Birthdays and Other Celebrations

This is a Birthday and Celebrations List as at 4th August 2007.Jan 3 Fran (anniv)
Jan 4 Billy, Perth
Jan 6 Tricia, Nemo tx
Jan 5 Chris, Canberra
Jan 15 Rola (anniv)
Jan 15 June, Epping
Jan 17 Ed,  Lithia
Jan 18 Susan, Ingham
Jan 25 Hugh,  Canberra
Jan 28 Victoria, Fernlands.

Feb 11 Joe B, Ontario
Feb 12 Veronica (daughter, Rose Sydney)
Feb 13 Anne
Feb 15 Judy, San Diego
Feb 17 Jano, Lebanon
Feb 19 Topaz, Jindera
Feb 20 Col (anniv)
Feb 22 Catherine, France
Feb 23 Lisa, Toronto
Feb 23 Brenda, Stevenage
Feb 26 Karen, Sydney

March 2 Graeme, Wangaratta
March 2 Kathy, Maryland
March 7 Rose, Sydney
March 8 Cyndi, Sc (anniv)
March 9 Celia, Toronto
March 13 Bill K, NY
March 13 Yvette, England
March 14 Missielely, Ka
March 20 Carol, Punta gorda
March 21 Jo, Adelaide
March 21 Gareth,  (son of Mickey Melb)
March 23 Canuk Greg
March 24 Sarah, UK

April2 K, Brissie
April 4 Nal, Miami
April 5 Mike (husband LynnDee WA)
April 7 Amma, Wash/usa/Iceland,
April 7 Bluey
April 11 Morgan, (daughter of Mickey Melb)
April 12 Baz
April 13 Marjo, Oregon
April 14 Mamacita, (anniv)

April 15 Gail
April 19 Anya
April 20 Jeanette P
April 27 Eden
April 29 Sandra,  Derbyshire
April 30 Ariane (Rose Sydney, daughter)

May 2 Jodi, Melton
May 3 Angie, Melb
May 4 Stella
May 8 Cee Cee
May 12 Gath
May 13 Elaine
May 14 Linda, Minnesota, aka LK from MN,
May 16 Rola
May 21 LynnDee and Mike (anniv, 25th 2008)
May 22 Angela, Dallas
May 23 Mamacita,  Pa, USA
May 25 Shiela,  Saline
May 26 Dave,  Oregon/Arizona
May 26 Sue,  Oz
May 27 Deb, Calamvale
May 29 Chrissy, Canberrra
May 29 Lauren, Wangaratta
May 30 Fred, Cincinnati
May 30 Chalkboard

June 1 Hugh, retirement day
June 2 Jeana, Phil
June 2 Pam/psa, VI, (anniv)

June 5 Ruby
June 6 Lynn, Tassie
June 10 Liz, France
June 10 Karen, Ohio
June 10 LynnDee, WA usa
June 11 Lynne, Kanahooka
June 17 Kathy and Rob (anniv)
June 18 MizTricia
June 21 Rosemary, Wangaratta,
June 21 Carla (daughter Fiona france)
June 22 Fran
June 25 Gloria, Sydney
June 26 Fiona, France

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I hope this helps everyone who wants to send birthday and anniversary wishes to fellow sudokuists to do so.
04/Aug/07 3:58 PM
an addition for March is
March 23 Ian and Anne, Sydney (anniv.40 years 2008)
05/Aug/07 9:13 AM
Addition for January:
January 10 my son Michael

Addition for June:
June 28 my hubby Taus
08/Aug/07 3:42 AM
for the list Rosemary - I'll be using it - may I add my humble birth on April 17.
Thank you - have a good day. Mary
12/Aug/07 7:53 AM
for you list of .
It is very lovely list to be used .
May I added my Daughter Sandy on JULY 1st,my Grandson Kevin on Aug.19th,,my wife'Magda' on Jan 7th and mine Sep.1st.
Many thanks and have a nice time
12/Aug/07 5:19 PM
What a monumental effort. Congratulations! My birthday is December 29.
19/Aug/07 3:07 PM
Mine is on the 12th.
03/Feb/08 12:26 AM
Well I can't do it myself, I wonder if anyone is willing to step in and update this list and the part 2 birthday list, or does it matter now that those who want to can post their birth dates on their page?
08/Jan/10 6:54 AM
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