Lessons and Experiencare taken from Immigration .?

Hi.All Sudoku Friends.

All or most of You are Immigrated from your Own Countries to Your Second or present Countries.

My Question is :

What are the Lessons you are taken from the Immigration ?


What your very true personal advice/advices to Everyone like now or think now to do the Immigration.?

I believe that all of you have the answers of my Two Questions to give them the True way and to  clear to them all what they can meet in this new life.

Your sharing will be highly appreciated  and Your Personal advice or experiences will be highly respted .

My aim is to clear to everyone like to immigrate now to Know the Experience of whom had immigrate from long time ago.

Many Thans.


Wagdy Kamel.

Cairo Egypt.

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Sorry, Wagdy, I was born in the United States and continue to live here. My grandparents immigrated from Ireland in the early 1900's and I believe their experience was very different from what people experience today.
09/Dec/07 3:47 AM
I highly recommend reading The Joy Luck Club and other books by Amy Tan. She is hilarious, but also poignantly describes the experience of 1st generation Chinese Americans and the clash of the two cultures in homes of families where parents' experiences are rooted in a society where parental respect, among other things, was much more important than it is today in the U.S.
09/Dec/07 4:21 AM
Like Mary, I also was born in the USA, but my grandparents immigrated here from Germany and Russia in the early 1900s. When I was a little girl I loved hearing them tell of their younger days as new U.S. citizens back in the days of horse-drawn delivery wagons.

We currently have two More...
09/Dec/07 5:51 AM
I don't know anything about immigration, but I do know this: The number one consideration is how your spouse feels about it.
09/Dec/07 5:58 AM
Hi Wagdy, I too am a US citizen but immigration, especially illegal immigration is a very big topic in Arizona. I have a high school friend who is an immigration lawyer and immigration legally to the US is quite the undertaking. I think it's easier to immigrate illegally! Immigrating legally is More...
09/Dec/07 8:14 AM
Hello everyone
Many thanks to whom start to share with thier respectfully comment.
To make ehe discution more general may I ass these points.
Why you seart thinking for immigration?
Are your immigratio was for only You or with your Family?
Was the life after immigration a More...
09/Dec/07 5:05 PM
well Wagady, thats a good question you have up there.I am an Indian and my son has immigrated to US for higher studies and got a job there, and might stay back there eventually. He being our only son, (I have a daughter)in future, if in case I wish to be with him, perhaps we(me and my husband) may More...
09/Dec/07 10:36 PM
Wagdy, I am sorry I misspelt your name..
09/Dec/07 10:38 PM
The trend now is for Indians who get educated here, to get hired by U.S. companies, and return to India where their jobs are. U.S. companies are not merely out-sourcing to India, now their setting up their research and development facilities, etc., there because the number of engineers and More...
10/Dec/07 5:24 AM
That should have been "now THEY'RE setting up ...." Don't want to give the wrong impression about U.S. educations.
10/Dec/07 5:27 AM
If you go to this link, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egyptian_American, there are links at the bottom of the page to groups through whom you can probably find Egyptian immigrants to the U.S. who can share their experiences, or general literature on the subject.
10/Dec/07 7:10 AM
Hi Wagdy
I immigrated to the US from Oz in 1990 because I married an American. We met in 1988 when I travelled to the US on business. I took a week in LA at the beginning of the trip and he was invited along to brunch at the Queen Mary with friends of mine - and me of course. I saw him every More...
10/Dec/07 1:58 PM
oohh - now I have proof that I'm full of it! My message was cut off. If that doesn't tell me when to shut up, nothing will!
10/Dec/07 2:02 PM
Oh suzy, IU was interested in what you were saying, it did not seem lengthy at all. What did you have cravings for? How long did it take you to become adjusted?

How about your children now, are they going through the same kinds of adjust ment problems you had in the USA?
12/Dec/07 1:27 PM
Hi MizT, I had cravings for foods that would be considered 'fast' food - things like pies and sausage rolls, not available in LA in the same form as in Oz. They aren't delicacies by any stretch of the imagination, just something you eat when in a mall or just in a hurry. I guess it was a year More...
12/Dec/07 4:48 PM
D#2 was born on June 29 and qualified to start school at 4 and a half - by one day, the cut off is June 30. Although academically ready, she was not coping with the move very well and was very emotional. We kept her out of school for another year and she started at 5 and a half. In the meantime More...
12/Dec/07 4:56 PM
New York Immigration Lawyer Marina Shepelsky, located in Brooklyn, assists clients from the New York metro area and across the United States in all immigration and naturalization matters http://www.e-us-visa.com
08/May/08 12:28 AM
I don't have personal experience but a long-view perspective. My comment is long, so I may have to split the post.
I have very mixed feelings about current immigration policies within the US. Unfortunately, Immigration can't read people's hearts and minds to tell why people want to enter the US More...
03/Jun/08 1:15 AM
Hi Wagdy
I am Canadian who migrated to Australia. I do not know where you want to immigrate to, but for any place you want to go to, make sure you have your official documents translated in the official language of the country, by a recognised translator. Have many official copies... official More...
05/Jun/08 8:57 PM
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