Callide - Artificious

Submitted By: andré from england

Playing the game:-

Using one letter (maybe two as in Th, Sh, etc), to be chosen each week or maybe sooner, form a sentence using the said letter to start each word of the sentence.


André assumed an apostrophe always accompanied altrustic algorithms and acted, albeit, antidisestablishmentarianismistically, abandoning all abominable abrasiveness. Alternating any abortive arguments absorbing, absolutely, any abuttals always.

(Erroneou letters/words can be used to add flavour to a sentence if necessary).

I hope you will enjoy and contribute enthusiastically. Thank you x

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First letter 'f' - minimum of five words to be used for this letter.
26/Aug/09 10:21 PM
Fine, friend, for flinging formidable fripperies for folks fraught from flipping flapjacks!
26/Aug/09 10:53 PM
Fourteen -- fifteen? -- folks find f's forbidding.

Frankly, fantastic fun!
27/Aug/09 7:21 AM
Four fine friends frolicked fulsomely, furthering funny footings for future friendly frolics.
27/Aug/09 10:47 AM
Folks fraught from flipping flapjacks found fresh fish fondues fulfilled flavoursome function.
27/Aug/09 1:24 PM
Fidgeting, flighty, furry felines fetched frogs flipperty flopping from far flung, fleabitten fields foraging for Fred fish. Fortunately flies flew filling flowers fetchingly.
27/Aug/09 8:33 PM
Forty-four froggie French frigates flying fluently forward, forfending fierce fire fight.
28/Aug/09 11:21 AM
"Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum" from familiar fairytale fails frightening fit foe from fable from foraging for foliage.
28/Aug/09 1:00 PM
Furiously fast, Fred Freemish's filthy Focke-Wulf finally flew fifty fortunate fellows forty furlongs from Frankfurt, for free.
29/Aug/09 10:17 AM
Fortunately,'Filthy Fred''s finicky friend 'Fancy Frank' fought fairly, flanking 'Fearsome Finn Fabio' (ferried from Flanders for fifty farthings), finally finding fleet footed foe for fostering football friendship.
30/Aug/09 1:24 PM
Fabian fabulously fabricated facundity fledgling flying fawns, feeling ferociously foolhardy, finishing fractious faeries feeling faint, for feckless fallibilites.
31/Aug/09 3:21 AM
Next letters - 'ch' - minimum of four words, no word repeated twice.
01/Sep/09 9:48 PM
Charles chewed chou-mein chorizo, chortling chowder, charging chardonnay, chain-smoking.
01/Sep/09 9:52 PM
Chris chundered; chunky chops, cheap champagne, cherry, cheese chaos!
01/Sep/09 10:10 PM
Chopin chipped Charlene's Christmas Chinese Chippendale...charming!
04/Sep/09 5:15 AM
Chiding Chimpanzees chase chuckling children.
06/Sep/09 12:47 AM
chopping, churning 'crubbing cleaning.. chores chores chores!! chores chokes the chee(k)sy Cinderella...
07/Sep/09 4:47 PM
appy - no, no, no, repetition of words...for your now have to 'do' five words starting with 'chi' repetition, its a harsh world...everyone else should do the same too!
09/Sep/09 8:24 PM
chiding chinese chilling child chipped chiding chiefs chilblains childishly.
09/Sep/09 8:31 PM
Chipper children chisled chifferobes, chipping chicken chimeras.
10/Sep/09 12:54 AM
chindu ke chacha ne chindi ki chachi ko,
chandi ke chamche se chatni chatai...
10/Sep/09 3:05 AM
Chipper Chileans chivalrously chitchatting, chirping, chiding Chinese chieftan's chichi chicanery.
10/Sep/09 7:52 PM
oh oh oh anu, kaibig-ibig na tinig syota...
11/Sep/09 6:04 AM
New letters -'thr' - minimum of six words, must contain the letter 'o'.
11/Sep/09 6:18 AM
throbbing throaty throttle threesome? thrombotic thromboplastic throes throve threefold! Okay I know that's crap but this was really difficult!
11/Sep/09 7:50 AM
Threescore thronging throwback threadworms throwing threonine throughout threnody.
11/Sep/09 9:28 AM
Throatwart threepennyworths throbless thraldom throws throughfares throughly.
13/Sep/09 3:20 AM
Thawed thrush thrust through thorax triples thiamine,therapist theory....(ha ha ha)
14/Sep/09 11:34 PM
New letters 'whe', minimum five words, each word must contain the letter 's'...
15/Sep/09 5:19 AM
Whelps wheedles whelms, whereas whelks wheezes whews.
15/Sep/09 9:58 AM
New letters...has to start with 'tre', minimum four words, no word repeated.
01/Oct/09 8:53 AM
treadmill treading treatment trends to tremble knees...( tried my best!!)
01/Oct/09 6:02 PM
treble treason! trepidatiously treating trees trebily (well, almost terribly anyway)
01/Oct/09 6:40 PM
Treacley Trevor treacherously trebled treatment, treading trenches tremulously.
01/Oct/09 10:54 PM
Trespassing trews trenchantly trembled trekked trench-ploughs treacling trepidations.
03/Oct/09 2:04 AM
okay...harder now. Two sets of letters 'abi' and 'obe' to be used alternatively. No less than six words...
08/Oct/09 9:42 AM
08/Oct/09 4:20 PM
Rabid Robert inhabited adobe cabins October-time
08/Oct/09 4:26 PM
Abiding obedient absorbabilites, obelises applicabilities obesity.
15/Oct/09 9:54 PM
Scabious Nabobesses babied sober seabirds, lobectomised jabirus, cohabiting.
19/Oct/09 2:18 PM
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