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         VANAKKAM              national bird of our country                     lighted lamp

                              Indian national flag

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Hello ap, Big welcome on your page, I guess you would like some of my chocolate now! Hope all is going well in Boston xx
(Is that you dancing with Justin?? wink!)
05/May/07 8:02 AM
Hi, ap! Here's a great big Sudoku to your page. (Yes, I know you are certainly not a stranger to Sudoku, posting, or chats - just to your own page.) Here are some fresh tulips and a big box of Frango Mints for you to enjoy!
05/May/07 8:17 AM
hi there André and julie,thanks for the welcome..and André dancing !me!ha!think you need a glass if you dont have one,or change of glass if you have one!(wink wink)
05/May/07 8:03 PM
Well, ap, you now have your very own page. Good onya, my friend.
Just picked some nice fresh for you to enjoy and brighten up the place, but I see you've already well and truly moved in. I love you decorating.
Cheers, Anne
05/May/07 8:22 PM
Hey luvvie!! Your very own page!
This is going to be great - pls pls pls put on some indian songs/dances so i can pratice my head wobble - I feel like a mango lassi now!
Lots of choto moto
05/May/07 8:31 PM
Hello appy ,coming to visit ,and wish u a very wonderful stay ,brought for u some lebanese sweets ,hope that u enjoy them .
05/May/07 9:20 PM
hi appy,

I am from Chennai.How about u? Tell me more abt urself.
06/May/07 3:16 AM
Congratulation to have Your own page.Iwill leave you this beautiful cake as a gift for my first visit to Your page.

You are to my Egyptian Guest House any and every time You wish.
and have
06/May/07 5:51 AM
Woooo Hoooo Appy, Your own Page! Good Mix with Justin Timberlake 'MY LOVE' and 'JUNE PONA'. Not as high energy as 'Bollywood', but I liked it all the same. Hope to catch up very soon!
06/May/07 8:45 PM
Hello Appy! I'm way overdue in visiting your own special page. I'm glad I got here before you took the Justin Timberlake video off! Loved it! I'll bring you a page warming gift once you've returned home as I'm sure you don't need any more calories right now! Cheers!
07/May/07 12:44 AM
Hello Appy, just dropped in to listen to your youtube. It's not what I'm used to but I really liked it.
07/May/07 2:11 AM
Love the video, Ap. I want to dance with it
07/May/07 3:07 AM
Hello Appy, I love your Flickr pictures, takes me to places I have never been. Your YouTube is great, music makes me want to dance. Hope you are enjoying your trip to Boston.
07/May/07 4:51 AM
Hi Appy! Went through your pics hoping to see you and your family. Didn't see any. But I enjoyed the youTube, t'was great. I never saw an Indian Karaoke before. Most of the films from India that I've seen have families dancing so coordinated that I am afraid here we're klutzy everyone More...
07/May/07 8:18 AM
Hey Appy
WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO, you did it!!!
sorry I havn't been around to visit earlier, been a very hectic week here.
Love your page, Love the 'bollywood' music. Keep that up and I think you may need to set up a spare room for me in here.
07/May/07 11:29 AM
Hi, Appy!
Good to see you have your own room here!

Don't know if Boston has good strawberries in season like we do here, but enjoy these with cream, whipped cream or ice cream as you wish!
08/May/07 3:20 AM
Hey Appy,I guess I'm a little late getting around,loved your photos and your youtube,your very good at putting your page together!I hope your had a nice visit with your son and I hope Boston was kind to you
08/May/07 1:30 PM
and hello Srish from India..Glad to have you here..good to see a person from the same city..
welcome..'tell me more abt urself'well its too general a question,and this general page i wonder if i can give the details!!anyway you are welcome and hope to see you more here
08/May/07 9:37 PM
Hi appy, Namaste! Enjoyed your photos! Come visit my page anytime!
09/May/07 5:40 AM
Hello appy .i loved ur photos ,am happy that u enjoyed ur trip .wish u a safe trip when u go home .
09/May/07 5:07 PM
10/May/07 1:04 AM
Great pic of lightning demo. Good Youtube, too.
10/May/07 4:44 AM
appy - hope all is well? concerned for you my friend...x
13/May/07 10:58 AM
Hey appy, havn't seen you for a few days, hope all is ok. Are you still in Boston or are you home again?
Hope we can catch up again real soon.
15/May/07 1:55 PM
Hi Anu. Did you get to the FALLS? If so, I hope you enjoyed the experience. How much longer are you staying on American soil? You may soon have to apply for landed immigrant status. Hope all goes well and you are having fun!
16/May/07 6:59 AM
Hey ap - hope the celebrations for fil went well and that mil behaved herself? x
23/May/07 11:11 PM
aha!!perfectly feels at home now....
29/May/07 6:41 PM
Hello ap - thanks for your visit. Nice to see you back on the site again after your break.
How did the celebrations go?
29/May/07 8:06 PM
Hi Ap! I saw you posted,where have you been?I miss your posts,I hope you didn't avoid due to that questionable person?well there not around .
Chat soon
30/May/07 3:19 AM
Hi AP. Nice to see you back at home. You got some nice pictures of the Falls and other places you visited. I assume that you stayed on the US side as all your pictures seem to be from the US side. Did you not come over to Canada? Like your song on the YouTube. Cheers!
30/May/07 7:18 AM
Just dropping in to listen to the tune and enjoy your picture of the falls - wonderful shot - love the mist. have a wonderful day. Mary
30/May/07 10:33 PM
What a beautiful picture.
01/Jun/07 3:12 AM
just a quick visit to say 'ello' and show you your own special smilie, I hope you approve. Also I hope all is well in your part of the world and look forward to catching up again when things settle down for you.
04/Jun/07 12:14 PM
Hi Appy Loved the YouTube! No idea what they are singing, but it's very catchy song How about a short translation?
I'm leaving a big bouquet of spring flowers on the table. Drop by my place anytime for a snack and a chat, door's always open!
05/Jun/07 6:37 AM
Hi Appy,
Your YouTube, has some Spanish which I could understand but the chorus is not what I understand. Wild song, I enjoyed it. Hope you're doing well.
05/Jun/07 3:08 PM
Hello Appy, great photos. I have been to the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore as well. It is a good place to visit.
12/Jun/07 7:19 PM
Appy lovely photo taken from the Air
14/Jun/07 6:32 PM
Appy - I can't believe I haven't visited yet! Shame on me. I love the Bee Gees. Great photos too! I leave you with my traditional bottle of wine, but since I know you don't drink alcohol, it is a sparking white grape juice. Cheers
16/Jun/07 12:48 AM
Appy, Great pictures I really enjoyed them. I love Boney M too, I hadn't thought about them in years. Thanks so much.
20/Jun/07 10:50 AM
Hi Anu. Just checked out your latest photos. That lizard looks like a snake. Enjoyed the You Tube! Take care and stay smiling.
21/Jun/07 3:20 AM
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