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Hey, all you gamers.  I have a problem for you.  Santa brought me a Chinese game, supposedly chess but no way!  There are two colours and each colour has 16 pieces.  Each piece has a Chinese symbol on it. The pieces consist of 1 single piece, 1 set of 5 identical pieces and five pairs.  There is one pair in each colour which have the same symbol for both colours.  All of the other symbols are different for the two colours.

The board is 8 x 8 but has odd corner markings here and there in the form of crosses.  On each side, there is a square of 4 squares with diagonals drawn.

Anyone have any idea at all what the game is and how you play it?   

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Paul, I have tried googling with the 8x8 board and the 16 pieces as my target points and this is what I have found so far. You could try using different parameters to get a result.

28/Jan/08 9:02 PM
Thanks a million! There is a picture in that site that could be a photo of half of my board and pieces. So now I know the name of the game.
I thought of google but couldn't think of the right terms to try. You're far smarter and more optimistic than I am!
29/Jan/08 10:50 AM
Hi, Paul! This may be a little too simplistic, but did you ask the Santa/elf/person who gave the game to you if he/she knows the name of the game and/or how to play it? Are you certain the symbols/figures are Chinese? If so, does Sydney have a Chinatown area are an authentic Chinese restaurant with Chinese employees who might be able to give you more information? Good luck!
03/Feb/08 11:19 AM
Oops, "are an authentic" should be "OR an authentic . . ."
03/Feb/08 11:20 AM
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