Iron on is the only way to go. There is a Pre treat liquid used for printing computer inks onto fabric ( and that is what we are doing with iorn ons, just the transfer sheet is the method of More...
22/Jan/08 10:26 AM
MizT - Both of my ideas were done as Word documents, so I don't think I can post them on my page. If there's a way to turn them into JPEGs or whatever, I haven't a clue on how to do it! Where do you get the pre-treat liquid? I do a lot of iron-ons, and while most of mine are tote bags (that don't get washed often), I also do T-shirts and aprons.
22/Jan/08 10:40 AM
ANGIE, I like your design, It is simple and informative. Good use of space. You do good work at 1 am!

22/Jan/08 11:26 AM
Jane, most quilt shops have it, and many online places,i will have to look up the name for you and just how many yards of fabric it will treat per bottle. i usually am treating fabric 8 1/2x11, to make labels for quilts and an occasional photo to go on quilt.

I think there is a way to add More...
22/Jan/08 11:29 AM
Posted a First cut Logo Design on my page. It incorporates what I had come up with above. It is much more complex than Angie's design.
22/Jan/08 11:46 AM
PS - The lines are not perfectly straight - my current paint program does not have guidlines, like my old one did - so it was guess work & I wanted to just get the idea posted.
22/Jan/08 11:59 AM
If we are doing "iron-ons", then I still like the idea of the Anthem (what ever we come up with) be on the back. Oh, I should have put my "Cuttie Pie" photo in a box. I'll repost that photo if it is not showing on my page.
22/Jan/08 12:03 PM
Eve - I like your design! How did you post it? As I mentioned earlier, I did two designes on Word but have no idea how to convert them to a format that can be posted on my page? Any suggestions?
22/Jan/08 12:10 PM
Hi Jane,
In regard to making a word document into a picture document, this is how I did it.

Open up a plain Paint page, make it big enough to fit a whole word document in it.
Copy your word document, go back to your paint page, and click on edit, then just ctr+v or just paste.

Hope that makes sense. lol.
22/Jan/08 12:35 PM
Thank you, Angie! I didn't even know I had Paint on my new computer, and it took me awhile to find it. I have now posted both t-shirt ideas on my page, but you have to look through the gallery to find them both. And now I'm off to bed (it's after 1:30 am here!)
22/Jan/08 5:34 PM
Maybe the t-shirt should include a listing of links to the various pages on site.
23/Jan/08 12:08 AM
And don't forget all the advertising.
23/Jan/08 12:20 AM
Just added a third t-shirt design idea (very rough!) to my page. (Click on Picture Gallery to see them all). MizT - like your design. Let us know if you find a globe/map featuring Australia.
23/Jan/08 3:20 AM
All the designs are really great. So many talented people here. I especially like the Loyal Subject one. Can I have one of each.
23/Jan/08 4:00 AM
Jane - the globe on my design has Australia on it - fairly large and distintive on the bottom right bulge. It is a "sinusidal projection" A "Werner projection" is a heart shaped map - it does have Australia on it - a little weird in shape - there is also an alternative More...
23/Jan/08 4:16 AM
Eve - what I had in mind was something like the globe I used in one of my designs - where people holding hands are encircling the earth - but where Australia is the main focal point. Can we use the maps that you found, or are they copyrighted?
23/Jan/08 4:35 AM
So many great ideas out there for t-shirt logos. I think we have some talented designers on the site! It seems to me the ideas of a parade float (a one day fun exercise) and an anthem (another of our one day fun excursion) have gone by the wayside. I would wear any of the shirts shown More...
23/Jan/08 5:00 AM
CG: That is a good question?

I am posting another design simpler with a different map type on my Flicker.

All of the designs submitted other than the King Gath can be incorporated.

An Avatar for King Gath could be utilized.
23/Jan/08 5:16 AM
Have posted a cleaned up board with the Mercator map with Gath Avatar Centered just above and to right of Australia, along with smilies, etc. Various fonts. It may be a bit cluttered.

Would like to hear impressions of the 1/2 dozen designs submitted thus far. Angie/Melborne (1), More...
23/Jan/08 12:06 PM
Oh yes & you poets - how about some verse for the Anthem - any comments of Greg's?
23/Jan/08 12:07 PM
Eve - as I mentioned earlier this morning, I've added a third design to my page (under "Picture Gallery"). Can't believe we haven't gotten any more contributions!
23/Jan/08 1:13 PM
Eve, Jane, Angie et al - all the designs are great and I for one couldn't pick a favourite. I also am not talented enough to make a contribution. So I'll just be an onlooker for the moment.
23/Jan/08 11:51 PM
Found a unique map & put it on a Sudoku board - it is in my Photo Gallery - the other 3 are on Flicker.
24/Jan/08 11:17 AM
I am all about t-shirts - I probably keep close to 100 at all times. I will certainly be in the market if we can work something out.
25/Jan/08 5:43 AM
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