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Welcome, Arachnid, to the site. It's good to see you make your presence known. I would like to take this opportunity to return the kind Christmas and New Year wishes to you...
22/Dec/14 5:45 PM
And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Arachnid.
23/Dec/14 1:40 AM
Hello Arachnid - I hadn't realised that Busso was referring to Busselton.
I have family living there and more at Margaret River.
The bushfires are terrible. The smoke seems to be coming this was as the easterlies have finally stopped. I even saw ash falling while I was out watering my plants. If only it would rain.....
04/Feb/15 10:56 PM
Welcome back. Don't be a stranger....
11/Oct/17 4:41 AM
Nice to see you posting again! I must get over to Busselton soon to see my SIL.
Some nice Margaret River wine for you.
01/Nov/17 12:50 PM
Just teasing about spiders! In truth, I usually snatch spiders and insects and free them outside ... where they belong! Your avatar will be fine! And as for helping old people across the street ... the only old person I assist in that manner is ... me! Thanks for the fun!
05/Nov/17 1:49 AM
WHAT???? Fremantle was the FIRST settlement in Western Australia???
Home again. Arrived back this arvo from ten days spent in Wickham cuddling new baby great-grandson. Also celebrating oldest granddaughter's 21st and Mother's Day with four generations.
14/May/18 9:33 PM
Are you now in Dardenup?
16/May/18 6:09 PM
Dardanup is now the place of residence but for how long who knows?
25/May/18 10:12 AM
Oh dear Anne. As a native you are claiming Albany which is correct. I should have said the first settlement in the now capital city. Mea Culpa. Apologies
01/Jun/18 6:26 PM
You're forgiven!!
01/Jun/18 7:10 PM
Is it true you're celebrating a birthday today?
If it is, a very to you, Arachnid!
I hope you enjoy your day and have a nice relaxing time with family and friends.
12/Nov/18 11:35 AM
, Arachnid! And many more!
13/Nov/18 2:28 AM
So, was it your birthday on 12th November like Peter said or is it today?
Whenever it is, I'll still wish you a very and a great year to follow.
11/Dec/18 12:31 AM

Arachnid, Here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...
18/Dec/18 4:54 AM
Dear Arachnid,
How are you and the Mrs. recovering? Well I hope.

Years ago I discovered that soaking a beastie nest with starting fluid (ether) does a fine job of eradicating them. The starting fluid has good range and you can safely do them in with a couple of applications a day apart.


19/Jan/19 2:12 PM
My Goodness, I'm glad you are both alright after the fall and the stings, and the .......
I hope the bruising goes away quickly.
Best wishes to you both,
19/Jan/19 3:01 PM
Arachnid, My thoughts are with you and your family in the sad loss of your father.
24/Jan/19 2:20 PM
Just in case you didn't get back to read my reply on 'medium'.

Had a lovely time, thanks Arachnid. I have a couple of new photos on my page of my great-grandson's first birthday.
I left three days early because of the cyclone but it fizzled out.

12/Apr/19 8:45 PM
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Arachnid,
Happy Birthday to you!
Hip! Hip! Hooray! Have a great day celebrating.
Best wishes,
11/Dec/19 12:20 AM
for the Birthday wishes, Spidey! So nice to call you Friend!
16/Feb/20 12:36 AM
Hi - I see your most recent comment 'Comment:this is a 2 & 4 puzzle' keeps getting banned. This is because a word in the comment trips the banned-word filter. Hint - Maybe use a different valley name?

22/Mar/20 7:38 PM
CONGRATULATIONS to you both on 47 years of married bliss! Have an absolutely wonderful day celebrating with your family.
21/Apr/20 11:12 AM
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