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Be kinder than necessary,

for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle .

Live simply,

Love generously,

Care deeply,

Speak kindly.......

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...

It's about learning to dance in the rain.



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'Books and friends should be few but good.' Welcoming you to your very own page xx 'Visne saltare? 'Hylobates Fungosam' scio'
08/Apr/07 8:25 PM
WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO Thank you so much André for christening my page oooh look and I get to use a smilie!
I'm sure what you have said is very true, the air is salty here as I live near Freo, but I'm not sure if Sam's athlete's foot has abated yet, but thanks for asking...ciao xxx
08/Apr/07 8:37 PM
From the bath of indescribable pleasure...that music is buzzing!!! It's any place where you can let your hair down - or throw a wig on - and just be yourself.'
08/Apr/07 8:56 PM
heres a basket of easter eggs especially for today Billy.
Happy Easter special friend.
08/Apr/07 9:05 PM
Congratulations Billy, I didn't think you would ever do it. Way to go, Girl.
08/Apr/07 9:14 PM
Congratulations Billy
Wow the place is a hopping already.
Just dropping of some bubbly to help you celebrate.
Way to go girl!
08/Apr/07 9:26 PM
Billy!! I love what you've done to the place. In 2 seconds flat, you've managed to host the liveliest spot on the site with the Love Shack groove. If you hadn't noticed, I'm the hotty in the white hot pants. I must go cool off at Easter service, but just had to stop for a moment to leave you a case of bolly, hocolates and nibblies for the new place!
08/Apr/07 9:56 PM
ange - ty for the champers - jeeves will pour, but for some reason he keeps running to the bathroom...think andré's still in the bath...

bert!! thanks so much for dropping by, the bolly is much needed, as are the hocolates. Hey - I thought I was the hotty in the white pants - the one with the boofy hair? Maybe we can be twins...
08/Apr/07 10:26 PM
Well, look at this. SM status Billy! Welcome to your own page and even though you've probably had enough chocolate for Easter, I'll leave my traditional double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Enjoy!
08/Apr/07 10:47 PM
omg - I am so appalling host...Rose I didn't for my eggs and Anne for your greetings

Greg - 'enough chocolate'?? are you kidding me?? You must say it in jest as the stock was getting low (andré is about ) so thank you my friend
08/Apr/07 11:04 PM
Hi Billy, congrats on the SM (Simply Magnificent)I'd like to share a drink with you and also leave some ..........
08/Apr/07 11:11 PM
08/Apr/07 11:12 PM
hey k!! lovely to see you darls!
for the flowers. See the barman (Ian/Boston?), he'll shake you up a drink in no time, meantime put your handbag on the floor so we can dance around it...
08/Apr/07 11:20 PM
I can feel a major coming I meant to be visiting your pages to thank you??

ok - putting on my batcape,my batbloomers and my batcrocs...
08/Apr/07 11:25 PM
08/Apr/07 11:56 PM
Jazzybabes!!! I feel like I'm a pig in tish in here. Hope you're having a great Easter. Spk soon
09/Apr/07 12:20 AM
billy welcome too! isnt this great! just stopped in to thank you for your visit, glad i inspired you to do this. i come bearing the gift of fresh powered snow from utah.maybe we could ski! happy easter to you and yours.
09/Apr/07 1:27 AM
Hi Billy,
Guess we had the same idea this weekend.
Finally took the time and became a sm also.
Still have to dress up my page.
Have a peaceful Easter.
09/Apr/07 2:19 AM
Congrats billy. Is there a small Gin and tonic left after all the celebrations so I can toast this special happening.
09/Apr/07 3:33 AM
rob - I have my ski goggles packed!
sue - ty for dropping by - have fun!

Mo - I have a secret stash of G&T just for you!! I'm sorry but 'small' isn't in my vocab - it only comes in 'large'
09/Apr/07 9:45 AM
Billy JJ! love your page,I told you that you needed one!and your name 'toodlesx's' is YOU!!!!! & X's
09/Apr/07 12:43 PM
Billy, Love the music - my connection is just so slow that I get it about 10 - 12 seconds at a time!
Neat avatar, also, but I don't think I will get my wife one.
09/Apr/07 1:08 PM
Nance - ty sweetpea

jamie - it's time you upgraded! I did - just for the damn youtubes!!
09/Apr/07 1:13 PM
Hey Billy, congrats on the SM thing..note there's no 'and' despite the garb!!
10/Apr/07 10:05 AM
Billy JJ _ heres a loaf of bread I'll set it on the table for.....TOAST!
now I'm going to be running around humming and saying TOAST......TOAST !
10/Apr/07 1:32 PM
Hi Billy, Thought I'd drop over a bottle of champers I bought in the Hunter Valley - a tasty drop if I say so myself. Glad to see you made it onto the long list of SMs. I'd love to hear your youtube but I've got no speakers on my work comp (probably a good thing too - imagine what the boss would More...
10/Apr/07 1:48 PM
ROTFL - Glinda is so going to love this xx
10/Apr/07 5:50 PM
Mary and Victoria for dropping in. I'm not sure if this youtube is going to impress anyone but Glinda!
10/Apr/07 7:23 PM
hey billy
great page - love the crocs! and to SMship!
hope you had a good easter too.
10/Apr/07 8:52 PM
Hi Billy! Call me slow, but I just realized you are and SM now! At least I got on the first page, sorry it took so long to visit, and just for being slow I will leave you with a bottle of our Peach Chardonnay, and a Cabernet Savignon. Enjoy!
11/Apr/07 12:17 AM
Brilliant, I'm twitching xx
11/Apr/07 8:27 AM
Love the tube Billy jj, his white shoes are to die for!
11/Apr/07 11:28 AM
the shoes can go with your straightjacket!
11/Apr/07 11:35 AM
Hello Billy
I have no problems seeing your Flicker Pics.
Don't know what EM, is on about?
12/Apr/07 1:11 AM
Hey Billy, both Mary and I are looking forward to the Hot Choccie in June
12/Apr/07 10:38 AM
This youtube (Golden Brown in case you change it!) brings back memories, love it x
12/Apr/07 6:19 PM
andré - i got so excited when i found it!! i don't think it has dated either - or is it just me?!

Rola - we will have to set a date...and I have to buy some gaviscon.
12/Apr/07 7:43 PM
Welcome to the SM list Billy! Pleased to see you finally made it! Hocolate, bolle and to keep this hip party rolling!
12/Apr/07 9:34 PM
Billy....You are so very cool! Congratulations and a bottle of bubbly to go with your chocolate, or you may enjoy some of this delightful Stilton cheese instead. There is also no reason on this great earth why you can't have it all. You go girl!
13/Apr/07 4:50 AM
Since you are so close...I see no reason why we can't also rolllll you on over to the next page..... push........shove..........................
uggggggggg..... sure need this excercise.

13/Apr/07 4:52 AM
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