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Made it before last light 

Back to the grind stone!

"All this science I don't understand, it's just my job 5 days a week"

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Hello vdV
and to the members Club.
Love the avatar you were very quick and clever to get that up and running.
Will leave you some as I'm sure you will have plenty of guests real soon.
02/May/07 7:13 PM
Hi, vdV and to your new page! I hope you have fun and many wonderful visitors! Here are some tulips and a big box of Frango Mints for you to enjoy as you settle in here.
03/May/07 2:10 AM
ello vdV
just popping in to say for your good wishes, and yep I've had my cake and eaten to.

loving your contibrutions to the Comps page Colonel vdV!
03/May/07 3:10 PM
Hi vdV, and welvome to your own page! Hope you like pastries, as I'm dropping off a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry as a page warming gift. Enjot!
04/May/07 5:21 AM
Welcome vdV! I'm finally getting into the swing of things, and I'm bringing some pierogies for you to sample. I also brought some stuffed cabbages, so we can all have dinner, not just sweets!
04/May/07 12:16 PM
Welcome to sudokuland and your own page.
I have left you a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Drop by my page anytime.

05/May/07 3:49 PM
Hello vdV - to your own page. I see that you've been too busy on the competition page to decorate in here so here's some to brighten up the place a bit.
Also a bottle of our local Goundry Unwooded Chardonnay for you to toast with when you decorate and move in properly.
05/May/07 10:32 PM
Hi vdV
Congratulation to have Your own page Iam very happy to offer You these beautiful flowers on yout table for my first visit to your page

You are to my page 'The Egyptian Guest House any and every time You wish.
and have a nice .
08/May/07 8:43 PM
Hi vdV, and Sorry it took me so long to drop by I am leaving a big pot of Maryland Cream of crab soup for you and your visitors to enjoy. Stop by my place anytime for a chat and a snack
17/May/07 7:08 AM
Hi vdV, haven't seen you around too much since the competition finished, so thought I'd drop by & say hello. I had a lot of fun during the competition, & it has been great to chat with so many people. I also learnt a few things that I didn't know how to do on the computer, like making avatars More...
18/May/07 5:36 PM
HI vdV, I noticed you on the Sudokuaholics page, so dropping in the say HI and welcome to your page. I did enjoy your coments during the competition, and am glad to see you found your way to the SA page. Come back and join us any time. We do not post every 10 minutes and no coalitions or timers in More...
21/May/07 10:11 PM
Yummy Poffertjes
22/May/07 12:36 AM
vdV thank you for the poffertjes, I think. At first could not tell if you were leaving treats or cursing me :>) But I did a google and found a photo and a recipe even! yeast pancakes, nice. I shall have to try that, but without the special pan needed. So I learned something new again today, thank you!
22/May/07 10:15 PM
Why thank you for the plate of yummy Poffertjes. My tummy is smiling
22/May/07 11:02 PM
Hi vdV! for your visit! Stop by anytime. Could you bring more of your Poffertjes? They were snapped up within minutes by other greedy guests (I'm not naming names, but check back up this page). The manners of some people!
23/May/07 1:00 AM
Hey vdV, so glad you dropped past my place and left the Poffertjes. Muchly appreciated, and muchly enjoyed.

Glad to see your still around, I've been a little busy lately but hope to get back into the swing of posting and visiting everyone real soon. Any chance that you may like to join us on the Melbourne Bar Night Tour, on Thursday 21st June. Drop by and let me know. cheers
23/May/07 2:21 PM
vdV, had a wonderful time on the internet looking for a recipe for Poffertjes
Printed a couple. Now to find the pan....
24/May/07 6:32 AM
vdV, will let you know a little closer to the day. Will be meeting in the city, somewhere, just awaiting details from Gath.
Looking forward to meeting up with you. Oh and are you comming on your own or is the wife comming also?
25/May/07 12:21 PM
Hi Cous.... thanks for dropping off the poffertjes, YUM
I would have given you a slice of Pie I made yesterday. only none left. The ladies finished it off this morning in the SA pages. There was a meeting happening.......... and Gath popped in and he had the very very last piece.
25/May/07 2:28 PM
sorry cous, about the TOPP, I have tears running down my face...
25/May/07 6:26 PM
Hi vdV! I wanted to welcome you to your page and thank you for visiting mine. Sorry it has taken so long since the competition has ended. I've been making the rounds a few pages at a time. I'm glad to see you on the SA page! I tried practicing your Dutch numbers! I don't think I have the hang of it yet. I hope to see you on the SA page again. Have a good day!
25/May/07 10:36 PM
vdV...leaving the comments up to you on the SA page so you can get TOPP
28/May/07 5:55 PM
vdV, have not seen a message from you in several days. did you go away for the weekend? Or just busy? Anyway, just checking on ya. We have missed you over on SA. Come back when you can. think about the commercial advert we see over here, the come to visit Australia one. We left the lights on, where the _____ ______ are you?
06/Jun/07 8:08 AM
vdV, just popping by to let you know I have emailed Gath to ask him to forward you my email addy, so you can then forward me yours, that way I can get details to you about the Bar Tour.
Chat soon.
08/Jun/07 4:44 PM
Gday vdV, pleased to almost meet you. I haven't fully made the decision to go to the 'pub crawl' and yet am getting excited about it. I think the butterflies in my stomach know more than they're letting on!
09/Jun/07 12:30 PM
Hi vdV! Thought I'd leave a bottle of California wine (red or white, your pick) and a box of Belgium chocolates (we have a Leonidas out here) Be careful of liquor filled ones. Just don't breathe while you're eating one, especially near a fire. Would get very interesting around here if you did!!! Drop by and chat!
14/Jun/07 2:28 PM
Thanks for the 'tiny pancakes' Had to google it but now my appetite is up. BTW did you know half the entries for poffertje is in Dutch?
15/Jun/07 12:34 PM
Hey Cous. saw the photo on Parents page, was wondering if it was you. Your daughter Mikayla is gorgeous, must take after her mum..
16/Jun/07 2:15 PM
Ah, vdV, how nice to meet you and Mikayla on the Parents' Page! What a beautiful daughter you have!

It's nice to see your comments occasionally at Sudokuaholics Anonymous. Hope you're having a great weekend!
16/Jun/07 3:50 PM
Really nice picture on the parent page. Your daughter is beautiful and she doesn't look nervous at all! Your plane IS very small! I think I would get sick in such a small craft! It's nice to put a face to a name. Take care!
17/Jun/07 12:49 PM
Just back after a weekend in Melbourne and catching up with puzzles. As soon as the Jabiru came up guessed it must be your daughter. It is a great photo and good to see faces for the people we feel we get to know. Bit late to comment on the page for last Saturday.
18/Jun/07 4:49 PM
Thanks for visiting, haven't seen you around for a few days cous..

Have you been busy at work... for once
19/Jun/07 2:57 PM
Thank you and Mikayla for the poffertjes with jam and cream. They are lovely and I was watching them being made at the South Bank Markets (Melb) on Sunday. My timing to Melb.was off as it would have been nice to join you all on Thursday. We go to UK next week and they had their Bash last weekend. O Well that is how it is!!!
19/Jun/07 4:58 PM
Hi, vdV. Just to let you know that I'm creating a new SA page (called Sudokuaholics Anonymous 2). You will find it in the usual place. Gath will close off comments to the old one.
20/Jun/07 1:18 PM
just dropping in to say hi, and that it was great to finally meet you in person the other night. It was so much fun, and I can't believe you didn't drink that much, glad you didn't since the cops More...
27/Jun/07 3:26 PM
sorry I missed you on SA2 Cous.
I turned pooter off ...
because the Thunder and Lightening was hanging around..
along with the pouring rain, gusty winds..

Hey may need you on Saturday,
you and your Jabiru,
to pick up MIL from Scotland
incase planes are not flying out of Glasgow Airport
02/Jul/07 8:04 PM
Gday vdV, long time no chat! Did you see the photo of you and I at the Bar Tour. Noice pic.
Just popped in to invite you over to my page to see my new pics that I have finally been able to put up thanks to Gath's new toy.
If I'm not there, help yourself to a drink, as long as you're not flying, sit down and relax.
12/Jul/07 12:35 PM
vdV, now you have me interested. I was a flying instructor in the RAAF at Point Cook many years ago. It was probably the most rewarding part of my career. I presume you teach at Moorabbin?
13/Jul/07 7:17 PM
vdV, thanks to you I have learnt quite a lot about the Jaribu in the last day. Which model do you use and do you own the aircraft?
I guess you are flying today and probably tomorrow so I'll have to curb my curiosity for a couple of days.
For my part, I instructed on the Winjeel, which is a More...
14/Jul/07 2:59 PM
Hi vdV, thanks for your reply. I know where Tooradin is from my days at RAAF East Sale. Also, during my cadet days I participated in an Escape and Survival Exercise and walked from somewhere near Warragul back to Dandenong.
I saw last weekend a short TV article on an Australian-designed RPV More...
16/Jul/07 11:25 PM
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