Submitted By: Canuk Greg from Ottawa, Canada

I would like to voice my opinion regarding the trend over the last few months to have Personal Page Parties that are anything but personal. Gath gave personal pages so that people could have comments directed  to them and so that (originally) SUPPORTING MEMBERS could have a place to talk about themselves, show pictures and have a private place unique to them.

Initially, when the first 'page party' occured, it was directed at posting comments that would have some fun and relevance to the individual person whose page you were on.  Folks rarely posted more then three of four comments and the comments were always directed TO THE PERSON WHOSE PAGE WE WERE ON. In the past few months, people have picked up a tendency to spend countless hours on someone else's PERSONAL PAGE and post inane chatter about themselves or just talk back and forth to each other.  Do people ever ask themselves if they would want there own pagres DESTROYED this way?

Posting page after page of chatter (on someone's PERSONAL PAGE) where you only talk back and forth to each other is WRONG as far as I am concerned. Page parties have turned into cyber-vandalism. Ruining someone's PERSONAL PAGE just so you can talk back and forth between yourselves is WRONG.

What stated off to be a fun exercise directing specific comments at that individual whose page you were on has turned into a virtuak house invasion.

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I agree with you, Greg. I would never go to a party at someone's house when they weren't home, & I have not nor will ever go to a party on someone's Personal Page either. To me "personal" means personal. If someone wants to have a party, they can have one on their OWN page & invite everyone to go there! That's my opinion, & I'm sticking to it.
04/Oct/07 3:40 AM
I agreee with your comment Jane, IF YOU ARE INVITED by the page owner.
04/Oct/07 4:41 AM
I agree...personal pages are personal. There should be comments only to the person who "owns" the page. Parties are by invitation only.
04/Oct/07 7:09 AM
Greg, I have not been a contributing member for all that long but I have spent a fair bit of time watching what goes on here. I have to say that I too am uneasy about the hijacking of a person's Personal Page. I reckon it's just rude, simple as that. I don't think I would be too happy about having More...
04/Oct/07 7:21 AM
Well, Greg, Ian / Sydney get a real chuckle out of the fallout from the party on his page. Keith induced me to take a few days away and my page just plain got splattered. My wife and I sat reading the results on my page and laughed our heads off. If I were overly sensative and upset by what had More...
04/Oct/07 7:39 AM
I was not trying to attack the fact that SOME people enjoy reading posts on their page when a party has been had there. This is/was/will be the fun of the site. What bothers me is that people constantly post garbage on someone personal page, and most of the comments are exchanges between the FEW More...
04/Oct/07 8:03 AM
I've been thinking about this a bit more and have realised that some of these parties seem to take on a life of their own and just grow and grow. Nobody plans it that way, it just snowballs, especially when people are having fun. Therefore I will amend my earlier comment about hijacking, as it's More...
04/Oct/07 8:37 AM
Guys, we all have the ability to delete comments on our page. When the unsuspecting host returns to their page, they may read the comments and giggle or delete them as they please. We will all take note and remember to never have one at your page.
04/Oct/07 8:59 AM
I don't have a personal page, so some may take exception to this comment. I hope that's not a problem.

I think there are two sides to this issue. One of the fun aspects of this site is its frivolity, the wonderful way in which conversations, virtual parties, jokes can take off and More...
04/Oct/07 9:15 AM
Anne - Well said. That's the way I'm thinking too. I'm just not as good as putting it in words.
04/Oct/07 9:48 AM
Greg - I think to start this page on such a touchy subject is a credit to you and I think a lot of us would like to have said something similar, but like you, would feel as if we were offending people on the site and this could be misconstrued as a personal attack, which Gath does not want on his More...
04/Oct/07 10:01 AM
What is the difference between this issue and the one in July 2006 about bandwidth hogging? Now we have flipping to a new page and TOPPING, in addition to "CPing." Talk about inane chatter. Seeing that there have been 8 posts in the last half-hour, and then when checking to see what's so More...
04/Oct/07 11:19 AM
What is the difference between this issue and the one in July 2006 about bandwidth hogging? Now we have flipping to a new page and TOPPING, in addition to "CPing." Talk about inane chatter. Seeing that there have been 8 posts in the last half-hour, and then when checking to see what's so More...
04/Oct/07 11:20 AM
Speaking of which...

Were you expecting something interesting?
04/Oct/07 11:25 AM
So sorry to disappoint you.
04/Oct/07 11:28 AM
Hooray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My very first CP!
04/Oct/07 11:29 AM
Ian - looks like they could have done with you on the Party Page!!!
04/Oct/07 11:46 AM
inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter inane chatter
04/Oct/07 12:04 PM
Ian - And your point was?
04/Oct/07 12:12 PM
I don't normally attend the parties but I would assume that you shouldn't party on anyone elses page unless they have invited you to do so.

NO invitation then NO party - it's just simple good manners.
04/Oct/07 12:14 PM
Personally I would be delighted if my page was 'hijacked' as you put it. Lighen up lads, it is all in good fun, how wonderful that others thought enough of me to spend time at my place.
04/Oct/07 12:17 PM
I really hope Rolanda turned off the email function on her personal page before she went on holidays. Otherwise she will be coming home to about 400 messages in her inbox.
04/Oct/07 12:30 PM
Victoria - a good comment. I wonder if the partygoers thought of the consequences of such things as that.
04/Oct/07 12:36 PM
Greg; while I don't disagree with you, you have to know that the pages these parties are occurring on belong to people who, in sense, have "announced" that they are going to be gone. And, it is only a certain few whose pages would be "ransacked". I believe it gets a bit More...
04/Oct/07 12:43 PM
I hope no one takes offense to what I'm posting here. The following is my own personal opinion.
1. I would not "party" post on someone's page that I felt that I did not know.
2. If I knew this person would not like it, I would not post.
3. I don't feel that people's pages are More...
04/Oct/07 12:56 PM
While it was purely a semi-technical term many years ago, the expression "Bandwidth hog" has evolved to a metaphor for people who simply talk too much. Some sites deal with this by having a counter showing how many posts a person has made on that day/thread, and/or the percentage of total More...
04/Oct/07 1:18 PM
I spent over an hour "composing" my last comment, and, darn it, it still didn't come out as I intended.
I do not mean to imply cliquish as in high school
where one enlists, enrolls in, joins a group; but rather as elitists who have been grouped together by no means of their More...
04/Oct/07 1:23 PM
Ian, point taken. I was looking at it from my husband's perspective.
04/Oct/07 1:24 PM
"Inane?" "Garbage?" That's the kind of vocabulary I'm famous for.

"Music, sheep, sword-fighting?" What about the 40-70 posts about wieners that three or four people would put on Easy, the main page on this site? Those comments were posted on Easy, where they More...
04/Oct/07 1:47 PM
I'll bet I can CP again.
04/Oct/07 1:49 PM
And maybe even TOPP with ten more posts....
04/Oct/07 1:50 PM
Ian in form..very good indeed..bandwidth hogging is definetly annoying..and regarding this party in personal page, well I have attended just one or two(and made just a couple of posts)...and think its up to the owner of the page to decide whether to have it or not..
04/Oct/07 2:30 PM
Tenth verse, same as the first.
A little bit louder and a whole lot worse.

(Taken from a song the kids used to sing around a campfire somehow seems appropriate).
04/Oct/07 2:33 PM
Since I've had a party happen on my page, and instigated one on jeb's page, I thought I'd better check this out and offer my opinion. First, after the puzzles, I come to this site for the silliness. My sense is that many others do as well. The page parties are silliness magnified by brainstorming, More...
04/Oct/07 3:18 PM
What he said..
04/Oct/07 3:25 PM
We could ask Gath to put a 'flag' on everyone's page something to the effect:- Parties allowed Yes/No.
All of the opinions quoted here are quite valid, but it would be a shame to remove the fun time some are having because others do not like it. It is much nicer if we can just make sure it does More...
04/Oct/07 3:59 PM
I have taken on board everything everyone has said and there are valid points all round. As one of the 'culprits', I just wanted to ask why you would think we would be offended by someone saying they don't like the party idea. That's the beauty of free speech, we like it, you don't and everyone is More...
04/Oct/07 4:05 PM
I have my grandchildren and their friends with me. They laugh and giggle all the time at what? nonsense!

Let's be clear about a few things. (1) If Rolanda does not like what has happened on her page, she will let us know. (2) As well as deleting any comments, she is free to More...
04/Oct/07 7:52 PM
Let me clarify something. I am not saying personal page parties are wrong. When you take the time and effort to post 'silly' comments that are relevant to the page owner, they are indeed fun and probably very much enjoyed by the page owner. I myself have posted at least one or two comments during a More...
04/Oct/07 9:18 PM
I was away from the computer for one day and look what I find when I return, OH MY!!

OK, I learned something today. Some people would be fine with a page party and some would not. Since I do not find the idea objectionable, I did not consider that some would be opposed to some fun on More...
04/Oct/07 10:34 PM
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