What you gain from" Sudoku site"?

Submitted By: Wagdy Kamel from EGYPT-now in FL.USA.

1st,May 2008 was my date to join Sudoku site.It is One year now or my first Sudoku Birthday.

The question is what I/You gain from this site?

Fun,Chat,Friendship,International knowledge,Share photos,Enjoying comments,....................

My words is ;It is wonderful World ,with a very nice friends,making a big One family,who share you your happy times as well as the sad times.You feel with all these friends that you are very free to tell them what you feel .

It is not just for fun.

It is not just a chat.

I personally gain too much from this site;

I met all the friends who visit Egypt and have a very nice time during thier visit.

I shared with this site more than 150 photos from my collecion which cover the most interest places of Cairo/Egypt,and my visits to my son in CA/USA.

I recieved during this Year about 750 massages in my own pages .

I gain too much knowledge about many many places I hadn't seen before.

Many friends pictures have been changed from just thier Dogs,Cats,.. to Flowers,Plants or places of interst which meet the request of most friends.

I gain many many friends who I feel I know them from many years ago.




What about YOU....

What YOU gain .

What Your feeling.

What your interest

What We can do to keep our wonderful Sudoku site is our Wonderful World.?

How We can do to keep ourselves real One big family.

Your comments will be very interest to get our target to more sucess and more improvements. 

Indicate which comments you would like to be able to see

May 11th, 2008 is the day I joined this site.
I started out here enjoying both the Sudoku and Jigsaw puzzles, and wanted to comment on the ones I enjoyed the most. What I found were people whom I had more in common with than most everyone I More...
19/May/09 11:44 AM
Hi Wadgy - what a lovely idea!
I only found this site 2 years ago searching for puzzles. It took a while to even realize that people were making comments and even longer before I decided to join in. I feel that I have extended my horizons so much and have found many new cyber-friends. I More...
19/May/09 12:01 PM
I could have said that so much more concisely - I came here for the puzzles and stayed for the people.
19/May/09 12:20 PM
What a good idea, Wagdy!
I joined this site on May 1, 2007. At that time there was a crazy "Last to Post" contest going on.
That is where I first met so many of the people here. I think what I like most is that I can come here anytime, day or night, and there is always someone to More...
19/May/09 1:06 PM
I joined so long ago I don't even remember when it was! I was here before you had to join.

All of the things you said, and I learn something new every day I come here.
19/May/09 2:47 PM
Great question, Wagdy. I just spent some time wandering around in the Archives and the earliest post I could find for myself was March 5th, 2006. It really doesn't seem like I've been coming here that long. It was fun to see who was posting back then that I've come to think of as good friends. It More...
19/May/09 3:57 PM

Another question, Wagdy, might be why people have stopped coming to this site, or stopped posting.

19/May/09 7:43 PM
Haven't we had these discussions before on other forums and easy pages?
BTW Ian, did you manage to read my msg?
19/May/09 8:05 PM
CynB, succinctly put -

Came here for the games, stayed for the people.

Wagdy, you were one of them. You always seemed so friendly and it made me want to be involved.

What have I gained from this site?...a lot of confidence, a lot of new friends and a lot of support when I have needed it.

Thank you Gath.
19/May/09 8:42 PM
Thank you Wagdy for this fun page! It's been interesting reading your intro and other's reasons. You are always so positive...an admirable quality, indeed!
I joined the site on July 7th, 2008 - I'm not quite up to my one year anniversary, yet.
I have gained much enjoyment from the puzzles and More...
20/May/09 12:51 AM
Like everyone else, I came for the puzzles and stayed for the people. I have made many friends from around the world. I truly feel blessed to have all these wonderful people in my life. Thank you to everyone for helping me stay sane and giving me an escape or a shoulder to cry on when I need it.
20/May/09 11:29 AM
I started out looking for a place to solve sudoku puzzles online. Gath's system worked pretty well for me, although I was looking for online options then, as now, that no one's yet done.

I was very intrigued by the "reward" of seeing a photo behind the completed puzzle: More...
21/May/09 3:07 AM
I came for the sudoku, enjoyed the jigsaws, and began to learn the people on easy. Huumm, I have been here since before the " Last to post Contest", but i think that is when I got to know so many and continue to talk to many of them almost daily.

I think Keith was the first More...
25/May/09 1:40 PM

People have talked a lot about why they've stayed on this site; some have talked about why people leave.

Another question: How long has it been since the site has actually gained a regular or even occasional participant in the conversation on the Easy page? A year? Two years?
28/May/09 5:46 PM
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