Birthdays and Other Celebrations Part 2

This is the second half of the list

July 1 CP, Canberra
July 1 Geoff,  Windang
July 2 Mickey
July 2 Scott, (son Fiona france)
July 2 Ian, Sydney
July 2 Sandy (Wagdys daughter)
July 3 Kate, texas
July 17 Sue, OK
July 17 Martha, Saratoga
July 21 Jeana, Maine USA
July 21 Kalleb, (son of Mickey Melb)
July 26 Rob, Utah
July 26 Claude, France
July 30 Sandra, La/Nc
July 31 Cathy,  Southern Ontario

Aug 1 Shelly, Montana
Aug 2  Hubby (Cathy SO)
Aug 7  Cathy, SO (anniv)
Aug 7 Paul - (husband of Rose, Sydney)
Aug 10 Emels/Mel, Perth
Aug 10 Debby, MI
Aug 12 Betty, Boston
Aug 15 Angie, Wisconsin
Aug 15 Eve, Oregon
Aug 31 Cyndi, Sc
Aug 31 Glenn, Winter Springs (anniv)
Aug 31 Old Hickory, Sc (anniv)

Sept 2 Nancy (anniv)

Sept 3 Lynda, Perth
Sept 4 Nancy
Sept 8 Sarahoz
Sept 8 Sarah Beth
Sept 11 Amma (anniv)
Sept 11 Jane, St Simons Island GA
Sept 17 Keith, Ca, 
Sept 17 Harley
Sept 20 LM from Ontario
Sept 21 Lee, Millicent SA (anniv)
Sept 21 Jacques - (son of Rose sydney)
Sept 22 Larryville,  Ks usa
Sept 22 Aileen, Calif (anniv)
Sept 26 Jenni, Canberra
Sept 30 Bert, bwi

Oct 4 Cathy, SA
Oct 5 Jaz
Oct 6 Col
Oct 9 Andre, England
Oct 10 Robin, Michigan
Oct 13 Nan, left coast usa
Oct 13 Elinor - (daughter of Rose Sydney)
Oct 15 Xander, (son of Mickey Melb)
Oct 18 Liam, 2005 (Lisa's Toronto'sbaby),
Oct 18 Aileen, California
Oct 22 Glenn,  Winter Springs Fl.
Oct 23 Suzanne, Seattle
Oct 29 GannieMo
Oct 29 Fi,  NT

Nov 5 Baz (anniv)
Nov 6 BA, Palm Harbor
Nov 10 Karen (dave perth)
Nov 13 Jim,  Jupiter
Nov 15 Taylah, Wangaratta
Nov 23 Tlarna, (daughter Mickey Melb)
Nov 25 AP,  India
Nov 27 Julie, IL usa
Nov 30 Val, Bolton, england

Dec 1 Georgia, So Cal
Dec 2  Floss, Hawks Nest
Dec 3  Elsie, Strath
Dec 4  Kathy, Valrico
Dec 4  Judy, Bendigo
Dec 13 Scott,  Ohio
Dec 13 Lindy, Townsville
Dec 16 Susan, Ingham (anniv)
Dec 19 Jamie, Texas 
Dec 20 Cindy, Michigan
Dec 31 Loza, Melbourne

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hope this helps everyone enjoy sending good wishes to fellow sudokuists
04/Aug/07 3:59 PM
Please add
July 10th, Anew
04/Aug/07 11:49 PM
Please add
Sept 7 Karen, Riesel Texas (anniv)
Dec 18 Karen, Riesel Texas BD
06/Aug/07 2:58 PM
Is it too late? Mine is April 6th.
06/Aug/07 7:20 PM
Thank you Rosemary, for all your hard work in compiling this list. BTW, Sarahoz and Sarah Beth are the same person, although I have been accused of having a split personality!
07/Aug/07 3:55 AM
I have three additions for December.
December 2 my daughter Amber.
December 18 my son Kyle AKA gumballthechewy
December 29 is my birthday.
08/Aug/07 3:40 AM
Sept 10 Stella, Saratoga (& Jerry anniv. 25th in 2008)
09/Aug/07 8:52 AM
thought that may have been the case but no one picked it up so thought best to leave both rather than miss someone out.
09/Aug/07 8:58 AM
mmm seems I missed August 13th Wendy, Ocean Grove.
sorry Wendy
13/Aug/07 9:41 AM
Angie (Wisconsin): Oops! You're not the Angie I thought you were - but I certainly wish you a happy birthday!
16/Aug/07 1:01 AM
Thanks for your lovely and listerest 2nd half list.
Pls Correct ,Sandy's Birthday is 1 st July.
Pls add ,Our Aniv.Wagdy*Magda is 23 Aug.
Pls add ,My Birthday is 1 st .September.
Thanks .
16/Aug/07 11:24 AM
Oops. I just added my birthday to the comments in Part 1. It is December 29. Please excuse -- this is my first venture into the Forums territory!! July 9 (2008) will be our 40th wedding anniversary. Where does the time go???

Oh yes -- for this monumental effort. It must have taken a lot of time to organize.
19/Aug/07 3:14 PM
Thanks Rosemary, you're a legend.
19/Aug/07 10:31 PM
I'm not on the list! Never mind. My birthday is 11 Nov which is Armistice Day when WW1 finished. So all the flags fly half mast. So lets not forget the old diggers (Aussie soldiers)too.
26/Aug/07 10:55 AM
Add me 23rd Dec.
26/Nov/07 9:12 PM
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