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Our family, Beth, Lauren and Ethan, Taylah, Paul and Jake

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ok, its not perfect yet but just learning.....
Population one? Not anymore! Lauren land is too comfy for you to have it all to yourself! Very nice page, Lauren. I have brought you a bottle of champagne to celebrate your new page and involvement in the electoral process. When it runs dry, please come on by my place and visit the vineyard to enjoy an endless supply.
Hi Lauren. Mind a Canadian visitor? Just dropping off a chocolate hazelnut beavertail for you for your page warming party. Enjoy!
Hi Lauren - I am just popping in to visit Lauren Land. This is beautiful. I would like to share a glass of Traverse City Cherry Wine with you. It is made right here in Michigan. I hope you enjoy it.
Hi, Lauren!

Just bringing over a little houseplant to brighten up your place.

And Greg's chocolate hazelnut beavertail sounds wonderful! Okay, maybe just a little sliver...
Hi Lauren, I come to say hello and to congratulate you on standing in the recent elections. We need more brightinvolved folks like you. Hope you enjoy your holiday, and please accept this token gift of chocolates as a housewarming goodie.
Hey Lauren
Wow the place looks great. Hey are they the chippendales I see over there? BRB will just quickly ask them to come over to my place when they have a few minutes.

A vase of flowers for each corner of your new room Lauren.

Place is looking good - here, some lollies from Sovereign Hill for you to share with your guests - hmmm butterballs they are.
Lauren, nice of you to have us by. My offering, a little started redwood burl. Keep half submerged in water, and in 1000 years, you'll have a majestic, awe inspiring tree.
please be nice to my room while I am away..... mum and angie that means you two, no parties!!!! Have left nothing in the fridge or cupboards, Col make sure they behave while I am away. Have called the chippendales and they are under strict instructions that they are not to take any bookings from you lot.
Have fun talk soon
Perth here I come
I've only popped in to make sure you remembered to lock the door. But I see the Boys are all here and What NO Food. No Drinks.
Tut Tut. These poor Boys need to keep up their strength.
Ok, need to go shopping, wont be long boys, I'll be back.
Sorry didn't mean to take so long.
Ok I have plenty of VLS, Scotch, Gin, Beer and of course the Kalhua.
I've also picked up plenty of food, so this should keep you going for a couple of days.
By the way, I've put the Tim Tams in the fridge, always love a cold Tim Tam.
Theres a shopping list on the fridge door, so just add to it and I'll call around again soon to collect it.
i hear you popped in angie and fed my boys, i did not expect them to babysit my house while i was away...... (i know there shall be no parties now) All is good perth is awesome and the beautiful billy is just wonderful....
Talk soon
hmmmm, came back to check on the boys, and guess what..they have gone.
well well well, what have I spied...a note..
'gone to France'..seems the boys have left and gone to visit Andre
....mmmmm...actually haven't had time to take the lids of the jars yet Col...butterbal ls here I come - possibly tonight, I can finally have a night in with Lauren.
Lauren if you're reading this...if it's awful weather for Kings Pk today try taking the kids to Sci-tech in west Perth - Mel will know where it is. Have a great day.x
Hi Lauren, just wanted to say Hello and ~ I can tell you're a part of a great family on this site, and in life
See ya around!
Well can I sneak in while they are at breakfast and set the party up!

oooooooooooo bugger just too tired to be bothered
not enough sleep waiting up for firies to come in.
maybe we will wait for BIG xxxxxx you know what in you know whos room for chrissy!!!!!
Enjoy your breakfast in Perth
Hi Lauren. Glad Paul is alright.
It was lovely to meet and have a chat with you and Taylah on Saturday Morning
Thanks Taylah for the lovely goodbye hug to both Peter and myself.
Safe trip home tomorrow Lauren.
11 Dec 06
Hey Lauren - so glad you got back safely. It was such a pleasure having you and Taylah stay - you are a fantastic mum and should be proud of what you have achieved thus far have an exciting future to look forward to - live it girl! x
thanks billy, we had an awesome time. returned to lots of smoke but its good to be home. Having trouble adapting back to normal time, body does not like this very much....

Thanks for returning my Chippendales Andre, nice to see that they got home safely
Hello Lauren, can't believe I haven't popped in before, have brought you some home-made choccy's and some flowers and you can have the Chips for awhile, I have something else planned soon
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year x
May the Peace of the Season be with you today and always.
Here you go Lauren,

For Christmas Just thought I’d drop you in a bottle of home made LEMON CORDIAL. It’s fantastic with water and with soda water. Cheers.
Juice of 7 large lemons
Grated rind of 5 large lemons
1 kg sugar
1.5 litres of water
25g citric More...
Hi Lauren,wishing you a Merry and a
A Merry Christmas Lauren and Family
and a Happy & Healthy New Year
Hi Lauren
for my christmas message there is a link on my page or go to M153826353Y&product_id
see you at the party friday
Wishing you and your family peace, love, and joy this Christmas and throughout '2007'

It was great finally meeting you and Taylah (and Paul, what a spunk). Have a great Chrissy, Comrade! I hope 2007 is the best for you. xx
Merry Xmas Lauren and Taylah! May Santa bring you lots of pressies (and crisps, and wine, and chocolate, and... um....pressies!!)
Hi Lauren and Taylah

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas
and may all your dreams come true in 2007
Hey Lauren - just scoffing my face with the ice-cream crunchy bar you left in my freezer!!! Thank you!
Have a great Christams and give that beautiful girl of yours the biggest huggle.
Take care sweetheart. x
Meery Christmas Lauren and Taylah!
Merry Christmas Lauren

The happiest,healthiest new year possible is wished for you and yours.
Happy New Year Lauren!

Happy New Year, Lauren. Hope you (and your mom) got some sleep.
Take care of the little one.
Love the picture of Taylah. She looks so happy. What a cutie she is.
Hi Lauren! Was nice to see you commenting on site today (10/02/07 in Oz). Like your pictures of both you and Taylah on the Flickr page. What is the ALP in the campaign picture? Just curious?
Hi Lauren - Here is wishing you a speedy recovery.
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