Sudokuaholics Anonymous 11

Submitted By: MizTricia1 from Alabama, USA

Here is is, the newest version of SA, with hopes it will be easier to post now.
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Yes, Heidi, I did remember how to start a new SA page. Hope you all find your way here soon.
24/Jun/13 12:20 PM
Thank you, MizT.
24/Jun/13 12:39 PM
Phew, that was so much faster!

Just a quick drop in before I brave the weather again. I've been out once to fill a prescription, now I have to go to buy milk for Dana and bubs. No way can they go out in this!! My feet are freezing...

It's lucky I dropped in to home in between. A More...
24/Jun/13 1:12 PM
Good Evening, Everyone! Wow, a brand new page with only 3 visitors so far. Is everyone huffing and puffing and dragging their chair over?

Thanks, MizT, for opening a new page for us! We definitely set a record for number of posts and pages on SA10 - or was it SA10A? I haven't looked in a More...
24/Jun/13 1:48 PM
Great to have a new SA page!!! Now to get myself comfy here....
24/Jun/13 2:03 PM
Hopefully Mama will be able to post here without her posts being dropped. I miss hearing something from her besides ''.... testing...''.
24/Jun/13 2:08 PM
Just went back to check, and last Forum page was SA10. I guess it was SA9 that was hijacked and we had to have SA9A.

Now, what do I remember from the last page of SA10? Heidi was not feeling well. Hope you're feeling better by now, Heidi!

MizT seems to be doing better with her new More...
24/Jun/13 2:09 PM
By the way.... MizTricia!!!
24/Jun/13 2:09 PM
Well, I've dragged my chair here, and I see Heidi has, too! We'll need to arrange this place as comfortably as our old place.

Heidi, thanks for jogging my memory. Mama has also been having trouble getting things to post on the page. I hope our new page will make it easier for her! Thanks again, MizT!
24/Jun/13 2:12 PM
Afternoon Ladies.
I see we have a new meeting room..

Noice :)
24/Jun/13 2:13 PM
Hi, Rolanda! I see you've brought your chair!

I'm bringing a few favorite books for those quiet times when there aren't many posts. I know we have a lot of readers in our group!
24/Jun/13 2:15 PM
Hi Julie.. Brought some Dahlias with me to brighten up the room.
24/Jun/13 2:18 PM
How about some flowers to brighten up the place a bit?

And now, I'm going to start getting ready for bed. Hopefully getting more sleep on a regular basis will help me find some energy. Good Night, Everyone! Sleep tight!
24/Jun/13 2:18 PM
Snap, Roland! We both thought of flowers!
24/Jun/13 2:18 PM
Oops, that should be Rolanda! Even my fingers are tired.
24/Jun/13 2:18 PM
Great Minds think alike Julie
24/Jun/13 2:28 PM
I will bring my hibiscus. Thank you for SA 11 Tricia.
I do hope SA 11 will have lots of happy things to report.
I now have all my internet working. Just have to catch up with some mail to be sent out.
Today I visited every shop I went into on Friday. Nobody had seen my Keys, including the More...
24/Jun/13 2:32 PM
Hi everyone!
It's so nice to know I've been missed. I think I've been in a rut and didn't feel like I had anything to add to the site.

I've missed lots of birthdays - Rolanda, Mama, Nola and MizT.
Happy Anniversary Cyn and Col.
If I've missed More...
24/Jun/13 3:13 PM
I won't bring the polar bear but maybe just a picture to hang on the wall.

June I'm sorry to hear about your keys. Have you checked carefully inside your handbags. I lose lots of things in my bag. I'm sure I had a form for my mammogram in there but when I went on Friday I couldn't find it. I had to fill out another.
24/Jun/13 3:16 PM
I'm off to bed, too. Hopefully I'll feel better because I have errands to run. And it's hard to run errands with the runs. Ewwwww.
24/Jun/13 3:56 PM
Home. Sigh. Wet and cold. And I'm working in this tomorrow....

24/Jun/13 5:02 PM
I've brought decorations for the house warming party... I hope
24/Jun/13 5:11 PM
Party supplies are essential.

Julie, you have been busy! I hope you get to slow down a bit one day... or maybe not. You are doing fun stuff!

Vicki, I managed to keep my form for a year, but they expire so I had to get another one...

24/Jun/13 5:13 PM
Vicki, your holidays sound wonderful, even if they were wet. Most of the wombats I get to see, not all, but most, are road kill. There was a place we could see lyrebirds close to here, wild, but near a coffee shop, but the coffee shop has closed and I'm not sure if the birds are still there.

June, what a bummer! And not just the $80, also the running around with no success.
24/Jun/13 5:17 PM
Ah, there you all are!!!
I can't find my chair, I must have deleted it.
Vicki - glad you checked in. Sorry the holiday was cold but hopefully enjoyable anyway. Col's a bit envious of Kevin's 8 more days work!!
I'll see what I have in party supplies for the house/page warming -
24/Jun/13 5:51 PM
Yum I see we have some Delish Treats at the House/Page warming
24/Jun/13 5:56 PM
Hi Vicki, nice to see you again.
A Holiday is always noice (even if the weather is not!!)
24/Jun/13 5:58 PM
Well dragged my chair over but the bl00dy basset beat me to it. Let's see if I can find some party cheer.
24/Jun/13 6:16 PM
Is that a chocolate chair Cyn???
24/Jun/13 6:18 PM
puff, wheeze, groan. got that chair here, whew, glad we do not move house often. It gets more difficult as I get older.

I am up for intermission. Numb hand woke me, a very strange feeling. All back to normal now, I am glad it has not 'stuck' in the numb position.

Back to bed, hugs to each of you, with extras.
24/Jun/13 6:24 PM
MizT, I have carpel tunnel and when it was bad I would wake up in tears so I kind of know how you feel. A hand brace that kept my wrist straight helped a little, but didn't fix it. The doc wanted me to have surgery on both hands but I had a 6 month old at home so gave up everything instead. I More...
24/Jun/13 6:47 PM
Yep, Broni - it is a chocolate chair! What else??
24/Jun/13 9:26 PM
Good thing I keep reading on here or I would have been left behind in SA10.
You've all done a great job in decorating.
24/Jun/13 10:33 PM
Time to break out the drinks...

I had a bad night, too. My back and legs were More...
24/Jun/13 10:49 PM
I can see a major problem with that chocolate chair of yours, CynB. While the aroma while relaxing in it would be intoxicating, it could be a bit too soft and squishy on a hot day. Like today. More...
24/Jun/13 10:57 PM
In case not everybody has heard that story..... It took place shortly before we moved to Kentucky...
One morning, I left the house to run some errands. It was a cold, misty day, just above freezing. I got onto the main road heading into town in my van, and was driving along, minding my own More...
24/Jun/13 11:10 PM
Well I've found my way I have copied and pasted that last post and have been carting it around so now I can see if I can post goes whatever....and it turns out to be nothing...lost that too..
Guess what I was saying should be I will.
Good job Tricia, More...
24/Jun/13 11:57 PM
Mama can post here, too!!! Welcome to SA 11, Mamacita!!!
25/Jun/13 12:39 AM
Hoo boy.... I just had a humdinger of a brainstorm. In 2 1/2 weeks, we're taking Serenade and Pandora down to Florida for breeding. By we, I mean myself and my friend Anita. Now it looks like Anita has to bring along her daughter Belle and her grandson Devon. My truck is really too small for all More...
25/Jun/13 7:09 AM
Heidi - the chocolate chair would survive here with our winter temps at the moment, but not for long.
Your story about the van being hit by the wave of chocolate is hilarious - not that it would have been until you got the van off the road at least.
In 2 different jobs, I worked in the bulk More...
25/Jun/13 8:49 AM
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