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Welcome to the newest version of SA, we are now SA 5 . Hope this helps everyone get her faster. Gath will close out SA4 shortly and put a link from that page.
07/Jun/08 5:41 AM
Thank you Gath and MizT.
Nice to have a new start.
07/Jun/08 7:24 AM
Guess what ? it timed out like before but the comment still came through.
07/Jun/08 7:26 AM
Hi SA5, mine appears to be OK Only time will tell, haven't been around lately just not feeling well Not Sick just not well. So much has been happening since my last visit to start SA5, I know its early morning so I'll share my with you instead
07/Jun/08 7:41 AM
Morning everyone! Lets see how this goes...
07/Jun/08 7:59 AM
OK, anyone else still having the time out problem when you post, please sound off! Put a grimice face smilie or the alien smiliy so I can find the easily and i will report to Gath once again.

JUNE what did your message say, the timed out one?
07/Jun/08 8:00 AM
Lee, hope you feel better soon!
07/Jun/08 8:01 AM
LEE, good to see you back again, come on back and tell us all about what has been going on, first page or not, we want to know!

Hope whatever it was has turned out well now, and things stay on the good side for you.
07/Jun/08 8:02 AM
HI SUZY, not been on here same time as you in a while! Good to see you, how are things on your little patch of this world?
07/Jun/08 8:03 AM
Hi MizT, I haven't had it happen today, on either page, but it was happening a lot before then. I think the message said "Timeout has expired" and lots and lots of other stuff...
07/Jun/08 8:03 AM
has not happened on this page for me, but my last post on SA4 got that message. so i can put smiley faces on mine
07/Jun/08 8:06 AM
Things here are good MizT, though both girls have colds/flu. I was thinking of you last week when I fell!! How are things with you?
07/Jun/08 8:08 AM
I am motivating along. Could be better, but I am still on the green side of the dirt.
07/Jun/08 8:10 AM
My connection is so slow that I usually don't bother to open the smilies page, but I will do it now, just for you MizT!!
07/Jun/08 8:10 AM
Did I miss about your fall? What happened? the earth just fly up and met you? Are you OK now?

Thankfully my knee has improved , no major problem with that now.
07/Jun/08 8:11 AM
LOL MizT, it took me a minute to work that out - I'm slow sometimes..
07/Jun/08 8:12 AM
Falling does jar one severly though and the older you are, the worse it feels. maybe we need a pillow person, who carries pillows around and tosses them down to soften our falls!!

07/Jun/08 8:13 AM
I tripped over a laundry basket MizT, sore knees and shoulder for a while, mostly shoulder, but up to a yellow bruise now so hardly feeling it at all! My ego on the other hand....
07/Jun/08 8:14 AM
Everything OK MizT just tired & run down had a cold that hund around - need a holiday, can't have one until August though , but it's a long weekend in Aust so I'm just doing nothing.Well sounds good, have to wait & see if it eventuates but that's the now plan. Glad to see everyone else is More...
07/Jun/08 8:14 AM
SUZY, that was one of my Dad's sayings to us when we were little. It was not our fault we fell, he would blame the entire earth for our fall .
07/Jun/08 8:15 AM
How about a cuppa MizT would dearly love a top up from your pot
07/Jun/08 8:15 AM
Sorry the cold hung around not hund around - told you I needed a holiday
07/Jun/08 8:16 AM
LEE, thanks for the report on messages, this should help us know how wiespread it is. sorry you had cold, that is no fun.
07/Jun/08 8:17 AM

Yes, we do need the coffee pot here in our new home, thanks for reminding me!
07/Jun/08 8:18 AM
We always ask the kids if they broke the thing they fell on. 'You better not have broken that floor!' etc... It seems to help get past the initial sting.

Coffee is a good idea Lee
07/Jun/08 8:19 AM
should be widespread,
07/Jun/08 8:19 AM
Well Suzy, did you break the laundry basket??

I did not break the box that was under my bed!
07/Jun/08 8:20 AM
Many thanks MizT I sure needed that. Well its 8.20am here & I do have a friend & her hubby coming around to see me before they go shopping so I'll have my coffee with you & run. Talk to you later
07/Jun/08 8:20 AM
My house is a mess so singing lady is sure to drop by today! Noone comes when my house is clean and tidy..
07/Jun/08 8:21 AM
I did break the laundry basket MizT.... not that I noticed immediately, I was too busy feeling sorry for myself, and pretending to the kids that it didn't hurt half as much as it actually did...
07/Jun/08 8:22 AM
By for now Lee
07/Jun/08 8:24 AM
I am not good at pretending it does not hurt. I am such a wimp. but I was alone, so I could sit there and cry if I wanted to, noone to witness, no one to frighten.
07/Jun/08 8:25 AM
BYEEE LEE, good to see you, enjoy your guests today.
07/Jun/08 8:25 AM
SUZY, I must leave you now, and check on hubby, he has been hammering and sawing in the shop, and inquiring minds need to know! Very good to chat, and huumm, almost leaving it in CP range for whomever stumbles in next .
07/Jun/08 8:27 AM
d2 was very frightened, but she is like that... we visited her school a couple of weeks ago and looked through her school books (an open day thing, the same day it was raining men) and read a narrative in which she said her 'biggest fear' was that we would die before she was old enough to look after herself.
07/Jun/08 8:28 AM
Bye MizT!!
07/Jun/08 8:29 AM
It 3as the 'timeout has expired message' and I got it both early posts. Went back to SA4 and it was OK. See what happens this time
07/Jun/08 8:51 AM
Very quick. No problem at all.
07/Jun/08 8:51 AM
Hi MizT, Suzy and Lee. Good to see you all finding this new page
07/Jun/08 8:52 AM
Seems I have the place to myself.
07/Jun/08 8:53 AM
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