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Welcome everyone to the latest address for Sudokuaholics. I will ask that Gath close the old page and put a link for us.

Hope this helps with the problems many are having posting More...
13/Sep/08 11:45 PM
Thank you MizTricia. You are our true friend in the SA pages. Welcome to SA6.
13/Sep/08 11:53 PM
JUNE, huge hugs to you and Sharon and Laura. I know you are tired beyound tired, and so much still to do. Thinking of you and hope you will take all the short cuts you possibly can to make your life easier now.

Cound you talk to Laura's doctor about the infection her Mom has? It is More...
14/Sep/08 12:06 AM
Yippeeee! I love our new home! MzT - do you have a donut on your chair?
June - glad to hear they are on top of Sharon's case.
14/Sep/08 1:25 AM
Ruby for clueing us into carolelove's arrival. Must have slipped through the cracks.
14/Sep/08 1:34 AM
Suzy - hope Ebob wakes up feeling better today...poor girl - sounds very yucky!
14/Sep/08 2:03 AM
Good morning, I have found our new room with directions from MizT. Looks like lots of room here.
14/Sep/08 2:39 AM
June, I hope the doctors get Sharon fixed up right before they send her home again. Don't forget to take care of yourself.
Suzy, I hope Ebob is feeling better.
14/Sep/08 2:42 AM
Rolanda and CynB, safe travels to you both. I hope you are enjoying your holidays.
14/Sep/08 2:44 AM
Yesterday was our first Brownie and Spark meeting after summer. I had called all the parents last week to let them know about it. Talked to all but one person(left a message). All said the girls would be there. Only the triplets and 1 new Spark came. I was rather disappointed. Some days I wonder why I even bother.
14/Sep/08 2:51 AM
14/Sep/08 3:04 AM
HEIDI, naps must be contagious, I just got up from a nice morning nap myslef.
CynB, Happy Holidays, I forget just when you travel, but do hope you have a wonderful trip! Rolanda, hope you are enjoying your trip!
VICI, no dounut on my chair, I have managed without one. If sitting hurts, then More...
14/Sep/08 3:39 AM
wow!!! a new SA, what a surprise for me today! thanks gath.
hubby came home late last night. i slept in like crazy this morning- 10:30!! i haven't done that in years! i feel great. now i am rested well enough to get all the saturday chores done. have a super day ladies!
14/Sep/08 3:51 AM
Well, I see we are getting our furnishings moved I thought I'd join MzT and Rena with my chaise.
MzT - you are doing SO well - I am extremely impressed! I think it's because you've been a very good and obedient patient. I award More...
14/Sep/08 4:04 AM
Rena - sorry about the low attendance for Brownies and Sparks - hope it's just everyone getting settled into the school year...and perhaps a bigger showing at the next meeting.
High-falluttin' Heidi heigh-dee ho - caught your name on yesterday's easy and LOVE it! I would love to see you use it as your heading - for awhile at least.

14/Sep/08 4:07 AM
oh june! i was sure things were going to get better a lot sooner than this! i'm feeling for laura. kids get so scared when a parent is sick. i'm so glad she has you. you are the sort of mother/grandma everyone wishes they had. hang in there! and in the words of bella karolyi (russian gymnastics coach) you can do this!!!
14/Sep/08 4:11 AM
Good Morning SA6'ERs...Another move to bright new quarters....May this new site continue to be blessed with bright,loving comments from the loving folks who have sustained the need to keep on moving....We do indeed make a joyful noise....and thats a good thing!
Peace To All Who Enter!
14/Sep/08 4:19 AM
Thanks for the beautiful blessing, Mama! I believe we'll do good now!
14/Sep/08 4:25 AM
Morning everyone!

June, so sorry to hear Sharon is back in hospital. Wednesday is so close! They may be relying on you for that too... The docs are taking very good care of Sharon, and will take very good care of Laura. I'm reminding you to take very good care of you. Floors, More...
14/Sep/08 6:33 AM
Thank you MizT, once again you have done a wonderful job finding us a new home. I'll have to get the name of your Real Estate Agent...
14/Sep/08 6:36 AM
Oops, just realised I'm still drinking celebratory champagne! Way too early in the morning for that. Be right back after I've changed beverages..
14/Sep/08 6:39 AM
Vici... Sorry girl, I never had any intention of using "that" name. I was pulling eaa's chain.

I have no comfy chair avatar, so I'll just use this old thing. Mmmmmm nice. I gave up trying to nap. Willow had a case of the More...
14/Sep/08 6:42 AM
VICI, replying to a comment from SA5, about me forgetting to take pain med. It was cause of distraction, a very good tool in fighting pain. I was distracted by watching 2 fun movies back to back.

A nursing story, and if you are bored with hearing those from me, you can scroll on by, I will More...
14/Sep/08 6:43 AM
That's better. I've been off checking out Danstell's photos. What a wonderful family photo...

Gail, how was date night. Hang on, I don't really want to know...
14/Sep/08 6:43 AM
MizT, I like your nursing stories. I've told my pain meds story before and I will add that patients sometimes don't ask for pain meds because they don't want to fall asleep on their visitors!
14/Sep/08 6:51 AM
Ebob is still asleep and feels clammy. There is evidence that hubby was up with her during the night... I'll have to wait until one of them wakes up to find out why.
14/Sep/08 6:53 AM
Rena, the choir Ally is working with for Carols in the Park in December is having the same problem. The organiser sent out a text message yesterday that there would be no choir if people are unable to show up for rehearsals...
14/Sep/08 6:59 AM
High-falluttin' Heidi heigh-dee ho, why wouldn't you want to use this name????? Tee hee
14/Sep/08 7:22 AM
38.2/101 - wish I knew if hubby had been up with her or not.... I might have to wake him to find out.... but if he's been up with her, he needs his sleep!
14/Sep/08 7:31 AM
Poor Ebob! Sorry for your dilema, Suzy...but glad you got some sleep last night.
I've been doing all that housework I put off the other day cos the dinner for our neighbors is tomorrow afternoon...yep, went against doctor orders and pushed that More...
14/Sep/08 8:24 AM
I'm sure I'll catch hell for this one, but what I'm going to tonight is "Bingo Babes of the Gold Country"! hehehe! We are a group of 21 women (plus some alternates) from ages 19 to over 70 who get together once a month at a different gals house to have dinner, dessert and tons of laughs More...
14/Sep/08 8:28 AM
Oh yea - and the best part is all the stealing that takes place during the second half of the games....first half after dinner (you open a gift with a Bingo) - second half after dessert (you steal a gift with a Bingo).
BTW - Heidi - I don't think your name is NEARLY fancy schmancy enough for need a bigger title!
14/Sep/08 8:31 AM
Tricia - loved your nurse story...made so much sense to me. Let me just correct myself in saying I am thrilled you were so entertained by the movies that you completely lost track of your pain!
14/Sep/08 8:32 AM
BTW Suzy - where's your chair? We're moving in the furniture right now...get a move on girl!
Heidi is lazying around in her's right now with a brewski!
14/Sep/08 8:33 AM
Vibrant Vici, I'm trying to imagine 21 people having houses big enough to seat 21 bingo players let alone feed them! Sounds like tonnes of fun...
14/Sep/08 8:35 AM
OMG ... I didn't know it was a brewski, I thought it was a cold soda. I'm not allowed to touch alcohol... Dr's orders. I'm in trouble now.
14/Sep/08 8:43 AM
Oh we really squish in anywhere! Most of us don't have big places...mine will be big enough in a couple of years. I hosted last year's Christmas Bingo and had a sit down dinner out in my master bedroom that didn't have walls, but the gas fireplace was in!!!
14/Sep/08 8:44 AM
hehehe Heidi! Maybe it's an Odouls (sp?)
14/Sep/08 8:45 AM
Sorry Vici, I had to have my beverage first!

Here's my comfy couch courtesy of Ally.
14/Sep/08 8:45 AM
Heidi, I love your "holy sheep"...can I use it?
14/Sep/08 8:46 AM
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