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I'm near Chicago, some strong winds came though during the night and really shook my crab apple tree, it looks like it's snowing - the trees is in full bloom. Enjoy some time in the yard, enjoy your More...
10/May/09 8:23 AM
Dear Whereizzy.
You are,

To join our wonderful world of Sudoku with the best friends of the One big family.
10/May/09 8:33 AM
to whereizzy.

Glad you joined.
See you around the jigsaw pages.
10/May/09 10:07 AM
Welcome to Sudokuland Whereizzy.
10/May/09 11:46 AM
Again, I say welcome, Whereizzy -- cute screen name. We're glad you're here! CUL8R
10/May/09 2:29 PM
Well Sue, I'm glad to see you're still doing the jigsaws and posting. It's always nice to see a "long-timer" on the site.
03/Jul/11 10:08 AM
Thank you! I didn't realize I could post here. DUH!! I've loved this site since I found it and really enjoy the jigsaws...get to see places I'll never seen in person and enjoy the talent of the photographers. Sadly, I don't have a clue how to play Sudoku.
31/Jul/11 6:43 AM
Hi whereizzy!
Just answered your question about the stacks of limestone on today's Easy Jigsaw. I've repeated it here in case you don't go back to that page!!
The cliffs along the southern coast of Victoria are made of limestone and they (the cliffs) are continually being eroded away into More...
05/Aug/12 8:17 AM
Hi whereizzy!
Don't know if you do the jigsaws on the sudoku page, but if you do you probably know about odd sized jigsaws appearing one the Easy Sudoku page. The following is what I think has happened to those jigsaws!
27/Aug/13 10:28 AM
This is copy & paste message about the Sudoku Easy Jigsaw Problems:
They went wild after one of Gath's changes. If you go back in the beginning (15th May 2005) & check the photos in the archives you'll find that the only jigsaw is the torso in the black jumper with the white coffee cup, you'll More...
27/Aug/13 10:29 AM
Thanks for the info, Kate. I don't visit the Sudoku page because I don't play. I do love the jigsaws and have been going back into the archives and working some 'hards' that I never had a chance to work. I doubt I'll ever make it back to the 1st of the year. I'm pretty slow.
28/Aug/13 11:17 AM
Hi whereizzy!
Just thought I'd give you the info on the gumtree in today's Medium JS!
The tree has been in a bushfire & it survived! The scribbles are made by the pupae of a very small moth!
The eggs of this moth are laid between the old and new season's bark of gum-barked eucalypt trees. More...
10/Oct/13 12:22 PM
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