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Hi fellow quilters. I thought people might get bored with this subject on the main or SA pages, so asked for this page.
I'm a very part-time quilter these days. I have a cupboard full of UFOs (unfinished objects) also known as PIPs by some people (projects in progress - so what if it's been 10 More...
03/Jun/07 7:40 PM
I have knowledge of a Canberra based virtual guild, I'm checking it out for overseas members, will post details later.
03/Jun/07 7:41 PM
CP, thanks for the quilters page. My avatar is actually a quilt I want to use for inspiration to make myself a small quilt some day. It is called DAY STAR, and I fell in love with it.

I have about 4 WIP's (we call them Works in Progress topside) and I try to do something every year on More...
03/Jun/07 8:58 PM
Have set up a new email account I'm happy to have on site if anyone wants to send me their email addresses, or share quilt photos. It's:
03/Jun/07 9:02 PM
I have two quilts my MIL started for Amber before she passed away. One just needs the border and I don't quilt but I do sew. How do I finish it? I'll ask about the other one another time as I can't remember what needs to be done. I have to dig it up and look.
04/Jun/07 7:36 AM
Thank you CP for the quilter's page. I have started my stash & have2 UFO's and am starting a quilt for my daughter's birthday (hopefully will get it completed in time!).
04/Jun/07 11:35 AM
Hi CP - I have just noticed your quilters page & although I am not a quilter myself, I do love & admire them. Rob & I even went to a quilt show up in NC when we were there last month. There were entries from all over the U.S. & Canada, some really amazing work! I had no idea quilts could be such More...
04/Jun/07 10:29 PM
RENA, give me a day or so, and I will copy you directions on how to bind a quilt. There is more than one way to do it, I will tell you the way I do it.

First, is the quilt square corners or rounded edges? You have to do differently for rounded corners.

06/Jun/07 8:29 AM
Oh good luck, I found a online tutorial for binding. I kept running into broken links, all the places I once visited have closed thier websites or changed to charging for information.

OK, about.com has been reliable in it's information, but they changed quilting guides, and the old one More...
06/Jun/07 8:52 AM
Thanks MizT. I will check it out and let you know how it goes.
06/Jun/07 4:39 PM
I am so happy to find a group who work in my two favorite hobbies, quilting and sudoku. I have many UFO's in my sewing room and I dream about having time to do the sudoku pattern I just saw. Can't wait for updates!
09/Jun/07 5:33 AM
wow, this is a great page. i, too, am a quilter. i have made a quilt each for my 2 DILs, one for my mom for her 70th birthday with all the great grandkids names and birthdates(i used sunbonnet sue and sam for each block) and i have been workin on a sunbonnet sue for my only grandgirl. it's on hold More...
15/Jun/07 12:00 AM
SANDRA, I love Sunbonnet Sue and Sam. Your quilt with the Sue's and Sam's and names and birthdays of the great grands sounds like a wonderful quilt! Would love to see a picture if you have one.

My Mom made a Sunbonet Sue quilt, appliqued down with black buttonhold stitches. I was still More...
17/Jun/07 7:42 AM
I’m not a very good quilter, because I can’t sew with a machine worth a ****. However, I made a lap quilt for my dad of 4” squares front and back (from a Hawaiian swap meet) with a border. My first quilt ended up being a 72” x 72” comforter: this is the quilt I will describe because it is More...
22/Jun/07 8:24 AM
I tried posting to the quilting page as General Chat & also as Other. Neither posted.
22/Jun/07 8:30 AM
I'll try again & break it up into several posts.
22/Jun/07 8:31 AM
I’m not a very good quilter, because I can’t sew with a machine worth a ****. However, I made a lap quilt for my dad of 4” squares front and back (from a Hawaiian swap meet) with a border. My first quilt ended up being a 72” x 72” comforter: this is the quilt I will describe because it is More...
22/Jun/07 8:33 AM
To make it a little “classy”, I embroidered around each of the float designs on the 16 fronts, and on the 20 blank backs sewed on the patches. When laid out the 20 patches by year went clockwise around the outside and will be next to border, with the 4 floats on each group on the inside.
22/Jun/07 8:33 AM
Finishing it off:
Basted front and back together along the 30” squares – basting only between the 30” squares & borders and 30” squares & posts;
In place of ties, I used 16 buttons with red silk roses on the front and 16 buttons with pink silk roses on the back strategically placed between More...
22/Jun/07 8:34 AM
EVE, that sounds like a really great comfortor with the Rose Bowl Float T shirts on it! I love quilting, and I love the Rose Bowl Parade too, so espically interested in that. yes, T shirt material is stretchy, and some stabilizer is usually used on those quilts. Lots of options for that, as long More...
30/Jun/07 12:53 AM

I put a photo of one of my quilts on my page yesterday. I was asked about this quilt, so easy way to explaine was to SHOW AND TELL. Check it out if you are interested. I shall leave it up for a few days, then move it back to flickr.
30/Jun/07 12:56 AM
Eve, I am with MizTricia, I would LOVE to see a photo of your t-shirt quilt.
12/Jul/07 12:24 AM
Hi, everyone, I am hoping you can help. My daughter needs to explain 'what meant by traditional quilting'
16/Jul/07 12:02 PM

You are invited to a show and tell of quilt photos.

I have put up a few of my quilt photos on my page, in gallery. If you are interested, check them out! I shall put up more as I find the photos and the time to shrink, save and up load them!
18/Jul/07 6:09 AM
ANDREA, I knew what a traditional quilt was, but had trouble putting it into words. So I consulted Mr Google and found this definition:

''Traditional quilts

Traditional quilts have styles that have been around since the days of covered wagons. Traditional quilt blocks are made up More...
18/Jul/07 7:36 AM
Thanks, MizTricia1. Laura had supposedly googled but I think sometimes there are too many options.
18/Jul/07 7:50 AM
Yes, Andrea, sometimes you get too much information and you need to know where to look. I find that by checking the URL addresses I can tell which sites are more likely to give me the information I want.

I assume this is for school and I hope we get a good grade heheheh
19/Jul/07 3:35 AM
Quilts have stories, mine are no exception. If no one objects, I shall put up a few stories to go with the pictures of my quilts. Pictures can be seen on my page. This can be the TELL part of show and tell :>)

My birthday quilt, made from blocks sent to me on my birthday by far flung More...
19/Jul/07 10:38 AM
MizTricia1 - what a lovely story. I think the best part about quilting is the collection of memories. I recently finished a quilt with fabric that my sister bought for me from Germany and I had combined them with fabrics I collected from our road trip to Perth (the other side of Australia - a long trip).
20/Jul/07 7:42 AM
Andrea, do you have a photo of that quilt? We would love to see it, I love show and tell! Love your story about this quilt!
20/Jul/07 8:45 AM
Pattern was in a quilt magazine and it was ALL ragged edge. I made a few bocks, and hung them on my quilt wall, to look at them. Huumm, that was getting a bit busy, so I made some blocks with the smooth seams around the circles, and hung those, yes, much better! So my adaptation of the pattern More...
21/Jul/07 2:33 AM
the part below should have been at top of above post!

OK, another story, this time about Dots in the Cabin, the small one with the ragged edge showing in places. I am holding that quilt up for this photo.
21/Jul/07 2:37 AM
Anyone reading these quilt stories? I have lots more, but do not want to bore you!

25/Jul/07 4:25 AM
MizT, although not a quilter personally, I come here regularly to hear about the hows and whys of the quilts. I then go straight to your pages and look at what I've read about. I love the story of the quilts and then being able to see the finished product. I am in awe of you all.
26/Jul/07 3:51 PM
Hi MizTricia1, am reading the stories - just don't get here that often.
27/Jul/07 8:00 AM
Wow, you guys have been busy whil I wasn't looking. I went to my quilt group today - and knitted. My group gave me some lovely small quilts for my workplace (I am a midwife) for the babies who leave us too soon.
01/Aug/07 11:43 PM
Hi everyone, went to the Quilt and Craft show on Saturday. the quilts there are beautiful. Managed to pick up some lovely fabrics for my daughters quilt.
02/Aug/07 7:40 AM
Just uploaded some photos from the Canberra Quilt Show to my page.
20/Aug/07 7:58 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed the show and will resize and upload a few more photos in the next couple of days.
20/Aug/07 8:00 PM
I am off to Sydney on Saturday for a Stitches and Craft Show but it doesn't have an attached Quilt Show.
20/Aug/07 8:01 PM
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