Sudokuaholics Anonymous 7

Submitted By: MizTricia1 from Alabama, USA

After 400 pages, SA6 is put to rest. WELCOME TO SA7.
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Welcome ladies, and what a record we set on SA6, I hope to be back soon creating SA 8 for your enjoyment.
18/Nov/08 9:51 AM
to SA7..
Have been offline since my last post and missed the demise of SA6 ....a bit of reading to catch up on..
18/Nov/08 10:02 AM
I was in the midst of a post about my garden tour when we went down...I finished the post...even tho it is very OLD news now but here it is in case anyone is interested...
It has come to my attention...thank you Tricia...that the website and garden lists aren't in sync with my program so my More...
18/Nov/08 10:04 AM
mmm a bit bare in the new room.. will have to go and collect my chair from the old room.
18/Nov/08 10:04 AM
continued from above...
18. Luke Rabl / Andrew & Janet Seccull.. Toorak mansion with a very beautiful dé perfectly befits the house, suburb etc. Not allowed to take photo's here...can't imagine why they let us all in to be perfectly honest...obviously very More...
18/Nov/08 10:06 AM
puff puff puff phew made it.. gee not getting any younger with dragging this chair from one meeting room to another
18/Nov/08 10:11 AM
Time to decorate the new room..
18/Nov/08 10:12 AM
with balloons
18/Nov/08 10:13 AM
18/Nov/08 10:13 AM
Bring some cake
18/Nov/08 10:14 AM

lets not forget the coffee pot!
18/Nov/08 10:32 AM
Boas and Tiaras suggested for this page, please. Welcome the new meeting room just right. It might as well get used to us first thing.
18/Nov/08 10:35 AM
HEY!!! You guys left without me and the critters! Just for that, I'll bring the in first!
18/Nov/08 10:43 AM
just noticed my Chair didnt make it before.. after I had dragged it from the other room..
18/Nov/08 10:43 AM
ahhh much better have my noice comfy chair here at last !!!
18/Nov/08 10:43 AM
Sorry.... forgot to switch avatars and moods. I brought my comfy chair and my new chair. I've got my favorite hat and my More...
18/Nov/08 10:48 AM
Bringing over my party gear!
18/Nov/08 10:49 AM
Morning all in SA7. OOh the boa is packed away. Will have to resurrect it shortly.
Well More...
18/Nov/08 10:51 AM
I think I'm going to relax with a movie. See you all later!!!
18/Nov/08 10:51 AM
And some more....
18/Nov/08 10:51 AM
Need to bring my coffee along with me...

And now I have to do ffuts for a while!

Welcome everyone to SA7!
18/Nov/08 10:54 AM
Wow! I might have missed the demise of SA6 (sob) but I can make it onto page 1 of SA7!
Tiaras and Boas you say - well here goes:
18/Nov/08 11:19 AM
I got a new laptop yesterday but am having so much trouble with the touchiness of the mouse-pad thingy. I asked for suggestions on easy and a couple said to use a wireless mouse but I want to persevere with this thing even though it is driving me mad!!!!!
18/Nov/08 11:23 AM
BTW I now have a Skype connection and a webcam so if anyone wants to help me navigate through that one PM you skype name and we'll talk. Spoke to my sister and BIL last night, even though they only live 5kms away - it was hilarious!!
18/Nov/08 11:26 AM
I hope I will be allowed in, I don't have a tiara or a boa.
18/Nov/08 11:30 AM
Neither do I Tami, and I am here !!!
18/Nov/08 11:35 AM
That is a good thing. What are we going to wear???
18/Nov/08 11:36 AM
with the day warming up.. ummm crop pants and t/shirt, and sandles
18/Nov/08 11:39 AM
It is the opposite up here. It is actually getting cooler. How about we split the difference. Crop pants, t-shirt and warm, fuzzy slippers????
18/Nov/08 11:41 AM
yes.. sounds good.. twas wearing the uggs boots last week with the crop pants and T/shirt..
Hubby didnt think if was a good look !! at least my tootsies were warm.
18/Nov/08 11:44 AM
Better head down to the shops, in order to fill the pantry/fridge/freezer for another week.

Later Aligater
18/Nov/08 11:45 AM
have fun, I want a pair of Ugg's but they would look kind of funny in sunny south Florida.
18/Nov/08 11:46 AM
Hi Tami and Rolanda.
I guess Hotel Rolanda is spick and span, as always, awaiting your visitors tonight!
It's really cold here in Brissie 18c and raining so it's crop pants, t-shirt, slippers and jumper for me!
18/Nov/08 11:48 AM
How about a pair of crocs, Tami, I have mine on now and without socks my feet are still warm!
18/Nov/08 11:49 AM
I hope I can make it through dinner without falling asleep. that would be very good, falling asleep in my soup even hehe,

Might not make it back tonight, so Byee and have a good day everyone.

You know it is time to unvelcro from the chair when you use the backspace more than the keys.
18/Nov/08 11:51 AM
MizT, I don't even own a pair of crocs.
18/Nov/08 11:59 AM
Please don't fall asleep in your soup. It is much better to fall asleep in mashed potatoes. They are softer and don't splash when your face hits it.
18/Nov/08 12:01 PM
Unless you make lumpy mashed potatoes.
18/Nov/08 12:01 PM
I think i scared all my friends away.
18/Nov/08 12:09 PM
I have to go type son's homework. Be back soon.
18/Nov/08 12:09 PM
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