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Hi everybody, I have asked Gath to allow this page so that everyone who has posted in the past but rarely posts now can post here to let us know how they are! It would be wonderful to hear from the old timers just so we know you are still alive and well xx Please post xx
Looking forward to hearing from some of our old friends. Good one, andré!
There are those who have been on this site longer than me, but I'd still like to say 'Hi' to Nan/Left Coast, Kim/FL (how's the tractor?), Lynne/Kanahooka (and Geoff) if they are still lurking around...

Hope you are all doing well.
i dunno who are the old ones!!wonder what iam old or new??still curious to find out the 'old' ones thats 'new' to me!!
good try andré
Have been around since November 2005. Does that make me an oldie? Those where the days when not too much heavy stuff was posted. I don't remember arguments, or name-calling (except to the darned puzzle and our x's) we seemed to get along rather well. We were silly (VERY silly) and fun.
I have become a lurker of sorts.
I have been lurking around since the start - and thanks to the wonders of modern technology have been able to enjoy an almost daily fix of Sudoku from some very remote and obscure parts of the world
I am still here. My 3 kids and I are still trucking along on our own. Don't post anymore as I just don't have the patience to put up with being put down. So, I do the puzzles and read most of the posts to keep up with what you all are doing in your lives. Take care everyone.
Hi to all.
I have been around since very very close to the start ... May 2005 when we had a very basic site. When the comments started I didnt post anything for a while but then we had one of the parties and I started to join in and had so much fun!!
Maybe we should try for some more of that More...
started May or June 05
certainly an entertaining site at times
great job Gath and MAEN to all the rest
27 October 2006
Hello all - like most of you who have posted above, I started about June last year but didn't post comments until about November, not realising that they were displayed for all to see and to be able to chat with others. And all I had to do was to scroll down, and voila, there you More...
Some of the people I'd like to hear from:

Bluey from Port Kembla - how is Miles?
Nan from Left Coast, USA
Soup from Mississippi
Yvette from Rossendale
Dennis from the Navy
Amber from Michigan
Marilea from Michigan
Tootie from PA
Elaine from Butterfly More...
Hi, everyone. I'm still around, just rarely post. Still read the posts a few times a week, and pop into the chatroom occasionally. As always I enjoy reading what everyone's up to. I've been around too long to just give it up. Hope everyone is well.
I'm still here!

I was introduced to this great site in May 2005. Didn't post for a while, then joined in some of the boating parties with Dave?Pete? from Port Douglas and that hard-case guy from Melbourne and many others. I still post occasionally, and have tried unsuccessfully to post some photos of our More...
Greetings Gath:
I uploaded a couple of pics....figured you might be running out.
Oh yes! I forgot about the 'old days' Gath didn't have to post a ''Talk about anything and everything,etc, etc, etc.''

Those were the days my friend We thought they'd never end We'd sing and dance forever and a day....
We'd live the life we choose ...
We'd fight and never loose ...
For we were young and sure to have our way!
La la la la lalala
: )
...and we had no smilies so we had to

: D
Started about October 05. What happened to Geoff from Dapto, think Trevene was from Trinidad, Max van Alte, Brian from Wales, Bill from somewhere...and so on, and SweetRascal and lots of others. I haven't posted much this summer; been busy but there's less fun now. I did join a cruise More...
By the way, this page is a great idea andre - good one!
I havent posted for such a long time and I hardly ever come to this site anymore. Its just that I happened to be on tonight and I saw the link to this page so I thought I would post something. Out of nostalgia really. Well bye everybody because I shant be here again.
Gath and André - thanks so much for this page. Hopefully a few 'oldies' will check-in now and then. A name that hasn't been seen for awhile is also Bucko from Spokane...
Take care all. x
Lovely to see you all back, you are missed.
Hi to all! I haven't been around for as long as many of you, but have enjoyed the site, puzzles and everyone's comments regularly since about February 2006. There are good people, great ideas shared and the chance to 'meet' others from all around the world. You just can't beat it! Thanks Gath!
30 Oct
Hi - I'm definitely NOT an oldie! but I have been on the site since Oct 05. I came to the site in the middle of a wedding in Trinidad. My first thought was 'what the ????' - then I laughed, commented and Gath hasn't been able to get rid of me since then! (even had to find an internet More...
I have been doing the puzzles for a year or so - don't really remember when - I was wondering about Toni - she was going in to have a baby when I last read about her. Kathy of Valrico - you are so much better at keeping track of people - do you remember her or where she was from? I am sure it More...
Hi all!! I don't post much, but I read regularily. I miss hearing from many of you, great idea andre. Thanks for all your work Gath! [heart this site. Thanks, Pam aka PJ/NP
Sorry Jolyn - I don't remember a Toni. I read comments here for a month or more before I finally got up the nerve to make my very first comment on my birthday (Dec. 4) in 2005. After awhile when I was having trouble keeping everyone straight, I finally resorted to keeping some notes for myself! More...
Kathy from Valrico - thanks for answering. Maybe someone remembers her. I know what you mean about the memory going! A saying that I like is: Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. Have a happy day.
Jolyn - It was Toni from Australia but I don't remember much about when she last posted.
Something I have done on past occasions is to do a google search: put in the name of the person and follow it by sudoku and in the search hits look for this site and you can find people that way(although it More...
I haven't been here all that long either, just since March, '06, and am saddened that I missed some of the legendary events that happened before my time, as well as getting to know some of the early posters that post no more. Thank you andré for this great idea, and Gath for creating the place for it to be.
If anyone who frequents the tough puzzles - especially from may 05 through februaru 06 - has heard from gb, please let me know.
Steve - I haven't heard anything from gb either, but you could try the guestbook on his website (though I looked the other day & there seemed to be quite a lot of spam in there). In case you don't have it the address is http://brunogreco.free.fr/bazar/sudoku/
If you make contact, ask him to comment on here - would be good to hear from him!
I remember Bill from Woolwich... is that the Bill you mean HH? Around the same time there was Brian from Wales.. I think too...

We did have lots of fun... the parties... the KRP/QRP soapie...the suitor's poetry competition...
I thought it was Tina not Toni but may be mistaken.... hope all went well regardless of the ladies name.
I started coming here in Dec '05. Rose is the first person I recall chatting with and feeling close to.
I am wondering about Miles as well, it has been a while. Last we heard I am fairly certain he was doing okay. Where's Paul from Tassie? and Harley?
I read the comments almost everyday and More...
I've been around since Oct 05, and also miss the hugely entertaining parties like the Trinidad wedding. Perhaps we had too many and the novelty wore off. There was also Bill from Darwin, and does anyone else remember the 2 girls who spoke only to each other - Jess and Marie. What about the infamous Kerira and Di from Mackay?
I dunno when I started on this site, don't like the pretend parties, can't stand the immaginary cruises, don't post as often as I used to, but do like the fact that the spell nazi seems to be taking a lower profile.

Oh, and don't maen me!!!!
This is such a great page. Thanks Gath and Andrè. I first came to this site in Dec. of this year. Col was the first to greet me, I believe, but soon there was an even back and forth from many. I love the site, and have found so many interesting, kind people here. I'm glad to be a part of this great More...
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